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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Book Review - Does My Bump Look Big in This? by Amy Lynch

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Review by Tanya

Becky and Barry are a newlywed couple just back from their once in a lifetime honeymoon in a five star hotel in Mexico. Becky is keen to flaunt her newly married status and show off the pictures from the honeymoon, whereas Barry wants to settle down and start a family. This is the last thing on Becky’s mind, although that is all she seems to be hearing about from others, including her best friend and chief bridesmaid, the efficient and successful Emer, who announces her pregnancy when they return. All the questions on everyone’s lips seem to be about babies.

At first I disliked Becky a little, she was so full of herself and only appeared to care about herself, possessions and looking right. Her husband Barry seemed like an afterthought and she had no pride in her job and often phoned in sick. However, as the story continued I started to understand why she was like this and found her opinions to most things open and honest and funny. I loved how Becky begins to see some good in having a baby and sees advantages to not working and getting paid for maternity leave, (not that motherhood is easy of course).

I felt sorry for Barry throughout the book and wanted to tell him to wake up and smell the roses. Although I think he was aware exactly of how Becky was before he married her. Emer is so efficient, I wondered how she managed it. Mind you, even she could not guarantee the exact date of birth of her baby. I think a follow-up about how both of these characters find motherhood could be interesting and very funny.

I laughed a lot, especially at the beginning of the book, where as a teenager Becky is reluctantly talked into babysitting. Some of the mishaps actually brought back memories of my first time changing a nappy when babysitting and the family dog running off and tearing up the very full nappy all over the house!!! The title is incredibly clever, as Becky is constantly conscious of her stomach looking a bit larger after the excess food on honeymoon and she didn't want anyone to find out. Then, when being pregnant, she did want everyone to notice her bump and comment on it. I really enjoyed Does My Bump Look Big in This, it's a great light-hearted read.
 Does My Bump Look Big in This is a humoristic story that will have you laughing out loud. If you like funny stories with heroines who are being transformed you will love this book.
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  1. LOL I really did laugh out loud. What a delightful title and cover. This sounds like fun:)

  2. This sounds very entertaining!


  3. I do like funny stories, so I think I'll enjoy this one.

  4. I love a good read that will make you laugh out loud

  5. Thank you for the comment in your Advice section. I do.

  6. Oh, Tanya, the first time I babysat I found the toddler hiding behind the curtains. He'd taken off his nappy & was eating his poo!

  7. This book sound very funny and amusing with Becky as the lead!

  8. I can see how Becky would seem shallow. It's kind of like the Shopaholic series - at first it was hard to like the main character, but she grows on you!

  9. I'm not sure I would make it far enough in to this story to enjoy it. Becky would make it difficult.

  10. Thank you for the book reviews, I'd be lost without them :) So many books to choose from it's hard to make a decision.

  11. I like books with humor. I might give this one a try.

  12. This sounds like a fun summee read.