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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Book Review - Loving the Life Less Lived by Gail Marie Mitchell

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Review by Suze

Gail Marie Mitchell has struggled with anxiety and depression for many years. There were times she thought she'd be cured and then it often surprised her by coming back in full force. Living with her condition became easier when she accepted it would be permanent and stopped fighting it. Gail uses tools to deal with her problems and by learning to understand herself she learned to have a positive outlook on life. Not every aspect of her illness is bad and through coping strategies she began to love her life, Loving the Life Less Lived. Gail shares her battles and victories in her book together with tips, things that have helped her on her road to living with her illness.

Loving the Life Less Lived is an impressive book. Gail is honest and open about her life, which is something I greatly admire. Her book is useful for people who are trying to live with anxiety and depression and for people in their surroundings who want to give them their support. Almost all of us have someone in their surroundings with this, or a similar, condition. Gail emphasizes that everyone is different and her book contains a lot of useful information about mental illnesses and how to live with them. I loved that she's using her own experiences as examples. That makes the book pure and it gives insight in the condition itself.

Gail Marie Mitchell has an easy flowing writing style. Loving the Life Less Lived can be used as a book containing knowledge, but it can also be used to find guidance or to have something tangible to hold on to in times of need. Her thoughts are well phrased and clear and she has plenty of general wisdom to share with the world. Her life story and advice made me think about a lot of different aspects of life. Most people are fighting battles in their daily lives and what she writes about can be used as practical support or as suggestions that can help you finding your own path in many situations. What I love most about her book is that there's something in it for everyone.

If anxiety and depression are part of your life Loving the Life Less Lived is a book you could definitely benefit from. Knowing you're not alone is already something that can help you. Gail Marie Mitchell shares phone numbers people can call, she discusses different forms of therapies, there are several handy lists and she shares her own life lessons that can give someone direction. I highly recommend Loving the Life Less Lived. It's a complete, effective and compelling book about mental illness written by a woman who has courage, determination and strength in abundance.

About Gail Marie Mitchell

I’m a writer and I live with mental illness. Those two facts are the main motivation behind this website but they are only a small part of who I am and what my life is about.

I say I live with mental illness, I don’t suffer from it, I don’t battle with it (although for many years I did until I learnt the futility of the fight). I was first diagnosed with depression twenty five years ago and have been variously diagnosed with social anxiety disorder, generalised anxiety disorder and depression ever since. At times I manage my condition well using a toolbox of resources that I have discovered and developed over my lifetime. At other times I crash and burn, I have left upwards of ten jobs due to my mental health issues and spent many months and years on and off of benefits, hiding in my house unable to face the world or complete even the most simple tasks.

I have always been a writer, maybe not published, maybe not successful, but since the earliest age I have written poems, stories and articles in an attempt to make sense of this confused and broken world we live in. This led me to write Loving the Life Less Lived. That’s not all about me – I qualified as a Chartered Accountant, I have worked as a Secondary School Teacher, I am a member of Mensa I have travelled around Europe, the Middle East and North America. I have taught in the favelas of Brazil, I am married, I am a fairy Godmother I am so much more than a medical label given by psychiatrists and GPs. I am not cured – but I am at present relatively stable. I work as a bookkeeper/accountant, write in my spare time and enjoy life to the full. It isn’t the life I planned, it is The Life Less Lived and it is immeasurably more than I could ever have asked for or imagined.


  1. I have bouts with anxiety myself. Thanks for sharing this story.

  2. I have bouts with anxiety myself. Thanks for sharing this story.

  3. Thank you for the review. It sounds like an interesting book.

  4. This book will help many people!


  5. This sounds like something I'd enjoy.

  6. I have family members with anxiety and depression. I look forward to reading this.

  7. This sounds like an informative book.

  8. I have never came across anxiety and I'd really love to read about it.

  9. It's great that Gail is able to share her story with others, so that those who also struggle know they are not alone.

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  11. Three cheers for Gail! We should develop an much more pro-active approach to positive mental health, just as we are encouraged to do with our physical health.