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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Book Review - The Queen's Heart by Michel Prince

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Review by Suze
When she was seventeen years old Mary Beth's life changed drastically and if it wasn't for the unexpected kindness of her best friends, and their family, she'd never have been where she is now. Together they run a daycare facility that they are turning into a school and they're helping her to raise her son Luke. Luke's father is still in the picture, but he isn't a reliable presence in their lives.
Mary Beth's new neighbor Eli teaches her what being dependable and stable actually means. There are sparks, but he also shows Mary Bet another side of life that she has never had the chance to experience before. Eli is great with Luke and even better with his mother. He's a family man and has clear values. Mary Beth's past is trying to mess up her future though and the question is if Eli actually stands a chance. Mary Beth has a difficult decision to make, will she be able to accept everything Eli wants to give her?
The Queen's Heart is a beautiful story about the relationship between two wonderful adults. Marry Beth and Eli are amazing together and I loved their chemistry and easy friendship. Mary Beth has an adorable child, it's impossible not to like Luke. Eli is a gentleman, he's kind, he's been raised well and he takes care of the people he loves. Mary Beth has been through a lot. Her parents weren't there for her when she needed them the most and Mary Beth's ex-boyfriend has always treated her like she's his property. While Mary Beth is more than capable of raising her son, she's insecure when it comes to relationships. Because she's being forced to stand up for herself and Luke she's getting stronger and I applauded that change in her. Eli has a clever way of winning her over and I loved how nice he is to Mary Beth and Luke. That makes the story incredibly romantic.
Michel Prince has a great to the point writing style and she makes her characters come to life very well with her vivid descriptions and distinctive personality traits. I loved that Eli is fascinated with Mary Beth's fiery hair and that he uses Spanish to express his feelings. Discovering what his words truly mean made the ending of the story both surprising and charming. The Queen's Heart is an impressive story about self-esteem, the true value of friendship, family secrets, personal growth, fighting for your dreams and unconditional love. I loved the whole package and really enjoyed reading this special book.
The Queen's Heart is perfect for readers who like original romantic stories about true love with fascinating and endearing main characters.


  1. I love a good romance. This sounds really good.

  2. Thanks for the great review. So happy you enjoyed the story.

  3. I love romances with children in them.

  4. The characters sound very sympathetic!


  5. Sounds like a very sweet romance!

  6. It's nice that she had her friends to rely on for help. Raising a child is tough enough, but at that age it would be really hard.

  7. This sounds like one that will charm and delight!

  8. This sounds like a very good story.

  9. The cover photo is so sweet - love the little hat!

  10. This sounds like a sweet heartfelt read. The cover is so pretty too.

  11. sound really sweet, thanks for the review

  12. This sounds like a story that could be true, and I love that it is positive, gives you hope you can thrive getting out of a hard situation, and romance, too!