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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Book Review - Turn Towards the Sun by Emma Davies

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Review by Suze
Lizzie is surprised she's being invited at Rowan Hill for a job interview. She loves the workplaces with beautiful art and the tearoom with its special crockery and delicious cakes. Lizzie can't believe her luck when Ellie, who runs the place, tells her she wants her to start working as soon as possible and that accommodation will be provided. Lizzie wants to escape the world she grew up in and Rowan Hill means a new chance for her.

Ellie and Will are happy. Rowan Hill is a great place to live and Ellie's ideas have turned it into a happy and thriving place. Will is an artist and when he gets a commission in London Ellie knows this is the end of her idyllic bubble. She has to miss him for several months while she can't even bear to be away from him for even a few hours. How is she going to manage? With the help of her friends she might pull trough, but will there be a price?

Strange things are happening at Rowan Hill. At first there seem to be just misunderstandings, but after some time it's clear that someone's trying to disturb the peace deliberately. All evidence seems to point to Lizzy, but is she really the guilty one? Lizzie finally feels at home somewhere, would she ruin her chances at Rowan Hill or is someone else behind the disturbances?

Lizzie is a sweet girl. She's a bit naïve and unexperienced, but she's smart and she's a fast learner, which are qualities that make her fit right in at Rowan Hill. At first she's nervous, but soon she finds herself. Something puzzling is happening at Rowan Hill and she's at the center of the mystery. I couldn't wait to find out if my suspicions were right and the story kept me on the edge of my seat. I liked how Emma Davies combines a gripping confusing situation with a gorgeous place to stay and loving people who have plenty to give. Rowan Hill is important to Lizzy and I found the way she grows and finally forms friendships endearing.

I enjoyed reading about Ellie. She's strong and capable and loves with all her heart. Missing Will makes her sad and not very attentive. I could feel her heartache and admire how Emma Davies describes emotions in a beautiful open way. Lizzie and Ellie form an interesting friendship, which was lovely to read about. The romance of Emma Davies's story isn't only in bringing two people who are in love together, but it's everywhere. It's in the setting, everything about it is romantic, it's in the thoughts of the main characters and in the beauty they create. For me that's the best thing about her novels, I think it's absolutely wonderful and it always manages to enchant me.

Turn Towards the Sun is another wonderful story by Emma Davies about friendship and community. Rowan Hill is a special place, it's a spellbinding setting for a story. It's beautiful, bursting with creativity and the atmosphere is cozy. Emma Davies's scrumptious descriptions of the cakes Ellie and Lizzie are serving made my mouth water. I absolutely loved this fantastic story and highly recommend it.


Turn Towards the Sun can be read as a standalone, but I'd advise you to read Letting in Light first. It's a beautiful story and one of my books of 2016.


  1. Will definitely read the first book first! Sounds lovely.

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  3. Will definitely be reading the first book first! Thank you for the advice.

  4. Would love to read the first book.

  5. Sounds like a great blend of genres!


  6. Rowan Hill almost sounds like a cult. Lizzie sounds like a sweet character though.

  7. Rowan Hill sounds like a lovely place to live.

  8. Lovely review. How can I resist this now!

  9. Thank you for the review. I'm very interested in reading both of these books. Thanks
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) allowed (dot) com

  10. What a great review! I am definitely interested in both these books.

  11. I enjoyed the review. Sounds like a book I would like to read.

  12. I love it! It sounds very mysterious :)

  13. Strange things happening... Rowen Hill sounds intriguing!

  14. Turn Towards the sun sounds great! Thanks for the recommendation and review.