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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

With Love For Romantic Books - Love & Lies by Elleby Harper - Book Review, Interview & Giveaway

Review by Anniek

Declan has everything anyone could ever wish for. He's rich and handsome and has a great body. He comes from a high society political family. He has never had an actual girlfriend, but he has lots of loose flings until Chase decides to try and claim him as her own. Declan is not in love with her and he does his best to dump her, but Chase is not having it. When Declan has a skiing accident in the small town Peppermint Vale he meets the physician assistant Jazz. From the first moment they can't stand each other, but why can't Declan, who can have any girl he wants, get Jazz out of his head?

Newt is Declan's best friend. He has always been there for him and always cleans up Declan's mess. Newt is used to the fact that all the girls fall for Declan and that he can collect the ones who haven't been chosen by him. Newt's father bought a big piece of land in Peppermint Vale and is determined to built a ski-resort. Not everyone is happy about this and some people are trying everything in their power to sabotage the construction site. Newt has never had any problems being second best, but when he meets Jazz he can't help but wishing that she would choose him instead of Declan.

Jazz is the local physician's assistant at Peppermint Vale's hospital. She lives a quiet life and doesn't do anything out of the ordinary. She once found love, but ever since she was traded in for a younger model she's keeping men away from her heart. When Declan ends up in her hospital, suddenly a lot of good looking men are visiting Peppermint Vale. Jazz isn't used to all this attention and decides to live a little. It wasn't intentional to get involved with those who are sabotaging the construction site, but she was pulled in before she knew what was happening. With so many secrets and possible lovers will Jazz be able the make the right choices?

Declan and Newt are totally different. This is why they probably are such a good match. Declan consists of nothing but self confidence. He's even arrogant at times. He takes what he wants whenever he wants it. Declan is irresponsible and expects Newt to clean up his mess. Even though these are all character traits I don't usually like in people, I still liked Declan. He isn't as tough on the inside as he pretends to be on the outside. He's loyal to his family and he'll do anything for Newt. Newt is a good guy and a true friend. When I was reading about him I thought about Newt as someone who's always stuck in the friend zone. Even though he's charming, girls look at Declan first. He's smart and passionate in what he does and I liked him straight away. They're an interesting duo to read about and I couldn't wait to find out more about them.

Jazz is a feisty redhead. She doesn't take any crap from Declan and I loved that about her. She'll put people in their place when they get on her bad side, which is an admirable quality. I did think of her as a bit naïve though. She lets herself get pulled into joining a sabotage group when she doesn't want to be involved. She also makes some choices I wouldn't expect from someone her age. This only made her more real for me, we all have flaws and nobody is perfect. I was fascinated by her and anxious to discover where the story would take her.

Love & Lies is a fast-paced and intriguing book about politics and all the people who are dealing with them on a daily basis. The love and lies will always come out when there are paparazzi on every corner and that made the story a entertaining read. I have also read the first book in the series and I liked it a lot that Elleby Harper writes about the same things, only from a different point of view. This made me fly through the pages, since I instantly recognized the situations. This doesn't mean the series has to be read in chronological order though. I loved to read about the political games and to learn more about what goes on behind closed doors. The best kind of love starts with friendship and this angle made the story believable. Elleby Harper has written a realistic story that took me back to the glitter and glamour of 1985. I'm curious about the other books in this series.


Love & Lies is a perfect choice if you love to read about secrets, scams and political games. This is the fourth book in the Heirs series, but it can easily be read as a standalone.

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About Elleby Harper

Elleby Harper is a literary enthusiast, life explorer, world traveler and amateur photographer. After writing in the realms of non-fiction for many years, Heirs is her first fiction trilogy. This suspenseful romance has sizzling characters, strong women and the sexy men who love them, all set in the glitzy, ritzy, glam-filled 1980s.

Pursuing a healthy lifestyle took her and her family to regional Australia for clean air, fresh fruit from her orchard and eggs laid daily by her pet chickens, Ruby, Doreen, Rusty, Goldie, Ice Cream, Ginger and Nutmeg. It’s here she gains inspiration for all her writing.

Her guilty pleasures include Oz port wines, dark chocolate (of course!), binge watching Oz soapie Neighbours and hanging out with her son.

To find out more about Elleby, read her smashwords interview.



1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

You could call me an escape artist. I love escaping to the worlds inside my head or the worlds that other people create in their books. In real life I have escaped to live in a small country town in Australia with my husband and son. Here I can collect eggs from our pet chickens, pick fresh fruit from our orchard and have the time to mull over my ideas and peck away at the keyboard. Essentially I’ve been writing my entire life, and for quite a while I made my living as a free-lance writer and editor where I had to write about what other people wanted to hear. Now I’m able to write about what appeals to me. All in all I’m totally happy with my life at the moment.

2. What makes your heart beat faster?

Definitely scary movies. You just know when the music changes that something terrifying is about to make you leap out of your skin. In a good way, a chiselled six-pack will do it too!

3. If you could create the perfect romantic day what would it look like?

I had one of those once! We were on vacation in Penang and my husband took me to dinner (before he was my husband!). We were the only ones seated by the pool, outside the hotel. There were fairy lights and lanterns hung everywhere and a sunset over the beach. It was glorious.

4. Who are your favorite romantic couple?

One of my favorites is Rose and Jack from the movie Titanic. Although they are star-crossed without a HEA, their love is absolutely life-changing. It’s Rose’s enduring love for Jack that allows her to conquer her fears and gives her the courage to live the life she actually wants, rather than meet society’s expectations.

5. Could you describe what romance means to you?

There’s the romance you have at the beginning of the relationship when it’s all new and the fireworks go off every time he touches your hand. But then later on, after years together, the romance is more about having someone really listen to you and understand you at such a deep level that you know what it means to be with your soul mate.

6. Do you find it difficult to write about romance?

Definitely not! Romance and love make us feel so good about our lives, so it’s very easy to write about. And when you have plenty of romance in your own life, it’s easy to find inspiration for your writing.

7. Can you tell us about your most romantic experience?

Throughout my life I have always tended to fall for guys who like a nice romantic gesture. There are two incidences that stand out for me. When I was just 19 I had a boyfriend who wrote me a song, just for me and all about me. The other experience is the night my husband proposed. We were out for dinner and when we left the restaurant he surprised me by arranging for a horse and carriage to meet us outside and take us on a tour of the city. It was totally unexpected. We stopped at the river and he proposed.

8. What kind of music do you like to listen to when you're in a romantic mood?

The song I walked down the aisle to at my wedding - She by Elvis Costello - always makes me gooey inside and brings back memories of an incredible day.

9. Which country personafies romance for you and why?

It has to be France because the language sounds so seductive.

10. What can we expect from you in the future?

I am finishing a prequel to the Heirs series called Lies & Betrayal. After that I’m leaving Heirs for a while to start a new series. I have some ideas but haven’t settled on one in particular yet. It doesn’t mean I won’t come back to Heirs as I have lots more ideas and I haven’t finished with Maixent, Charley, Declan or Aurelie, but I want to spread my wings a bit.


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