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Friday, January 6, 2017

Insidious by Victoria Evers - Book Review, Excerpt & Giveaway

 Book review

Review by Anniek
Kat lives in a small town in Maine. She's a normal teenager with regular teenage problems. During a bonfire Kat is not feeling well and the town's golden boy, Blaine, offers to take her home. A terrible accident leaves Kat as the sole survivor. Her injuries should be a lot worse, but she walks away with severe bruises only. Not long after the accident Kat starts to feel weird. She is famished all the time and Kat swears she woke up floating above her bed.

 Now that Kat is changing she needs to know what's going on. While she's looking for answers it turns out that not everyone can be trusted. Kat is used to taking care of herself, since her parents are not looking out for her. She's down to earth and is not easily fooled. She needs some persuasion when she's being told that she's become a changeling. Kat has no recollection of who made her that way. A whole bus with students vanishes as well and there are similarities. Will Kat be able to master her new abilities in time to defeat the ones who are coming for her?

Insidious is a fantastic story about the unseen creatures that live among humans. I have a soft spot for great looking covers and it was the beautiful design that got me interested immediately. Luckily the story itself is just as amazing. I was drawn in completely from the very beginning and didn't want to stop reading. Victoria Evers has written a unique story from an original point of view. I loved the unexpected twist and turns, which kept me guessing until the end. Insidious is a debut novel, but it can easily compete with books by established authors in the same genre. After reading Insidious I'm definitely a fan.


 Insidious is filled with action and suspense. If you like to read about vampires, shifters, changelings and other mythical beings it's a story you shouldn't miss.
About Victoria Evers

Victoria Evers is a debut paranormal fiction writer who feels really awkward referring to herself in the third person.... When she's not vacationing in Narnia, you’ll probably find her reading, watching horror movies, spending time with her AMAZING family, or daydreaming about the newest story in her head.



Curiosity got the better of me as I looked over my shoulder, only to find the last human being I ever wanted to see heading towards the back of the store. That familiar knot formed in my stomach, as it always did anytime Reese Blackburn was near. I rocked back and forth on my heels, trying my best to keep my patience in check as the old guy in front of me continued buying virtually every lottery ticket available.

Come on, come on, come on. I needed to get out of here. PRONTO.

Footsteps started making their way to the counter from the back of the store, and I immediately deflated, knowing a confrontation was now inevitable.

“Montgomery,” spoke a silvery voice directly behind me.

I regrettably turned to face the ass-hat in question, giving him my best artificial, Pan Am smile. “Blackburn.”

The guy always looked like he’d just waltzed off the set of a Tim Burton movie, and tonight was no different. He was dressed in his typically peculiar attire, sporting a gothic knee-length horseman’s jacket laced in chains, a pair of black slacks, a silk tapestry vest, and dark brogue boots adorned with skulls on the metallic buckles.

“Never thought I’d see you south of Providence Street,” he remarked in the sarcastic fashion he always saved for me. “Get lost on your way to the country club?”

“No, I was actually out looking for your heart. Should’ve known better that it’s long gone,” I retorted. “And what about you? Never thought I’d see you out in public on a full moon. Get lost on your way to your cult meeting in the woods?”

“That’s later in the evening,” he chuckled, flashing me that dimpled smile and perfect set of pearly whites. Such infectious, boyish charm seemed misplaced, considering he was stab-worthy. It really was a shame, because Reese wasn’t half bad looking.

And by ‘half’, I mean not entirely.

Sure, he had cheekbones that could cut glass, not to mention bedroom eyes so amber they looked to be stowing flames inside them, but still… Okay, okay. Even I had to admit, Blackburn was hardly an eyesore.

Even with my heeled boots, I still stood a good half foot shorter than him, but his lean frame thankfully made him less imposing.

The old guy in front of me started ordering cigarettes as well, causing my fisted fingernails to start biting into my palms. Knowing how quickly our conversations always descended into verbal smack downs, I grasped at anything I could think of to divert us back to small talk until I could move to the register.

“Did you go to the game earlier?”

Reese shrugged. “I considered it, but then I started thinking of other excruciating things I’d rather do, like have a root canal, and I decided to pass.”

“You heading to the bonfire?” I tried again. He merely cocked a brow, and I realized how ridiculous I sounded. “Oh, that’s right. You don’t do anything fun. How could I forget?”

“If you call watching a bunch of drunken idiots gyrate around and trash a field while you suffocate from smoke inhalation ‘fun,’ then yes—I don’t like fun.”

“It wouldn’t kill you to be normal, ya’ know.”

“Maybe, maybe not. Haven’t tried it.”

“So, Mr. High and Mighty, what superior plans do you have this evening?”

“Test my alcohol limits, take off my clothes, and harass innocent bystanders.” He thumped the side of his head. “Oh, wait a minute. No, that’s your friends.”

“At least I have some.”

He stole a look outside and leered. “With friends like that, I consider myself grateful that I don’t.”

“Bite me.”

“I probably shouldn’t. Wouldn’t want to get rabies.”

“I beg to differ. Foaming at the mouth would probably be an improvement for you. Anything to get you to stop talking.”

He smirked. “Touché, Princess.”

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