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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Stuck With Me by Cassandra Piat - Book Review & Guest Post

Book review
Review by Anniek
Molly is a photographer and a fulltime optimist. Being the cheerful person she is makes her an interesting candidate for an article in a magazine. Molly knows nothing about these plans and is excited when she wins a vacation to the tropical island Mauritius, all expenses paid for. Molly can't wait to get on the plane and after that completely relax on this beautiful island.

Adam is a journalist and normally writes articles for the sports section. Because his colleague has to be home to take care of her mother Adam is being assigned to write a real-life article about happiness. He isn't thrilled about this assignment, but the prospect of a promotion makes him take it anyway. Adam will travel to Mauritius as well. His job is to be as grumpy and nasty as possible to Molly to see how much it will take to make her happiness disappear. Will he succeed or will Molly's optimistic nature prove to be too much for him?

Molly is a true sweetheart. She's a happy person and always looks on the bright side of life. Molly had to grow up at a young age and is a rock for her mother. Molly's mother has been having panic attacks and Molly helps her to get through them every time she has one. Molly is a person you just have to love. She's wonderfully happy and the way she deals with Adam's grumpiness made me laugh out loud. I'm also not chatty to strangers when I'm on a plane, but if someone could have made it past my walls it would have been Molly.

Adam is an Ian Somerhalder lookalike. After this nothing else mattered to me anymore, I was sold straight away. Ian Somerhalder is one of the most beautiful men in this world and a lookalike would make the hearts of almost all woman beat faster, including me. Adam is also a very nice guy and he has a lot of trouble keeping up his moody attitude towards Molly. His jokes are so great that I couldn't help but laugh every time he tries to get onto Molly's bad side. Having three sisters made him understand women and it makes him extra great with them. I loved how eventually he is there for Molly when she needs him.

Stuck With Me is one of the sweetest romance stories I've read in quite a while, it's as sweet as honey and I loved it from the beginning. The characters are so likeable and I felt the happiness radiate off the pages. I found myself getting cheerful every time I read a few pages of Stuck With Me. Cassandra Piat has done a wonderful job capturing the greatness of Mauritius. To win a vacation to a tropical island would be anyone's dream, even and maybe especially with a gorgeous grumpy man for company. Thinking about Stuck With Me is going to make me smile for a long time.


Stuck With Me is a perfect cheerful read for lovers of stories about tropical islands, happiness and finding all-consuming love.

About Cassandra Piat

I always thought I’d finally become organised and grown up at 40 – SO NOT HAPPENING!!! But great things can happen at 40 – I’ve just published my first book!!

I am a part-time English tutor and a full-time disorganised mother and housewife!! I spend my life trying to remember not to forget the 101 things on my things-to-do list – but seem to fail spectacularly most of the time! Whenever I have some free time I am either with my head in a book, or on my computer creating my own books. I live in Mauritius with my husband and three children. This is my first book but I am currently working on my second one as I write!.
What I aspire to do most of all through my books is to make my readers dream a bit, laugh a lot and just have a really good time with my characters. I also want my readers to learn a little about Mauritius, making them feel like they are actually in an exotic location for a while..
And to all of you who have read my book, I just really hope that you enjoyed it and ended it with a feel-good feeling and that you had a few laughs along the way. If you can it would be wonderful if you left a review somewhere about the book as it would really help me out (twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon) or leave a comment on my review page.
Would love to hear from you all – so please write to me anytime!

A bientôt!

Guest post
by Cassandra Piat

Thanks so much to Anniek and Suze for hosting me on your blog and in my guest post today I’d like to share with your readers how one of my characters in Stuck with Me came to be…

As my first book What’s it gonna be? was loosely based on my life, and the main character, Lucy, represented me, I told myself that my second book, Stuck with Me, wouldn’t include me in it at all. But funnily enough it seems that there’s always a little something of yourself that ends up in your characters. This time it wasn’t in the main character but in a secondary character, Samantha, who meets the main character, Molly, during her holiday in Mauritius.

I felt the need to include a woman who is exhausted from running around like a headless chicken trying in vain to keep up with all the demands of being a wife and mother, because that’s how I often feel. She’s not an organised person and, like me, she writes to-do lists or grocery shopping lists and then has no idea where she puts them, she goes to the shop to buy toilet paper but comes back with two shopping bags full of things – but forgets the toilet paper. She remembers that her child has a birthday party but forgets to buy a present, or buys a present but forgets the party! Goes to drop the kids off at school without wearing shoes and only realises this when she arrives at school and she can’t out the car! She does the tennis run of four kids and manages to forget to pick one of the kids up; she tells her son to go and wait by the gate for the tennis run mum to pick him up and fifteen minutes later he comes back to say that the mum still hasn’t arrived – and that’s when she realises that it was actually her turn to do the tennis run that day!!! And the list goes on and on…

Sounds funny, and it makes for great stories afterwards, that’s true. But it’s also exhausting trying to keep up. Sometimes I decide that things are going to change and I make sure I keep my to-do list firmly in my hand and on that day I complete 7 out of 10 of the things on the list and I’m super happy. But then my husband comes home/or the kids get back from school and ask me if I did number 8 on the list!! And I’m completely deflated because I thought I had done so well, and I did! I got 7 out of 10 things done. But it’s just not good enough for them. It’s not that my husband is demanding, but it’s just that for him it just seems so logical do to the things that need doing, to keep a to-do list and follow it through, to be on time and so on. With the kids also forever asking me to do things, to buy things, to remember things, the after-school activities that I need to take them to, the school things that need doing (papers to sign, meetings to attend, cakes to bake), party presents to buy, the grocery shopping that needs doing, my work I need to prepare... It’s just never-ending and sometimes I just feel so frustrated because there are so many women around me that manage perfectly well with all these demands, are always on time, immaculately dressed and calm and collected, while I’m always screeching in (if I don’t forget), hair all over the place and ten minutes late. Why was I born without the ‘superwoman’ gene? Not fair.

So I decided to share this through the burnt out mum and wife, Samantha, in Stuck with Me. I wanted them to know that they aren’t alone and that it’s alright not to be a superwoman. I also wanted to tell them that everyone’s different, and that they must accept their limits and simply do the best they can.

Another important thing I wanted to show through Samantha and her husband, is that it’s imperative that we tell our husband, children, family how we feel and how we’re struggling because they are so different from us that, although we think they do, they actually have no idea how difficult and draining it can be for us disorganised souls to keep up with everything.

So to all you lovely disorganised ladies out there – keep smiling :-) You’re not alone (at least I really hope I’m not!!) Take time to smell the roses - even if you’re probably running late for whatever it is you’re meant to be doing :-) and hey, at least we have great stories to tell :-)

***Stuck with Me is on sale at 99c/99p from Feb 18th to Feb 22nd***


  1. It sounds like an interesting story. I love the idea of Molly one upping the grumpy guy.

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  10. Sounds great . Thanks for the review .

  11. First of all thank you so much for having me on your blog and for taking the time to read and review Stuck with Me. Second of all THANK YOU for your amazing review!! You don't know how much happiness you've brought to my day, my week and my year :-) You totally 'got' Stuck with Me and I'm so happy that it made you laugh and brought a lot of happiness and sunshine your way. Your reaction to it was exactly the effect I hoped it would have on my readers and it warms my heart and makes it all worth it :-) THANK YOU. Take care, Cassandra (Sandrine) Piat (P.S. For some reason I can't publish this message through my wordpress address, so I'm just going with the anonymous so that it works :-D )

  12. This seems like a great vacation read.

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  14. This sounds like a great read. I can't wait to find out what she does when she finds out she's been set up by the magazine

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  16. This sounds like a super-cute book - I'm definitely looking it up!! Molly sounds just adorable, like a modern-day grown-up Pollyanna! ;) I feel you with organisation as with chronic fatigue I forget things all the time, and you sound like you have a ton of things to remember! You're doing really well given all that you have to do! And writing stories as WELL? You should be patting yourself on the back! It's my dream to publish a story! Working on several as I can! :D xx