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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Penhaligon's Attic by Terri Nixon - Book Review & Giveaway

Book review
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Review by Suze
Freya used to love the sea, but an awful incident when she was still a little girl made her afraid of the water. After a long period of absence she's back with her father, Matthew, once more and has another chance to live at the Cornish coast, where she once was so happy. Matthew made a few big mistakes when Freya was younger, but he's trying to do things right this time. He works hard as a fisherman on someone else's boat to keep his father's bookshop afloat and he's living for his family. He wants Freya to have a good life and he will do everything he can to make that happen.
There are new faces in the village. Anna and her daughter Mairead have fled Ireland to start over at the place Anna's ancestors are from. Anna inherited the local pub and she's trying to make it as successful as possible. At first people are rude because they know she's keeping secrets, but when Freya needs her help Anna gives it generously without hesitation and because of this the lives of Anna and Matthew become intertwined. Will this mean there truly is a new beginning for Mairead and her mother or will the past eventually catch up with them?
Penhaligon's Attic is a beautiful story about two families with complicated histories. I loved the detailed and compassionate way Terri Nixon writes about her characters. The beginning of the twentieth century isn't an easy time to live in and through her thorough descriptions I could get a good grasp of what life was like in those days. The story has a well researched basis that's being combined with a fantastic intriguing plotline. The characters felt familiar and are easy to like. Because of that everything that happened to them kept me glued to the pages.
Terri Nixon's sentences have a nice natural flow and her writing is warm and comforting. I immediately fell in love with Penhaligon's Attic, it's a gorgeous story that effortlessly found its way to my heart. I enjoyed reading about the decisions and emotions of the characters as well as the fascinating setting. The sea brings a lot of good, but it never just gives, it also takes. The community is tight and secrets always have a way of coming out. The sea and the beach play an important part in all of them, the sea is unpredictable and it always surprises, which is perfect for a complex and interesting story.
Penhaligon's Attic has a lovely romantic ending that made me smile. The relationships in this book are complicated, but that doesn't matter when there's enough love in people's hearts. It's a great message. There's unconditional love, there's forgiveness, there are sacrifices and there are reconciliations, which all made the story riveting and compelling. I highly recommend this brilliant historical novel, it's a true gem.
Penhaligon's Attic is perfect for readers who like well researched historical fiction with an amazing setting and multilayered characters.
About Terri Nixon

Terri was born in Plymouth in 1965. At the age of 9 she moved with her family to Cornwall, to the village featured in Jamaica Inn -- North Hill -- where she discovered a love of writing that has stayed with her ever since. She also discovered apple-scrumping, and how to jump out of a hayloft without breaking any bones, but no-one's ever offered to pay her for doing those.

Since publishing in paperback for the first time in 2002, Terri has appeared in both print and online fiction collections, and is proud to have contributed to the Shirley Jackson award-nominated hardback collection: Bound for Evil, by Dead Letter Press.

As a Hybrid author, her first commercially published novel was Maid of Oaklands Manor, published by Piatkus Entice (a digital-first imprint of Little, Brown) in 2013. The paperback is published by Piatkus Books. The two further books in this series: A Rose in Flanders Fields and Daughter of Dark River Farm are published by Carina UK (a digital-first imprint of HarperCollins)

Terri's self-published Mythic Fiction series set in Cornwall, The Lynher Mill Chronicles, is available in paperback and e-book.

Terri also writes under the name T Nixon, and has contributed to anthologies under the names Terri Pine and Teresa Nixon. She is represented by the Kate Nash Literary Agency. She now lives in Plymouth with her youngest son, and works in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Plymouth University, where she is constantly baffled by the number of students who don't possess pens.

Twitter: @TerriNixon
Goodreads Author Page:
 One very lucky winner will receive a signed copy of Penhaligon's Attic.


  1. I love historical romance because it takes me out of my own world and puts me sometime else where the rules are different xx

  2. There were "rules" to society in days gone by. Today, just about anything goes - so where's the challenge? It's fun to read about a "proper" lady who is anything but proper, or discover a hero who defies convention to follow his heart. History's "rules" complicated the lives of lords and ladies, and in turn they gave us a wonderful backdrop for romance.

  3. Historical romance introduces me to a new time/culture in a fresh way.

  4. They make you realise how lucky we are today in some ways, have read a few by a different author and enjoyed them

  5. Love historic novels so different

  6. I don't get much time for reading but my mum reads a lot so I'd love to win this book for her

  7. They take you back in time and give you an alternative viewpoint on how people might have lived at that time. The writing draws me in and I feel as if I am back there too. It can be quite a reality check when you finish the book! It also makes you better about the 'modcons' that we have now that they didn't have the benefit of.

  8. This review really makes me want to read the book - I've read about it on Facebook and been intrigued by the title, but the review has encouraged me to look out for Penhaligon's Attic now!

  9. I love the old fashioned etiquette and restrictions, it makes love seem more exciting!

  10. This caught my attention because I've always loved the name Freya (and Fritha) and Cornwall is such a beautiful place!

  11. I enjoy reading about simpler times when things were slower paced.

  12. I like to experience a different time. Thanks for the chance.

  13. It would be great to win
    a signed copy of Penhaligon's Attic by Terri Nixon.
    In response to your question of
    Why do you like historical romance?
    I like reading historical romances because
    the characters and locations are interesting.
    The stories show you that there was a time
    when people had manners and respect for others.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  14. Because it takes you back in time.


  15. I like historical romances because there's more to them than ordinary romance.

  16. Yes I love Romances set in different eras

  17. Reading is 50% entertainment and 50% knowledge. I like to learn about both the past and the present as I read.

  18. i love reading about how different things were