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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Book Review - The Lady Who Lived Again by Thomasine Rappold

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Review by Suze
Madeleine was once a very popular girl. She and her friends were loved by everyone, but ever since their accident, of which she was the sole survivor, people have turned against her. She shouldn't have walked away unharmed at all and instead of being dead she woke up with an extraordinary ability, she can heal people. She's a social outcast, but this might change when Jace arrives in town. He's in Misty Lake to start a medical practice and has to get used to working in the countryside. He and Maddie both need help. Jace needs to get his business organized and Maddie wants to become a regular member of society again. Will they both benefit from their agreement?
The Lady Who Lived Again is a fascinating story. Maddie has the ability to heal and that is something the scientific Jace doesn't believe in. My heart sometimes ached for Maddie, due to her accident she lost everything that was important to her. However, she never despairs. She's a strong and capable woman. She knows who she is and she's smart. Being with Jace improves her life and that was wonderful to see. Jace is a kind and caring man. He's passionate about his profession, which is why working together with a woman with an unscientific gift might prove to be too difficult. I couldn't wait to see where their relationship would lead and what Jace would do when he'd find out about Maddie's ability. Their agreement is interesting and even though they aren't an actual couple it's clear that they're attracted to each other. I loved the chemistry between them and liked the fact that they're both intelligent people with a strong opinion. That makes interesting reading.
 Thomasine Rappold combines historical romance with a paranormal aspect and as I'm a big fan of magical realism this mix made me very happy. It's well executed and the era it's set in works perfectly with the ability of the main character. I also loved the colorful descriptions of the setting, Misty Lake is an intriguing town and I really enjoyed reading about it. I kept hoping its inhabitants would be friendlier to Maddie again as she doesn't deserve to be shunned and disrespected. Her story is impressive and I loved it from beginning to end.

If you like historical romance with a paranormal element, you will love this book.


  1. Such a lovely cover for a wonder story:)

    1. It's indeed stunning. There are two more books in the series (to be reviewed soon) and those covers are gorgeous as well.

  2. I love the cover and it sounds awesome.

  3. The cover really caught my attention! I do like paranormal stories.

  4. Wow, this sounds great! Thank you for posting the review. I would very much love to read it.

  5. I love historical fiction and it's a bonus to have complex well developed characters

  6. Oh this sounds like a great book. Thanks for the awesome review!!!

  7. I like the paranormal element and I'm intrigued by their relationship.

  8. I wish we still wore hats like that!