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Monday, February 13, 2017

Book Review - Everything You Told Me by Lucy Dawson

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Review by Suze
Sally is struggling to take care of her two children, Chloe and Theo. Theo is a baby and he cries a lot. Sally's husband Matthew doesn't help out much, so she struggles on her own. After going to bed one night Sally wakes up on a cliff 300 miles away from home with a suicide note in her pocket. She has no idea how she got there and doesn't remember anything about the night, she fell asleep just like she usually does and after that everything becomes a blur. What happened in the hours after she put her head on her pillow and where was she before she was dropped off by a taxi driver and found near a cliff?
Sally's mother-in-law is a child psychiatrist and she assesses the situation. She doesn't think Sally is a danger to herself and others. Her family should just keep an eye on her, so she doesn't have to be admitted. Sally is happy to be home with her two children again and doesn't feel depressed or suicidal, but nobody believes anything she says. What happened to her that night, can Sally discover the truth without any help?
Everything You Told Me is a gripping story. Because of Theo's constant crying Sally doesn't get much sleep. Her husband has to work a lot and he doesn't make much time for his family. When Sally almost dies his behavior changes, but he doesn't believe what she tells him about the night she can't remember and he treats her like she's made of glass. Nobody wants Sally to be alone with her children. Her mother-in-law is there to supervise, her parents come over to help out and her brother regularly calls her for updates. Sally thinks someone wants to do something to her, but who could it be? She has her suspicions, but are they correct or are the people around her right and does she have a problem? Finding out the truth kept me on the edge of my seat. Of course I had my suspicions and I couldn't wait to see if I was right. I always love it when a story makes me so curious.
Lucy Dawson's writing flows easily and she knows how to build tension. Everything You Told Me evolves around Sally and the people who are close to her. There are many things that don't add up and my heart ached for Sally. She is so isolated from everyone else in her world and she desperately needs someone who's on her side, but nobody really listens to her. I admired how she remains strong and doesn't give up. The atmosphere is oppressive and tense and I loved how the story sometimes took my breath away. I couldn't put the book down because of it. Lucy Dawson has written a great mysterious story with a fabulous ending.
If you like gripping stories about family problems Everything You Told Me is a great choice.


  1. Oooh yes always on the lookout for a good mystery!

  2. It would be horrible to be the position Sally's in. It sounds like a fascinating story.

  3. I love gripping reads that kept me guessing :) Awesome!

  4. Sounds like a great read. I love suspense.

  5. Looks intense!


  6. This sounds like something I would really enjoy. Thank you for the review!

  7. It sounds so scary, I love scary! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh yeah, this is one for me. I love a good mystery and want to know more about how she ended up on that cliff.

  9. Wow this book sounds really intriguing! Now I want to know what happened :D
    Loved your review!

  10. Sounds fantastic..have added it to my wish list!

  11. This is just what I like: plenty of intrigue, a victim who may or not be a victim, suspicious circumstances and just the right amount of tension!