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Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Different Life by Wendy Lou Jones - Book Reviews & Giveaway

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Review by Anniek

Michelle has always lived in a small town. She has two sisters and a younger brother. Ever since they lost their mother, Michelle has been taking care of her younger brother Jake. Both of her sisters are starting their own families, so it's basically just Michelle and Jake. Michelle doesn't have much money, but always makes an effort to have enough food on the table and she manages to provide for whatever Jake needs. She is a sweet and kindhearted girl. Michelle gets a request from Maggie, a caring, and sometimes kindly meddling, lady in a wheelchair who wants to make everyone's life better, to help Tristan out when necessary. Her instructions are to remain firm and to ignore his pleas. Being the generous person she is Michelle accepts this unusual job.

Tristan never had to give money any thought. Coming from a rich family he's used to having everything he wants. Unfortunately money doesn't buy a happy life. Tristan dropped out of university because he hated the direction he was being forced to take by his parents. Tristan's mother thinks her son needs to learn a lesson, which will hopefully help him become more mature. She sends Tristan to a small cottage that only has the basic necessities with just enough money to buy food for the week. Tristan has no phone, laptop or any other electronic device to contact the outside world. He does get a walkie-talkie just in case there is an emergency. Tristan will only be able to contact Michelle and she isn't going to cut him any slack.

Tristan is incredibly spoiled and he doesn't know what it's like to live without plenty of money. He has never seen or experienced how the other half lives. This results in a lot of hilarious situations, he has no idea what to do, left on his own in this small basic cottage. Michelle is always just getting by and has to be careful with the little money she has. She's very skilled at making ends meet without having much of anything. I liked the way she and Tristan connected when they finally meet each other. Even though they're from different worlds they forget about that when they are together. Both of them are easy to like and I opened my heart to them straight away.

Wendy Lou Jones has a way of pulling me in immediately with her words. She is an incredibly skilled storyteller. A Different Life is a beautiful story about two people whose worlds couldn't be more different, while they are actually more alike than they initially thought. I loved the way their story evolves and how their love slowly blossoms. A Different Life is another unique and gripping story in the Echoes of Nutt Hill series. I couldn't put this book down and flew through the pages because I wanted to know how it would end. Wendy Lou Jones is one of my favorite authors and she never disappoints me with her wonderful stories.


The books in the Echoes of Nut Hill series can easily be read a standalones, but as they are all special, they are so much better together.
Review by Tanya

Tristan's mum wants to teach him a lesson about money and she also wants him to make serious plans for his future, so she confiscates his wallet, mobile and laptop. She then arranges for him to live in a basic cottage, in an unknown place, with access only to Michelle through a walkie-talkie. He doesn't know Michelle, who has been asked to be firm with him. Michelle is a local girl who is struggling to survive with very little money, at the same time as making sure her younger brother is able to attend school without embarrassment at his attire. The two peoples life's could not be further apart.
A Different Life is one of a number of books that I have read by Wendy Lou Jones and I have enjoyed them all. It is nice that this is set in a familiar setting of Nut Hill. When I saw the title I thought it was going to be a rags to riches story and the first chapter made me think that also. Instead it is the complete opposite it is more riches to rags. I love the fact that for a change it is the man who undergoes this experience, and what a massive change it is to him. Of course along the way the reader changes their mind about him as well. The man in question is called Tristan Maximillian Corben Lyle-Pemberton and he is from a very privileged and spoilt background where he has what he wants handed to him on a plate. He doesn’t work for a living and is a bit of a socialite. His mum, with the aid of Maggie, a local in the area who loves to make people's lives better, has the idea to take away his privileges and get him to think about what he wants to do with his future. His mum however is not quite as open minded as this plan makes you think she is, she is hoping he will come back reformed and start to work with his father in the business, as that would be socially suitable. Maggie enrols Michelle, who's having a tough time of late, and is first snubbed by Tristan when they meet. I loved this idea.

The story has walkie-talkies, fit men, plotting mothers, stubbornness, forgiveness, a learning curve, hot sex, an awful attack and much more. This meant I was hooked from the beginning and I desperately wanted to know what would happen next. I really enjoyed how the story develops and how few characters there are in it, so that you get to know the main ones really well. Michelle is my favourite as she is so strong on the surface, but she's obviously vulnerable underneath. However, she tackles everything that is sent to try her and I feel like I could take a leaf out of her book. I also liked Jake, Michelle’s younger brother, because of his sense of humour and also again how strong he is after the death his mother. A Different Life is a wonderful funny story.
A Different Life is a great book to buy as a gift for someone for Christmas as they are sure to enjoy it.

About Wendy Lou Jones

I spent a happy childhood in West Sussex, where I studied hard at school and in my spare time, danced (ballet and jazz) and fell in love with guinea pigs. I took Medicine at university and qualified as a doctor in 1994, working in various fields until I dropped out to have kids several years later. How on Earth did I end up here, you ask? Well, one night, in my late 30s, I had a dream. As simple as that. A dream that inspired me. And I’ve been reading and writing ever since.

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