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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Under the Hood Boxed Set by Sally Clements
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Reviews by Suze
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Alice and her friends own a all-female garage. Their customers don't have to be afraid they will be overcharged or made fun of when they don't know anything about cars and it's proving to be a popular concept. When Alice meets Mark she thinks he needs help with his car, but actually he knows almost as much as she does. He likes her enough to pretend though. However, that might not be the smartest way to get involved with someone. Will Alice still want to see him when she finds out he didn't tell her the truth?
Under the Hood is a sweet love story. I immediately fell in love with this series because of the garage with its three powerful owners. It's a fascinating setting for a creative love story. Alice and Mark's relationship starts fittingly with a car. I like it when a story has a strong female main character who manages to meet a gentle guy. It's a wonderful combination for a love story. Alice and Mark have great chemistry and their shared passion for cars makes their connection even more interesting. Especially since Alice doesn't know that at first. They don't have the easiest start, but it's a good one nonetheless. I couldn't wait to find out where their relationship would lead.
Under the Hood is a lovely novella that has an easy flow. It's an ideal story to read in one sitting. It's entertaining, it's fun and it's endearing. It also has a surprising ending, which I liked very much. I loved this first novella of the Under the Hood series.
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Mel has no interest in losing herself in a relationship. She doesn't do passion, it's too dangerous to lose control. She runs a garage together with two friends and as one of them, Alice, can't be there full-time for a while her brother Heath is there to help her out. Due to their family business he knows all there is to know about cars, but he's actually dreaming of being a photographer and he wants to work on a project while he's also working for his sister. When Mel offers to help him to discover the area he doesn't say no. Mel doesn't think there's any way she can like a guy, so she's convinced she will be immune to Heath's charms, will he be able to prove her wrong?
Love for Beginners is a sweet romantic story. Mel thinks she isn't capable of having a complete and fulfilling relationship and she's willing to settle for less. My heart ached for her when I read about that. She's such a gentle and generous person and goes through great lengths to take care of the people she loves. She can certainly use a bit of fun and I was glad Heath manages to bring her out of her shell. He is creative and I liked his attitude. I kept my fingers crossed that he'd be able to convince Mel she could feel something. They're wonderful together and I loved their easy conversations.
Mel is another strong heroine who finds herself at a crossroads in life. She's about to sacrifice something she loves very much to help someone else. I wanted her to find some joy as she could really use it. I loved the open way Sally Clements writes about her main characters. Mel and Heath are completely different, but it's clear from the start that they are made for each other, which made the story extra romantic.

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Betty is the owner of a garage, but she also knows everything there is to know about being an amateur detective. She wants to catch the man who conned her mother. He stole a lot of money and much more. Betty isn't the only one who's after this man. Joe, who works undercover for the FBI, wants to catch him as well. Because she messes things up for him he has to tell Betty who he is and they decide to work together. Will they catch their man and will they ever see each other again afterwards?
Racing the Hunter's Moon is another fabulous story about a strong woman who doesn't only run her own garage, but who's also very strong. Betty is brave enough to go after a criminal and I liked her feisty character. Joe is a man of many talents, he's smart, kind and creative. He and Betty have the same goal and they need each other for the job to succeed. It means pretending to be together and that appears to be more fun than they thought. It was interesting to see what would happen when feelings are starting to arise.
The Under the Hood series is lighthearted and fun. The heroines are strong and they can take care of themselves. The friendship element between the three mechanics is great. Their men perfectly complement them and it put a smile on my face to see them happy. I love Sally Clements's fast-paced and cheerful writing. She's written a cute and original series.
I would advise you to buy the Under the Hood box set, then you have all three novellas in one bundle. They are perfect for readers who aren't looking for anything heavy and want to read something light and fun.


  1. A new author to me! Thank you for posting! These stories sounds so intersting.

  2. I wish there was a woman-led garage near me. I always feel such a twerp trying to explain what's gone wrong with my car!

  3. This book sounds great. I will have to check it out sometime. Thanks for the review.

  4. I love the idea of an all-female car garage. I would definitely seek that out for my car repairs, knowing that they wouldn't try to get something by just because I'm a woman.

  5. I love mysteries/romance stories.

  6. This sounds like a really sweet story. Thanks for the recommendation.