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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Book Review - Love On My Mind by Tracey Livesay

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Review by Suze
Chelsea has worked very hard to become partner at the PR firm she's working for. There's one condition, if she manages to make computer geek Adam look professional when he presents his company's new product the promotion will be hers. Adam is gorgeous, but he always says the wrong things. He doesn't like getting media training and keeps firing his PR people. That's why Chelsea needs to approach him without telling him what she's been hired to do. Adam has to want her advice to improve his media appearance skills. Chelsea knows she can pull it off, but she hasn't counted on having feelings for Adam. While their attraction for each other seems to grow Chelsea guilt increases as well. Will Adam ever give her a chance when he finds out she lied to him from the start and will that influence the launch of Adam's new product?
Love On My Mind is a fun and sexy story. Chelsea is driven and determined. She's also sweet and caring, which is a great combination. It makes her successful at everything she does. Adam knows more about computers than about people. He's awkward in social situations, but Chelsea understands him and knows how to explain things to him. She tells him exactly what kind of changes he has to make and he listens. They are endearing together and that sweetness contrasts with their inspired professional life in a lovely way, which is something I really liked.
Tracey Livesay has written a fabulous story about two people who are always working hard and finally find the love they deserve. Adam and Chelsea are adorable together and I loved the chemistry between them. Their relationship gradually becomes more meaningful and turns into something wonderful. That was another thing I liked a lot. It's easily understandable that Chelsea struggles with her deception, which adds some extra tension to the story. I couldn't wait to find out where that would lead and enjoyed reading the fitting and romantic ending very much. Love On My Mind is an extremely cute lighthearted story.
Love On My Mind is a great choice for readers who like romantic stories about hardworking, sexy and geeky main characters.


  1. This sounds like such a fun read! Thank you for the review.

  2. I liked the review. Sounds like a good read.

  3. Replies
    1. I love geeky main characters, so totally understand :).

  4. What is it about (some) geeks that make them so sexy?

    1. Good question, I love the glasses and the innocence in some areas and extensive knowledge in others :).

  5. Tracey is a new author to me and I'm looking forward to reading Love On My Mind.

  6. This book sounds like one I would enjoy, but also like one that would made me want to be more productive, since both characters work so hard.

  7. I'd like to see how Adam & Chelsea's relationship progresses.

  8. Tracey is a new author to me and I'm looking forward to reading Love On My Mind!

  9. Sounds great, just added it to my TBR. Thanks for the heads up and great review!