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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Paper Love by Aubrey Wynne - Book Review & Giveaway

Book review

Review by Suze

Joss misses Papua New Guinea, it's where she grew up and it's her happy place. She's now living in the United States and hasn't found her way yet. She's a teacher and loves the job, but she's longing for sunshine and the days her mother was still alive. The last thing she's ready for is a relationship, but when she meets Ben she can't help but like him. He's got a past though and Joss doesn't want to get hurt again.

When Ben meets Joss it's clear for him that he wants to get to know her better. Joss is reluctant and he needs to find a way to make her realize that she isn't at all like the other women he's dated. He knows from the start that she's the woman for him. How can Ben convince Joss to give him a chance?

Paper Love is one of the sweetest stories I've ever read. Ben is endearing. He's cheeky and charming, but he also has fascinating hidden qualities that I liked a lot. He enjoys throwing a good party, he loves being a physical therapist and he's very fond of his family. His feelings for Joss are really cute and they melted my heart. Joss is quite serious, but she has a great sense of humor. She takes care of her loved ones and she's incredibly kind and smart. When she meets the dynamic Ben she makes it clear that his normally flirty manners aren't the way to win her heart. It was fun to anticipate what he would do to persuade her. Ben knows he and Joss are made for each other and he wants to show her his heart in an unexpected and creative way, which is wonderfully dreamy.

Aubrey Wynne has written a fabulous unique love story. Due to her parents being missionaries Joss grew up with faith and she's having a bit of a crisis. That gave the story an interesting angle. Both Ben and Joss have surprising personalities with so many adorable features. I especially loved Ben's passion for origami. Aubrey Wynne enchanted me with his disarming personality. She writes about her main characters like they're people she actually knows, which makes her story extra fun to read. I loved this special romantic novella and highly recommend it.


Paper Love is perfect for a cold winter evening on the sofa. It has all the right ingredients to put a big smile on someone's face.

About Aubrey Wynne

Bestselling and award-winning author Aubrey Wynne resides in the Midwest with her husband, dogs, horses, mule and barn cats. She is an elementary teacher by trade, champion of children and animals by conscience, and author by night. Obsessions include history, travel, trailriding and all things Christmas.

Her short stories, Merry Christmas, Henry and Pete's Mighty Purty Privies have won Readers Choice Awards and Dante's Gift received the 2016 Golden Quill and Heart of Excellence award, as well as being a Maggie and Aspen Gold finalist.

Besides her Chicago Christmas novellas, Aubrey will release "A Vintage Romance" series inspired by tales of her stepfather, who served for the British Air Force in WWII. The stories will be set in the 40s & 50s. Her medieval fantasy series will launch in 2017 with Rolf's Quest.

Find out more at


As they walked past the fountain, he stopped, swallowed, and plunged into the speech he’d planned for the last week. “Joss, I know you are hesitant to date me, and I understand your reasons. I can’t blame you but it’s also not my fault that I’m...popular.”

She opened her mouth to speak, and he gently put a finger on her lips. “Hear me out. Since I laid eyes on you that night, my world has tilted. I feel a connection to you that I’ve never felt before, and I think you feel the same.”

She took his finger in her hand. “I don’t know if I’m in a place where I can move forward with a relationship.” Her eyes held a pain that threatened to rip his chest open. He wanted to heal her, remove the hurt from her eyes now and forever.

“I know that. I’ve just finished my internship, and I’m starting a permanent position at the clinic.” He paused, stroking her cheek with the back of his finger. “Let’s take a month to get to know each other. You decide if you are staying or going back to your old life. I’ll get settled into my new job. We see each other as friends, no pressure or romance.”

“So no strings.”

“Exactly. Except I won’t be seeing anyone else. I need to prove to you that I’m not a player. Then in a month, we’ll reassess. If you are in a good place by then, we’ll make it official and start dating.” He let out a sigh. He couldn’t read her face at all.

“One month?” She looked up at him, her eyes narrowed. “You’ve thought this through, haven’t you?”

He nodded, hoping this brilliant idea didn’t backfire on him. “It’s a deal. So I’ll see you without any romantic overtures?”

He hesitated. Not kissing her over the next month would be one of the hardest things he’d ever done. “No romance starting tomorrow.”


“I want you to know what you may be missing. Over the next month you can think about this.” He cupped her face in his hands, brushing his lips softly against hers. Every muscle in his body jumped to attention at the touch. His desire flared, and his head dipped again, covering her lips, coaxing her to respond.

Her hands gripped his biceps, clinging to him as if she might fall. A soft sigh escaped her, and he thought he would explode. He buried his face in her shoulder, her silky hair caressing his cheek as he breathed in the scent of her. Joss had been sent to him. He would start the next phase of his life with her by his side. And he would pull her through her troubled waters. Ben gave her one more lingering kiss then pulled her hand through his arm. They walked silently toward the parking garage.

His heart thumped slow and steady as he realized he’d found love. No sweaty palms. No racing heart. No panic. It was more like an enchantment, this discovery of a person who filled him with peace and hope, who made him want to be better, be a hero for someone else. But his usual bulldozer style would not work on Joss. Exuberance and charm would bounce off her shield. Patience and determination were the key; Joss would pay attention to his actions not his words.

Just like his beating heart, slow and steady would win this race.


One reader will win a signed copy of Paper Love and one reader will receive a $10 Amazon gift card. Good Luck!
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  1. Thank you so much for hosting the latest in my Chicago Christmas series. And your review truly made my day!!! Happy holidays to you and yours.

  2. Sounds like a great book. Thanks for the review!