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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Book Review - City of Good Death by Chris Lloyd

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Review by Suze
Elisenda is the head of Girona's Serious Crime Unit. Her new department still has to prove itself and Elisenda and her team have a big case that requires a clever approach to catch the criminal. People who are hated by many are being murdered or attacked. Elisenda needs to discover if there's a pattern and soon her department finds out that the attacks are based on city legends. However, her involvement isn't always appreciated and she doesn't get much cooperation from anyone.
Elisenda and her team are under a lot of pressure. The killings get plenty of public attention and there's a heated discussion going on. Who should be killed next and what kind of people do they think deserve to die? Crimes are still crimes, no matter who the victim is and Elisenda's opinions and skills are being tested. Will she and her unit be able the end the disaster that the murderer has made of Girona?
City of Good Death is an interesting and gripping story. Elisenda is the leader of a new police team and she still has to earn credits. That doesn't make it easier for her to solve the case. There are many obstacles on her way. She's strong and determined and perseveres. She's clever and she knows when and how to use pressure. I loved her attitude, she's brave and fierce, but she never crosses any lines. She stays decent, no matter what happens. At the same time she's an intriguing person and I enjoyed finding out more about her. I liked her versatile personality and think she's a fantastic main character for a thriller series.
Chris Lloyd has chosen a Catalan city as the setting of his story. I immediately loved the history of the town and his vivid descriptions make the story come to life incredibly well. I read City of Good Death in one sitting. I couldn't put it down and wanted to know more about the attacker and the moral background of this person's deeds. Are the victims really deserving their ending or is something else going on? I liked that question a lot and think Chris Lloyd managed to write a fantastic intelligent story with many surprising twists and turns and a fabulous ending.
City of Good Death is a great choice for readers who love clever gripping stories.
About Chris Lloyd
Straight after graduating in Spanish and French, Chris Lloyd hopped on a bus from Cardiff to Catalonia and stayed there for over twenty years, falling in love with the people, the country, the language and Barcelona Football Club, probably in that order. Besides Catalonia, he's also lived in the Basque Country and Madrid, teaching English, travel writing for Rough Guides and translating. He now lives in South Wales, where he works as a Catalan and Spanish translator, and returns to Catalonia as often as he can.
He writes the Elisenda Domènech crime series, featuring a police officer with the newly-devolved Catalan police force in the beautiful city of Girona.


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  10. I adore Barcelona! I've been there many times, always on my own and have never felt scared. The people, language, music, architecture, art and of course, the weather are good for my soul!

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