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Friday, January 27, 2017

Friendship - Guest Post by Kelly Moore

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Guest post

Happy one year With Love For Books Anniversary!!
by Kelly Moore

I’m so excited to be included in their celebration. We met on twitter about a year ago. I feel in love with their passion for books. All kinds of books. I was a brand new author and Anniek and Suze took a chance on me and I’m so glad they did.

I looked up the exact meaning of friendship – a friendly feeling or attitude: kindness or given help to someone.

This fits them perfectly. They showed me kindness and they helped me get started with readers and even better, they fell in love with my books.

They spend countless hours reading and reviewing and creating special bonds between authors and reviewers. I’m always so anxious when I know one of them is reviewing my new releases. Part of that friendship is honesty and I’ve learned to rely on their honesty in my writing. They push me to be a better writer.

I see them constantly supporting others by sharing, tweeting, giveaways, and their positive attitude toward others. In this day and age, that is priceless.

I appreciate the fact, that they take time out of their busy lives to read and review books. I’ve spoken, via twitter, to Anniek several times and I know she just had a new baby. I can picture her rocking her baby to sleep with a book in hand. Congratulations on the new baby, by the way.

I have come to admire their professionalism and I cherish it.

Congratulations on your success, many of us value your friendship so much. You guys are awesome.

About Kelly Moore

I am a romance/suspense/erotic writer by night and a gypsy traveling nurse by day. My first book was traditionally published but I have since taking on the Indie world.

I love all things romance with heat and a happy ending. I am a sarcastic southern girl who loves great fictional characters.




  1. Thank you so much for writing this wonderful post, it means a lot to us. xx

  2. I have really enjoyed reading the posts thanking Suzanne and Anniek. I am so lucky to class them as friends.

  3. So many kind words.wonderful ladies. Such an awesona blog.