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Monday, December 12, 2016

Book Review - While You Were Sleeping by Kathryn Croft

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Review by Suze
Tara and Noah didn't have an easy time together in the past, but now they're a happy family again. They have two children, Rosie and Spencer. Spencer is an easygoing preteen and Rosie is a difficult teenager. Tara's life changes completely when she wakes up in the house across the street in bed next to her dead neighbor, Lee. Tara is scared and she makes sure she gets home as fast as she can while hoping that nobody will ever discover she was there. She can't remember how she got there and she's determined to find out. However, when the truth starts coming to light she realizes that the killer could be someone she knows and maybe even loves. Is Tara ready to find out what happened the night she has no memory of?
While You Were Sleeping is a gripping and cleverly written story. The opening scene is incredibly strong and mysterious and Kathryn Croft kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. Tara is artistic, she loves her children very much and she seems incredibly loving and sweet. Noah is distant and he's keeping secrets from his wife and children. Rosie does as she pleases and it isn't easy to discover what's actually going on in her life. Lee was such a nice, happily married guy. Who wanted to murder someone so well liked? I was anxious to find out and read the story in one sitting.
While You Were Sleeping is one of those books that will stay with me for a very long time. I love a good thriller, I like being surprised and Kathryn Croft provides a good amount of tension. Her writing is easy to read and she has a tone of voice that makes the reader trusting and suspicious at the same time. I loved going from one emotion to the next. The characters all have distinct outspoken personalities that make them fascinating. While searching for the truth all kinds of dirt that would otherwise have remained hidden comes to the surface and it isn't always obvious if it has something to do with Lee's death or not. I loved this skillful way of being lead astray.
Kathryn Croft has written a fantastic fast-paced story. I could easily picture the setting and I admired the vivid, colorful way the main characters are being described. It was interesting to see them through the eyes of an artist and Kathryn Croft has clearly put a lot of thought into every single detail, which is what I enjoyed most about the story. I liked finding out everyone's good and bad qualities this way and couldn't wait to discover who was the murderer among the intriguing group of suspects. While You Were Sleeping is a terrific compelling read, it's a great story for those who like to be frightened.
While You Were sleeping makes you want to lock your doors as you never know who might unexpectedly enter your house at night. If you like this kind of books you will definitely enjoy the story.


  1. This sounds like a perfect fit for me. I love edge of your seat suspense. Such a great cover too.

  2. It sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love thrillers and suspense. This book sounds like something I would love. I am definitely going to check it of. Thank you for the review and bringing it to my attention! :)

  4. Love it! A gripping, shocking psychological thriller, with a twist that will take you by surprise. I need to read it.

  5. My first thought went to What Alice Knew by T.A. Cotterell, but this one seems more disturbing and even more thrilling.
    I have to admit I haven't heard about it before reading your review, but now I'm really interested in it.
    I noticed many of my blogging friends "switched" to this genre, and curious cat as I am, I started to gain interest in thrillers too.

  6. This book sounds great. I would love to read it. Thanks for the awesome review!

  7. Pinning - this sounds like a book I'd love.

  8. Oh wow this sounds very very scarey! Will need to read this in day light.

  9. sound very captivating but perhaps a little too much for me. thanks for the review