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Thursday, February 2, 2017

With Love For Romantic Books Cold - Like Fresh Fallen Snow by Tara Wyatt - Book Review, Interview & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

When Ellie is stranded on the side of the road because of heavy snow and a patch of black ice Matt helps her out. He's just doing his job, but he's friendly and generous with his time. He's a cop and is about to leave Wyoming to start over in Seattle. Ellie's never met the right guy and is tired of being left behind. That's why she has decided that the new year will be her year. She runs a successful website and is doing what she loves. She doesn't need a man to be happy. Ellie and Matt couldn't have met under worse circumstances and even though there's a spark Matt remains professional and lets Ellie drive away.

Ellie is supposed to spend the night with friends at a New Year's Eve party in a lodge. Coincidentally Matt ends up at the same party. After one dance and a short conversation Matt and Ellie already know that what they experience is special, but they can only have one night together. Will that be enough for them or will they end up being brokenhearted because they have to part ways after spending no more than a few hours with each other?

Like Fresh Fallen Snow is a story about love at first sight. I'm a big fan of stories about this topic and immediately loved the chemistry and strong bond between Ellie and Matt. Their hearts broadcast a clear message, they are the one for each other, but there are plenty of obstacles in their way. They decide to live in the moment and enjoy the short time they have together. That makes the story bittersweet. Matt and Ellie have something incredible and distance would be making it hard for them to be a couple. It's a great, but also difficult topic for a story.

Like Fresh Fallen Snow is sexy and romantic. I love winter stories, especially when the main characters have to stay where they are because of being snowed in. That gives an extra lovely atmosphere to an already wonderful story. Snow can unite and bring people together, which is why I enjoy reading about it so much. Ellie and Matt's story is sparkling and charming and it has an amazing romantic ending.

Amazon USA Amazon UK Goodreads

Review by Suze

 Christie moved to Cheyenne to escape something horrible and start over. She thinks she's better off alone. She's a pediatrician and when she meets the father of one of her patients she doesn't know what to do with herself. Ethan is fine and his father Luke can take him home straight away, so their meeting is only brief. They can't have a longer chat and they're in the wrong place to plan a date. Fortunately they run into each other a few days later.

Luke is a single dad. He has his own business and easily combines his work with being a father. He's happy with what he's accomplished, but there's something missing from his life though, he hasn't dated a woman in a long time. When Luke meets Christie he knows she's different from the other women he's met since his ex-wife abandoned him and he'd love to get to know her better. However, Christie has a secret and she has built thick walls around herself. Will Luke be able to break them down?

When Snowflakes Fall is a sweet story about two people who instantly feel connected. Luke and Christie both know straight away that they are the one for each other, but the circumstances aren't ideal because of Christie's past. She does agree to see Luke again though and I loved how natural their relationship felt. Luke is a responsible and caring man and he's very kind to Christie. She might be hurt, but she can't resist Luke and there is plenty of chemistry.

Tara Wyatt's writing flows easily and when Snowflakes Fall is a quick read. It's the kind of story I can only read in one sitting, because I have to know how it ends. A healthy dosage of snow makes it extra romantic. The story is set in December, so it's cold and the atmosphere is festive. It's a wonderful winter novella, which is a great choice for a cold winter night.


When Snowflakes Fall is the fist Graysons story. The stories can be read as a standalone, but if you want to read them both I'd read When Snowflakes Fall before Like Fresh Fallen Snow.

About Tara Wyatt

Tara Wyatt is a romance author who’s been making up love stories ever since she fell head over heels for the Backstreet Boys and Hanson almost twenty years ago. Not content with merely daydreaming about Nick Carter and Taylor Hanson, she grabbed a notebook and wrote countless fan fiction stories.

After outgrowing her boy band obsession and obtaining an Honours B.A. in English Literature and Philosophy from McMaster University, her love of books and reading led her to pursue a Masters’ degree in Library and Information Science at the University of Western Ontario. Currently, she works for a large public library system, where she has the arduous task of selecting books for children and young adults for the library’s collection.

​Before it was published, Tara’s manuscript, Necessary Risk, won the 2014 Unpublished Winter Rose contest, and the 2014 Linda Howard Award of Excellence. Her second manuscript, Primal Instinct, won the Utah RWA's Heart of the West contest, also before it was published.

Tara is a member of the Toronto RWA chapter. She lives in Hamilton, Ontario, with the cutest dog in the world and a husband who makes all of her heroes look like chumps.


Visit her online at, or find her on Twitter @taradwyatt.
Tara is also on Facebook and Instagram.

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1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi everyone! I'm Tara Wyatt, and I write contemporary romance and romantic suspense. If you like romantic suspense, you may want to check out my Bodyguard trilogy: Necessary Risk, Primal Instinct, and Chain Reaction. If contemporary is more your thing, my Graysons series might be more your speed. The first two titles are When Snowflakes Fall, and Like Fresh Fallen Snow. A third book in the series is coming this summer.

I'm married, have a super adorable dog, and am a librarian by day. I spend a LOT of time around books, which makes me tremendously happy.

2. What makes your heart beat faster?

When it comes to romance, my favorite moments are the ones that give me tummy flutters, and I find I don't get those tummy flutter moments without fantastic chemistry between the hero and the heroine. It's all about the build up of looks, touches, the exchange of banter. Good chemistry will always make my heart beat faster.

3. If you could create the perfect romantic day what would it look like?

I think it'd be really fun to go away somewhere for the night, explore a new city, eat delicious food, drink champagne and spend the night in a fancy hotel. I've been with my husband for eleven years now, so doing new things together is key to keeping things fun and fresh.

4. Who is your favorite romantic couple?

It's hard to pick just one, but I'll go with Harry and Sally from When Harry Met Sally. Their story is so relatable, so timeless, so memorable.

5. Could you describe what romance means to you?

To me, romance is all about the little things. Taking the time to make your partner feel valued and cherished. It's not about the big sweeping gestures, or exotic locations (although those are great!)--it's about giving the best of yourself to your partner, every day.

6. Do you find it difficult to write about romance?

Yes and no. When I started writing, I gravitated toward romance because it's my favorite genre to read. I think falling in love is such a universal, human experience, and I love to explore the different ways and circumstances in which people fall in love. That being said, the writing can definitely be challenging sometimes. There are so many elements that need to work--the hero, the heroine, their backstories, their conflict, their chemistry. There are a lot of moving pieces in a well written romance.

7. Can you tell us about your most romantic experience?

My most romantic experience was definitely the night my husband proposed. We went away for the night because it was my birthday, and went out for a fabulous Italian dinner. When we got back to the hotel room, he pulled a small box out of the fridge--I assumed it was a cake! He handed it to me, and when I opened it, the ring box was open on a bed of rose petals. It was very sweet.

8. What kind of music do you like to listen to when you're in a romantic mood?

It depends. I often use music to set the mood for important scenes when I'm writing. I tend to gravitate towards pop and indie music. I've been listening to the new Tove Lo album a lot lately, as well as the new Lady Gaga.

9. Which country personifies romance for you and why?

You know, I don't think a particular country really personifies romance for me. Romance is so much more about the person you're with than where you are.

10. What can we expect from you in the future?

I'm currently hard at work on a new contemporary sports series called Blood and Glory, co-written with my friend Harper St. George (if you like historical romance, please check her out!). The first book in the series is called Dirty Boxing, and will be available in September.


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