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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Book Review - Never Again So Close by Claudia Serrano (author) and Anne Milano Appel (Translator)

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Review by Suze
Antonia is heartbroken. She fell in love with a man who didn't return her feelings. When she moved to Milan she was young and naïve, but ready for new experiences. When she met the alluring Vittorio she fell in love straight away, but that's the last thing she could share with this charming, but often distant man. Vittorio is an enigma and tends to disappear for days, but when Antonia is with him she can't resist his charms.
Antonia needs to find herself again. While being back home she bakes, which might prove to be liberating and she writes. Through her story she might discover who she is again, because she should not be the version of herself that only waits for Vittorio to give her a sign. Trying to find an outlet for her pain Antonia reviews her relationship and maybe she can create a chance at a future for herself once more.
Never Again So Close is an impressive story. Antonia comes from a small town and isn't used to living in the city. Vittorio is exciting. He has a thrilling job in publishing, he rides a motorcycle, he does whatever he wants to do and he's a free agent. While Antonia knows he isn't relationship material she's drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Vittorio shows her a part of life she's never experienced before and while she learns from him, for every bit of information she gathers she pays with a piece of herself. That was truly heartbreaking to witness.
Never Again So Close is beautifully written. I loved Claudia Serrano's amazing way with words and descriptions. Her story is based on all senses, she doesn't only write about the world seen through Antonia's eyes, she uses all of her senses to make the story come to life. Sound, taste, smell and touch are equally important and Claudia Serrano cleverly uses them to give her story color. Anne Milano Appel skillfully translates her words and the story remains Italian even though it's in English, which is something I think only a great translator could accomplish. Never Again So Close is a brilliant moving story, it's tragic and absolutely mind-blowing.
If you like beautiful sentences combined with an impressive story Never Again So Close is the story for you. If you love to be surprised and don't always want to read only happy ending romances, you should definitely give this story a try.


  1. Thank you for the review and for the advice. I'll definetly take a look at it. Sounds great.

  2. This definitely sounds different than a typical romance, but still good.

  3. It sounds like a great translation of a lovely story!


  4. too bad there's no HEA

  5. It sounds like an very emotional story.

  6. Having a good translator can make or break the interpretation of a novel. Anne Milano Appel obviously has all the skills!