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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Book Review - Does My Bump Look Big in This? by Amy Lynch

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Review by Tanya

Becky and Barry are a newlywed couple just back from their once in a lifetime honeymoon in a five star hotel in Mexico. Becky is keen to flaunt her newly married status and show off the pictures from the honeymoon, whereas Barry wants to settle down and start a family. This is the last thing on Becky’s mind, although that is all she seems to be hearing about from others, including her best friend and chief bridesmaid, the efficient and successful Emer, who announces her pregnancy when they return. All the questions on everyone’s lips seem to be about babies.

At first I disliked Becky a little, she was so full of herself and only appeared to care about herself, possessions and looking right. Her husband Barry seemed like an afterthought and she had no pride in her job and often phoned in sick. However, as the story continued I started to understand why she was like this and found her opinions to most things open and honest and funny. I loved how Becky begins to see some good in having a baby and sees advantages to not working and getting paid for maternity leave, (not that motherhood is easy of course).

I felt sorry for Barry throughout the book and wanted to tell him to wake up and smell the roses. Although I think he was aware exactly of how Becky was before he married her. Emer is so efficient, I wondered how she managed it. Mind you, even she could not guarantee the exact date of birth of her baby. I think a follow-up about how both of these characters find motherhood could be interesting and very funny.

I laughed a lot, especially at the beginning of the book, where as a teenager Becky is reluctantly talked into babysitting. Some of the mishaps actually brought back memories of my first time changing a nappy when babysitting and the family dog running off and tearing up the very full nappy all over the house!!! The title is incredibly clever, as Becky is constantly conscious of her stomach looking a bit larger after the excess food on honeymoon and she didn't want anyone to find out. Then, when being pregnant, she did want everyone to notice her bump and comment on it. I really enjoyed Does My Bump Look Big in This, it's a great light-hearted read.
 Does My Bump Look Big in This is a humoristic story that will have you laughing out loud. If you like funny stories with heroines who are being transformed you will love this book.
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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

In a Ranger's Arms by Donna Michaels - Book Review & Giveaway

Book review
Amazon USA Amazon UK Goodreads
Review by Suze
Jovy is in Joyful for a challenge. She has to start a gluten free vegan café in a place filled with meat lovers and make it a success. If she pulls it off the family business is hers. It isn't an easy job, but Jovy is positive she can do it and there are a few great advantages of being in the Texan countryside. One of them is the men, they're both sexy and chivalrous. Jovy has to leave after a month and isn't planning on starting anything serious and Stone seems to be the perfect candidate to make her stay as memorable as possible.
Stone used to be an Army Ranger and together with his friends he has two companies to run. He wants to help his fellow veterans as much as he can. One time he wasn't there when he should have been and he can't forgive himself for it. That's why he stays away from women, he can't let history repeat itself. However, when he meets Jovy he can't help but breaking his resolve. He completely loses his head when he's around her. Can Stone afford it to be close to a woman again?
Stone used the be in the army and can sometimes be a bit rigid, but he's also kindhearted and caring. He does everything in his power to make the lives of his fellow veterans as fulfilled as he can. He forgets himself in the process and it was interesting to see what happened when he finally starts thinking about himself again. Jovy is good-natured and she feels at ease with everyone, I loved that character trait. She's smart and organized and she knows how to have fun as well. She's perfect for Stone and they have amazing chemistry. There are plenty of sparks flying between them, but there's also a warm friendship from the start, which is a great combination. 
In a Ranger's Arm is a wonderful romantic story about true love. Jovy and Stone are soul mates and they instantly know it when they first meet. Although Stone isn't planning on falling for a woman ever again and Jovy has to leave after a month they can't stay away from each other. Their situation is far from ideal, but their connection is too strong. I loved that Donna Michaels has chosen a love like this to write about, it's the most precious thing there is and she describes it in a beautiful way. In a Ranger's Arms is a sweet sexy story with an fantastic meaningful message, true love will conquer all.
In a Ranger's Arms is the perfect story for those who like to read small town romance about hot strong men and capable women. If you're a fan of stories about soul mates you will definitely like this book.
About Donna Michaels
It’s all my mother’s fault. She read to me when I was little and sparked my imagination. Now, my mind is the limit, and believe me, there’s no limit to my mind. Hello, I’m Donna Michaels, NYT & USA Today Bestselling Award winning author of Romaginative fiction. I write romance through the H’s—Hot, Humorous, Heartwarming reads with strong alpha cowboys and military men who are equally matched by their heroines. With a husband in the military fulltime, and a household of nine, and several rescued cats, I never run out of material. From short to epic, my books entertain readers across a variety of sub-genres, and one has even been hand drawn into a Japanese Translation.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Seven Paperbacks & One Signed Book Giveaway

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Book Reviews & Giveaway - Falling for the Girl Next Door & Ten Things Sloane Hates About Tru by Tera Lynn Childs

Book reviews
Amazon USA Amazon UK Goodreads
Review by Suze
Sloane has made a mistake and the result is that she and her mother moved from New York to Texas. She and her mother left her brother and father behind. Her parents wanted Sloane to be away from every bad influence in her life. Now she has to start her senior year at a new school. NextGen Academy focuses on art and that's exactly what Sloane should enjoy, but she misses New York and hates not being able to see her best friend. Her parents have given her a long list of rules and she needs to follow them to be allowed to move back. One of the things they want her to do is stay away from her neighbor Tru, he's supposed to be trouble and that's exactly what Sloane can't use. Is he really bad news or is he not as bad as Sloane's been told he is?
Then Things Sloane Hates About Tru is a great creative story. I loved that the main topic is art. Sloane and Tru are both incredibly talented and I enjoyed reading about their alternative school, their projects and their discussions about their favorite topic. Tera Lynn Childs describes their work and their dreams in a colorful and vivid way. It was easy to picture both of her main characters. Sloane and Tru are gifted, but they also have their flaws, which makes them appealing. They're fun and adventurous and I loved how passionate they are when it comes to creating. They aren't mainstream and I liked that a lot.
Tera Lynn Childs writes about two characters who don't have it easy at home. She describes their problems in an honest and sensitive way and her story has a good amount of depth. The ending made me curious to read more. Sloane and Tru are a fascinating couple and they're really sweet together. I like the idea of spreading their story over more than one novel, as I think they have plenty of interesting layers. Ten Things Sloane Hates About Tru is about friendship, living and relationships combined with a lot of incredible art. There's a bit of mystery involved as well, which gives the story a nice angle. I enjoyed reading this book very much. 
Amazon USA Amazon UK Goodreads B&N iTunes Kobo Amazon Ca Entangled
Review by Suze
Sloane grew up in New York and the unexpected has happened, she actually feels at home in her new hometown in Texas. She likes NextGen Academy and loves the projects she's doing there. She has found some great friends at school and the vegetarian food Austin has to offer is amazing. Another thing she loves about her new home is Tru. She's fallen for the boy next door. The only thing she doesn't like about her new start is the fact that she has to miss her father and brother. To reunite the family Sloane has a perfect plan. She's going to organize the best Christmas ever to convince her father to move in with her and her mother. She's told him about her perfect boyfriend and wants to show him she has changed, but is Tru ready to play this part and will Sloane's Christmas actually be as wonderful as she hopes?
Falling for the Girl Next Door is another fabulous story about Sloane and Tru. Tru is struggling and needs Sloane more than he thinks. My heart ached for him. I like that Tera Lynn Childs writes about serious topics that happen to a lot of teenagers in an empathic way without sugarcoating anything. I think that's quite an achievement and it's what I love the most about this series. There are so many emotions that can be picked up by reading between the lines. I admire that about her writing. Tru is still a kindhearted and caring guy, but he's also having problems that are spiraling out of control until he can't deal with them on his own any longer. He's growing up quickly and he's facing his issues head-on, which is something I respected. Sloane is still not ready to share her biggest secret, but someone's trying to force her to go public. She learns a lot about herself and is slowly becoming a complete and mature person. I enjoyed witnessing that process as well.
Falling for the Girl Next Door has a sweet romantic aspect, but it also has a darker side. Those two opposites are perfectly balanced and Tera Lynn Childs writes about both the good and the bad things that are happening to her main characters in an equally captivating way. Her stories are interesting and versatile. I love this series and like the way all the stories are connected. It's an interesting project by different authors and I highly recommend it.
Falling for the Girl Next Door is the fifth book in the Creative HeArts series. Several authors have contributed to it and most of the stories can be read as standalones. I haven't read the books in the correct order and that isn't a problem at all. There's one exception Ten Things Sloane Hates About Tru should be read before Falling for the Girl Next Door. They're both an essential part of Sloane and Tru's story.

About Tera Lynn Childs

Tera Lynn Childs is the RITA-award-winning young adult author of the mythology-based Oh. My. Gods. series, the Forgive My Fins mermaid romance series, the kick-butt monster-hunting Sweet Venom trilogy, and the Darkly Fae series. She also writes the City Chicks sweet chick lit romance series and is co-writing the Hero Agenda series with Tracy Deebs. Tera lives nowhere in particular and spends her time writing wherever she can find a comfy chair and a steady stream of caffeinated beverages.


One very lucky winner will receive a set of paperback copies of Ten Things Sloane Hates About Tru and Falling for the Girl Next Door.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Manifesting Destiny by M. Pepper Langlinais - Book Review & Interview

Amazon USA Amazon UK

Review by Anniek

Cee only knows the small town she grew up in. Everyone belongs to a clan outside of this town, but they stay with their foster parents until their transformation. During this Relinquishing they'll morph into the animal of their clan and then they will live with their people, leaving their friends and the only life they've ever known behind. Their change is supposed to happen somewhere around their 18th birthday. Some clans are more feared than others and some are even extinct. If they don't change they'll stay in the village and will be getting a job and/or become a foster parent.

Cee has a secret crush on her best friend Marcus. Marcus is gay, so the chance of him loving her back on a romantic level is not in the cards. Cee is dreading the day that she and Marcus will change because the chances of them belonging to the same clan are minimal. This means that they'll probably never see each other again. When Marcus has a school assignment with a boy named Rand, Cee and Rand's best friend Guin also join their newfound friendship. All of them discover that they have unique and exceptional gifts. The Draconas are claimed to be extinct, but when Cee finds out that she's sharing her body with a dragon named Livian she has to make a decision about what to do. Being the only one means that Cee doesn't have a clan to fall back on, so she and her friends go on a journey to the Magi to see if Livian can be removed from her body.

During their journey Cee starts to question herself. She grows attached to Livian, even if he's not always the nicest dragon. I felt sorry for Cee to be in love with someone who will never return her feelings. Living in a small town kept her a bit naïve and it was fascinating to read about the way she deals with her struggles and how she's growing as a person. Cee is kind and honest towards her friends, but she's also confident and sure of what she's feeling. She is open minded towards Livian and towards what is happening in her body. The internal dialogue Cee has with Livian was fascinating to read. I found myself wishing for her to find a solution that would work for both her and Livian.

Manifesting Destiny is a fantastic story about a new and interesting world. I loved the idea of a young girl who has a dragon living inside of her. The fact that she is the only one made the story even more exciting. I liked the interactions between the teens very much. While they are changing and are belonging to different clans they are still determined to keep their friendship intact. They are all struggling with their own issues and the vivid writing about them makes them believable characters. I had no troubles at all to connect to their personalities and the story itself. M. Pepper Langlinais writes about a world that grabbed my attention straight away and she manages to keep the story interesting and intriguing until the very end.


Manifesting Destiny is the perfect book for readers who love enchanting stories about dragons, magical clans and a beautifully created journey full of mystery.

About M. Pepper Langlinais

M. Pepper Langlinais is an award-winning screenwriter whose short script St. Peter in Chains won the Table Read My Screenplay in 2013. Her play “Warm Bodies” has been produced both on stage and as the short film Adverse Possession by Lavender/Hassan Productions, and her Sherlock Holmes stories have been bestsellers on Amazon.

M earned an undergraduate in Radio-Television-Film from the University of Texas at Austin, with an emphasis on critical media studies and screenwriting, and a Master of Arts in Writing, Literature and Publishing from Emerson College. M was also a participant in the Shakespeare at Winedale program. She has worked on film sets and for major publishing houses. She now devotes her full time to writing.

Find out more at



1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Well, I was born and raised in Texas, but most of my family is in Southern Louisiana, so I grew up steeped in French Creole culture (and food!). I also grew up speaking both English and Cajun French. I'm an only child and taught myself to read and write when I was three. I earned my undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin, and while there interned on the set of the movie "Hope Floats" starring Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr. Then I moved to Boston to get my graduate degree at Emerson College. I didn't love the cold, but I met and married my husband, got publishing jobs, and ended up living in Massachusetts for 12 years. When I could no longer stand the snow, we moved to California. We've lived in the San Francisco area a little over four years now--me, my husband, our three kids, a hamster, and two cats.

2. You're a fan of Shakespeare. What's your favorite story/poem written by him and why?

"Hamlet." It feels like such a cliché answer, but it's so damn quotable. I've acted in and taught "Hamlet" more than any other of Shakespeare's works, and so I just feel bonded to it.

3. You have written Sherlock Holmes stories. If you could pick one quest to go on yourself. Which one would you chose?

You mean one Sherlock Holmes story to participate in? Are we talking just the Doyle stories, or any Sherlock Holmes story? Michael Dibdin wrote a great book called "The Last Sherlock Holmes Story" about Holmes and Jack the Ripper, and Robert Lee Hall wrote another interesting one called "Exit Sherlock Holmes"--I'd like to have assisted in either of those. But it we're talking canon, then I'd maybe want to be involved in "The Dancing Men." I always like having to break codes.

4. If you had a crystal ball. What would you like to see in it?

Me living in a nice house in the English countryside. I'd love to settle and write there someday.

5. You have worked on film sets. If you could choose any movie or TV-series to work on, which one will that be and why?

I'd be curious to see how things roll on the "Sherlock" set. UK filming is a bit different from the way things run in the US, and I'd like to experience those differences.

6. Could you name some of your favorite writers?

I go through cycles. I had a time when I devoured all of Michael Crichton's books, then Dean Koontz, Anne Rice, Neil Gaiman . . . Lately I've enjoyed Ben Aaronovitch, Tana French, Alison Weir, and Kate Morton.

7. What do you like to do when you're not writing or reading?

I like to take walks while listening to podcasts. In the right season, I like to swim laps at the pool. When I'm stuck on something I'm writing, I pull out a puzzle or a LEGO project to work on. I find focusing on something like that allows my subconscious to work out the kinks in the story.

8. Do you have a favorite reading spot?

Outside on my chaise when it's warm enough. I have a little couch in my office, too, that's under the window and gets a nice sunbeam to sit in every mid-morning. I think I'm part cat because I always want to be in a sunbeam.

9. If you wouldn't have become a writer which profession would you be doing right now?

I might still be an editor, working on other people's books. When I was younger I thought for sure I was either going to be a magazine editor or a film director. Writing didn't really occur to me. I'd still maybe like to work in the film industry in some capacity. Ah, well. Can't do everything.

10. What can we expect from you in the future?

Right now I'm working on the sequel to "Manifesting Destiny"--the second book will be called "The Great Divide." I'm also finishing up a Regency romance, and I'd like to go back to my updated version of "Hamlet" and also write more Sherlock Holmes stories. Plus, I've had requests for more Peter Stoller books. And I'm working with a director on one of my screenplays. I've got quite the list of projects!

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Christmas at Lilac Cottage by Holly Martin

Amazon USA Amazon UK Goodreads
Review by Tanya

Penny is lonely and wants company in the evening. She lives on her own in a lilac cottage that is overlooking White Cliff Bay. She has only ever had one relationship with a man, which ended in extremely sad circumstances. Therefore Penny arranges to rent her annexe out to two tenants, who she thinks are a couple. She hopes to make friends with them. Henry and Daisy Travis aren’t quite what she is expecting though, as she finds out after spending the evening getting to know Henry. There is an immediate attraction between Henry and Penny, which is rather a shock to Penny and one she is not willing to act on as he is married!

Penny is a character you immediately warm to. You can tell why she is so popular in the town. She treats everyone as equals and believes in justice, although some of the locals do not treat her kindly in return, so it is great to see Henry's sticking up for her. Penny has a fascinating job, she's an ice carver and the pieces that she and other carvers in the story make sound amazing, especially the Hogwarts sculpture. Penny's background story is sad and part of it I can relate to, which made her even more of a special character for me. She is extremely sensible and has a big heart. She is a person that deserves to be loved and kept safe.

Henry has a background with his daughter that is to be admired and after the initial grumpiness you warm to him. He stands up for what is right and is very protective, overprotective sometimes, of his daughter. I did worry at one point that he may make a bad judgment error when his boss makes advances on him and threatens him with his job. He seems to attract the attention of women wherever he goes, but he has never really wanted a proper relationship with any of them as his daughter always comes first.
White Cliff Bay is one of those towns where everyone seems to know everyone and therefore it is hard to keep secrets. It has a community spirit that is to be appreciated. This especially shows when snow may jeopardise the annual Christmas Eve Ball. There are some lovely characters that would be interesting to meet again. Besides a fantastic setting Christmas at Lilac Cottage has humour, romance, the Christmas spirit, adventure, sorrow, beautiful ice sculptures and more humour. It is a great read for this time of year, as it will get you in the right Christmas mood. I recommend you get yourself a nice hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, a mince pie and a copy of this great book.
Christmas at Lilac Cottage is a heartwarming Christmas story that is perfect for those who love funny and festive small town romances.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Book Review - My Rogue, My Ruin by Amalie Howard & Angie Morgan

Amazon USA Amazon UK Goodreads
Review by Suze
Briannon's father is a lord, which means that impeccable behavior is the most important thing there is according to her family. However, she likes to ride in breeches and she knows how to handle a gun. When on the way home her family's carriage is being held up by a thief who wants to have their valuables she's defiant rather than scared. Somehow this robber interests her far more than he should. Who is this mysterious man and why does she feel so attracted to this stranger?
Archer's father is a duke and even though as a marquess he is the man a lot of women want to marry he doesn't like the required behavior and haughtiness that come with his status. Instead he wants to give money to those who are poor or ill. Unfortunately the duke manages to empty the coffers faster than Archer can fill them. That's why Archer is looking for other means to help the people who need it. Everything is going perfectly well until he meets his neighbor Briannon. She once was a little girl, but now she's a defiant grown woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind. She might discover his secret and that is exactly what Archer wants to prevent. When Archer's once so noble system starts to unravel he needs Briannon more than he could have ever imagined.
My Rogue, My Ruin is a fun and gripping novel about two fascinating members of the ton. Briannon is strong, capable and brave. I loved her fiery personality. She can stand up for herself, she isn't afraid to take risks to get what she wants and she's willing to put herself in danger for the people she loves. She has a lot in common with Archer. They're both stubborn and adventurous and they don't want to lead the life that's being expected of them, because they both think it's boring. Archer is brooding and aloof, but hidden underneath his arrogant exterior there's a good heart and warm personality. I loved these contrasts in his character. They lead to interesting situations and his meetings with Briannon are always exciting and unexpected. They're a wonderful fictional couple with amazing chemistry and I really enjoyed reading about them.
My Rogue, My Ruin has it all, there are scandals, forbidden rendezvous, a fabulous fierce heroine and swoon worthy hero, dazzling balls with beautiful dances, gorgeous clothes, illegal activities, sparkling jewelry, terrible accidents and delightful intrigues. Amalie Howard and Angie Morgan have a vivid writing style that brings their story to life extremely well. I loved their unexpected twists and turns and their fabulous way to describe intricate plots and mysteries. I also liked the way they managed to surprise me over and over again and loved every single page of this novel. My Rogue, My Ruin is a wonderful, sparkling and captivating story.
My Rogue, My Ruin is the perfect novel for those who like sexy historical fiction about members of the nobility.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Phoebe Smith's Private Blog by Lynda Renham - Book Review & Interview

Book review

Amazon USA Amazon UK Goodreads

Review by Tanya

Phoebe is going having a tough time after her boyfriend and work colleague, Ashby, finished with her before Christmas. That's why in the New Year she decides to set up a Private Blog. On the blog she writes about her efforts to find a boyfriend/partner/someone to accompany her to a Celebratory ball, which is being held by Lynworths department store, where she works. She also records her thoughts, feelings and outings with her friends and family, as well as the neighbour. Her best friends, Imogen and Mak, also work for Lymworths and are there to support her all the way. Phoebe is determined to dislike her neighbour Harry Bloom because his dad's company, Bloom Properties, is trying to buy the building she lives in, so that he can renovate the flats and increase the rent.

Phoebe is very opinionated and open in her blog posts, which is amusing as well as cringe worthy. She really does have some disastrous dates, which are great to read about. I was glad those things were happening to someone else. She even resorts to hiring a date for an engagement party, because she doesn’t want to be the only single one. Unfortunately her problems aren't only related to finding a many she likes, she also has to put up with sexual harassment in the work place, which was really hard to read about without wanting to shout at the man in question. Another thing Phoebe writes about is her diet, she is always starting her healthy eating tomorrow, a topic I think a lot of women can relate to.

Harry, what can I say except open your eyes Phoebe, is gorgeous, kind, caring and generous. I kept wanting to tell her, don’t prejudge him and take what you read on Google as gospel. Listen to your friends instead, they are trying to give you good advice. The amazing fizz they have between them has got to be a sign of something. Phoebe Smith's Private Blog is a book that constantly made me want to jump into the story to tell Phoebe exactly what I thought. I love it when an author manages to create something that has such a strong effect on me.

Of course the ideas for the blog and finding a boyfriend don’t always go according to plan, but Phoebe and her friends show themselves to be a tight-knit group that generously allows other deserving members in. Phoebe also has a flare for fashion and a love for designer or fake designer clothes. I loved Lynda Renham's vivid descriptions of her personality. Phoebe Smith's Private Blog is a good easy read that will have you giggling in all the right places.
Phoebe Smith's Private Blog is the perfect book for readers who love humoristic romantic stories.
About Lynda Renham
Lynda Renham has been writing for as long as she can remember and had her first work published in a magazine at age nine and has continued writing in various forms since. She has had several poems published as well as articles in numerous magazines and newspapers. Recently she has taken part in radio discussions on the BBC.

She has studied literature and creative writing and has a blog on her web page:

Lynda lives with her second husband and cat in Oxfordshire, England. She is Associate Editor for the online magazine The Scavenger and contributor to many others. When not writing Lynda can usually be found wasting her time on Facebook.

1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself? 

I’m a writer of romantic comedy. I live in Oxfordshire with my husband and one cat named Bendy. His real name is Bendrix named after a character in a Graham Green novel. I’m slightly eccentric and scatty. I spend much of my day looking for my glasses in between eating and trying to write novels.

2. You also write under the name Amy Perfect. Why did you choose to write A Christmas Romance under a different name?

A Christmas Romance is the first book in the Little Perran romance series. The other two are A Village Romance which is currently free on Amazon and A Summer Romance. I chose to write them under a different name because the genre is slightly different. They are romance novels and although there is a little humour in them it is not as much as the romantic comedies.

3. What does your perfect Christmas look like?

Mostly peace and relaxation with my husband and cat. Christmas Day is often just the two of us. The lead up is very busy however with lots of village festivities going on. We also have a annual Christmas evening at our house. Boxing Day is usually spent with close family and later in the Christmas week we get together with extended family.

4. Perfect Weddings is one of your most successful books. Could you tell us about your own wedding?

We had a humanist wedding in our back garden. A humanist celebrant conducted it. We chose to have a hand fasting which is the tying together of the hands with different ribbons. We then followed it with a reception on the village green where we live and food in the local pub.

5. You've written The Confessions of a Chocoholic, which is a collection of short stories about your mad life. What's the craziest thing about your life?

I am the craziest thing about my life. Every day something mad happens. The stories in ‘Chocoholic’ are only a few. There are tons I haven’t told.

6. If you could choose a superpower which would you choose?

To make people see everyone as their equal no matter what race, religion, creed, sexuality. Everyone would see everyone the same.
7. What's your superpower in real life?

Determination. I never give up.

8. Could you name some of your own favourite writers?

Iris Murdoch, Virginia Woolf, The Brontes. I don’t have any favourite modern writers aside from Richard Curtis.

 10. Can you tell us about the most romantic thing that ever happened to you?

My husband telling me he was taking me for an Italian meal on my birthday. He just failed to mention it would be in Rome. He kept the secret right up until the day before. I’d always wanted to go to Rome.
11. What does romance mean to you?

Doing things that mean the most to your partner. Not flowers and chocolates but more bringing out the best in the one you love. Helping them to achieve their dreams.

12. What can we expect from you in the future?

Something very different, I hope.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Christmas at the Comfort Food Café by Debbie Johnson - Book Review & Giveaway

Amazon USA Amazon UK Goodreads

Review by Tanya

Becca Fletcher is the original party girl who does not want to be tied down by or rely upon a man. Something that happened to her as a teenager has led her to hate Christmas and anything relating to it, so she is not looking forward to spending her Christmas with her sister, Laura, and her two children in Dorset. Whilst there she meets the charming Irish surfer Sam, who likes to appreciate women. There are immediate sparks between the two, but will Becca allow it to go further than a little fling? Will Christmas grow on her and does the warmth of the Comfort Food Café and the people who eat and drink there make a difference in her perception of the holiday?

Christmas at the Comfort Food Café flashes back to what happened to Becca when she was younger. It reveals what has led her to hate Christmas and not want a relationship with others. It also demonstrates how she is caring and puts her sister and her family first by the catalyst for her change in attitude towards alcohol, cigarettes and one night stands. I found myself worried that she may fall off the wagon and wanted her to open up to her sister and tell her all about her past and then to be wrapped in great big hug, which is exactly what the healing quality of the Comfort Food Café and its customers is like.

Some of the characters from the first book, Summer at the Comfort Food Café, make another appearance. I loved reading about the continued new relationship for Laura, which led to the family staying in Dorset after only going there for the summer to try to build some confidence after the death of her childhood sweetheart and husband. The story shows how the children have changed and how the café got hold of them all. Of course you also have the spectacular wedding of the café owner, Cherie, and one of her long term customers, and farmer, Frank which of course may not go as planned!

The characters, as always in Debbie Johnson's books, are colourful and fantastically described, so that you feel like they are your friends. Also, the food sounded amazing and I like the fact that some recipes are included at the back of the book. Debbie Johnson will have you laughing out loud with the characters and at the same time feeling for them and the situations that they find themselves in. If this is the first book by Debbie Johnson you read it certainly won’t be the last.
This is the second book set at the Comfort Food Café in Dorset and is a great follow up to Summer at The Comfort Food Café, although can still easily be read as a standalone.
One very lucky reader of With Love for Books will receive a paperback copy of Christmas at the Comfort Food Café.
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Finding Sarah by Wendy Lou Jones - Book Review & Giveaway

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Review by Tanya

Sarah finds herself having to move house and start her life all over again in a small cottage in Lower Nutton after a stressful divorce from her husband, David, of 21 years. She has not got experience of working as she married young and was a stay at home mum to their two boys, Justin and Ben. Later she kept the house for her husband and there was no need for her to work. The move is hard and she is lucky when she starts a new job as a personal assistant to Maggie. Sarah’s turmoil deos not end there as there is the attraction between her and the vicar, Nick, who ideally would not be involved with a divorced woman. Other events are against their relationship and you wonder if she will ever be really happy.

I enjoyed seeing how Sarah became stronger and more confident through the book, however at times I desperately wanted to say to put herself first. I could not believe how amazing she was towards her ex husband when he needed her help, I do not think I could be so thoughtful and let it affect my new relationship.

Nick is the dreamy vicar of the village and is subject to lots of gossip from the villagers, especially as he has never been seen with a woman. How will the villagers react if he is involved with a divorced woman? Can he really give his heart to someone and forget his past?

One of my favourite characters of Finding Sarah was Maggie, she was a light relief in the book and her sense of humour often had me smiling. I found that the fact that she is disabled very interesting to me and it’s wonderful that there is such a positive disabled person in a book. She always seemed to know what was happening in the village and interferes to make sure that Sarah can become happy.

I highly recommend you to read Finding Sarah, as it is a book that will have you smiling and thinking while being infuriated with some of the characters as well. This is a great mix that will have you wanting to read to the end fast to see if what you want to happen actually happens. I am looking forward to reading the next book set in Nut Hill, it's a great series.
About Wendy Lou Jones
Wendy was born and raised in the south of England. She was a practising doctor for several years after graduation until she stopped work to look after her family. Writing in her evenings and spare time after her youngest son started school, Wendy discovered a passion for romance and when asked why she wanted to take up the pen instead of the trusty stethoscope, she said it had, quite literally, begun with a dream.         

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Book Review - Home for Winter by Rebecca Boxall

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Review by Suze
Serena and Luna are identical twins, but while they look exactly alike their characters couldn't be more different. Serena is kind and thoughtful and Luna is difficult and sometimes incredibly mean. She's selfish and she manages to hurt her sister plenty of times. Eventually she betrays her in a way that breaks Serena's heart.
Serena's boyfriend Will is a vicar. They move to a rural village to start over. There they open their house for those who need it. Finally their days are filled with company and sometimes happiness again and they can start to heal. They need to find their place in the village, there's a whole new way of life they have to get used to, and an alleged curse on the house is keeping Serena busy. When Serena and Will finally feel like they can breathe a little again Luna disrupts their lives once more. Will Serena be able to overcome yet another hurdle or will her sister be able to destroy her this time?
Home for Winter is a wonderful original story. I immediately loved Serena, she's calm, levelheaded and she's kind and caring. She opens her home for two people who need a place to stay and deserve a second chance to find happiness. While what Serena has been through is awful she's still there for others and I loved that about her character. Fortunately she's found a warmhearted man to share her life with. Will is always there to support her. She needs an ally, someone who always has her back and that's what their relationship provides. They're obviously made for each other and I enjoyed reading about their daily life.
Luna is unstable and she doesn't care about the damage she causes, she does whatever she likes. She doesn't want Serena to have anything she doesn't have. I often felt bad for Serena and it broke my heart to see what Luna did to her. Fortunately Serena is strong and she can deal with a lot. Rebecca Boxall alternates Serena's life in the present with a chronological account of what happened to her before she moved to the countryside. Luna is always an uncertain factor, she's someone who disrupts and destroys. That makes the story interesting and it kept me on the edge of my seat. I knew something big was about to happen, but I had no idea what it would be. I love stories about sisters and Home for Winter is definitely interesting enough to make it a really good one.
Rebecca Boxall writes about life in a parish and she does this in a way that makes her story great for both readers who are and aren't religious. I enjoyed reading about the visitors of the house, the inhabitants of the village and their annual events and the countryside way of life. Rebecca Boxall's descriptions are vivid and thorough. I could almost taste, hear, feel and smell everything she writes about and that's what I loved most about this book. I enjoyed reading this fantastic winter story very much.
This book is perfect for readers who like surprising countryside stories about sisters with an unusual relationship.

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Book Review - My Fair Assassin by C.J. Anaya

Amazon USA Amazon UK
 Review by Anniek

Crysta went from foster to foster home ever since she was very young. She had to deal with a lot after she was the sole survivor of a car accident that killed her parents. Crysta has pale white hair, bright blue eyes and pointy ears. Every time she looks a boy or a man in the eyes they develop an unhealthy urge to claim Crysta as their own. This has resulted in numerous stalkers throughout the years and a lot of moving around. Crysta has tried incredibly hard to be normal, so that she would be adopted by a loving family, but unfortunately this never happened.

Crysta is now 17 years old and lives in an apartment with a roommate. She was fired and because of that she won't be able to pay her part of the rent. She has been homeless multiple times and is not looking forward to be out on the streets again. Crysta has a dream to become a prima ballerina. She has been taking dance lessons and her big audition is coming up. When she finds a man in her home, who has been sent to kill her, Crysta finds herself at a crossroads with this strange assassin. Sparks fly when they touch and Crysta's assassin is not so sure anymore that Crysta is just a human he was sent to kill.

Jareth is a Fae prince who was sent to earth to kill Crysta. She is supposed to be a huge threat to the Fae race. Jareth is a strong leader, extremely handsome and fiercely loyal. He is used to give out orders and is stunned when Crysta stands up to him. Crysta has been through so much in her young life. Instead of being a scared teenager Crysta is working hard to achieve her goals. She is confident, courageous and forgiving, she also makes good choices and is really mature for her age. Both Jareth and Crysta have tough personalities and are evenly matched. I liked the interaction between the two a lot.

My Fair Assassin is a unique love story with an interesting twist. It pulled me in from the beginning because of the interesting situation the main characters are in. They aren't on the same side and they come from diverse backgrounds. The dialogue between Jareth and Crysta made me laugh multiple times. They are different on so many levels and their interaction kept me glued to the pages.

C.J. Anaya wrote My Fair assassin for her niece who was struggling with her own self-esteem and self-worth. She wanted her to understand that the differences in her facial features are making her extra beautiful, distinct, and unique. I think this is a powerful message for everyone and C.J. Anaya definitely succeeds in getting her message across in this magical story. I'm look forward to reading about Jareth and Crysta's next journey.


If you like to read about Alpha men who are compassionate and loyal to their true love and you love a strong heroine then you'll definitely want to check out My Fair Assassin.
For readers who live in the US or the UK My Fair Assassin is currently free on Amazon.

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Eight Fabulous Books (One Signed) Giveaway

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Book Review - Race the Darkness by Abbie Roads

On sale now

Amazon USA Amazon UK Goodreads
Review by Suze
Xander was struck by lightning. It didn't only scar his face, it also gave him psychic abilities. He can hear people's thoughts. There's something else that changed since his accident and it's bothering him, he's hearing a voice in his head. There's a woman calling for help and he thinks he's going insane. Whenever she's there he wants to numb the screams as quickly as he can. He has no idea that the voice might actually be real.
Isleen has lived a large part of her life in captivity. She's being starved and tortured, but in her dreams she can escape. A brave and gorgeous man visits her and she feels loved and safe when she's in his arms. She's been told this man is real, but if that's actually true, why doesn't he come and rescue her? Isleen has to keep believing, but she's getting weaker every day. For how much longer can she keep going?
Race the Darkness is a beautiful story about two kindhearted people. Xander is a good man with a wonderful warm personality. He makes mistakes from time to time and he's brave enough to admit this. He's protective, he's fierce and he's strong. He uses his abilities working as a criminal consultant and he always manages to get the right information. He's pretty lonely and I kept hoping he would find someone to share his life with. Isleen is incredibly courageous and she is tough. Even though she's spent many years in a dark cell she keeps believing there will be something better for her. She's a young woman who's been through so much already, but the madness doesn't seem to stop. The moment Xander and Isleen finally meet is very special and it's a fantastic turning point in the story.
Abbie Roads has a vivid writing style that has an easy flow. I enjoyed reading about the psychic abilities of her main characters. They are facing great evil and they desperately need the advantages they have. Race the Darkness has many creative twists and turns. I loved being surprised by the story over and over again. It's interesting and dynamic with plenty of adrenaline rushes. I read this book in one sitting and I flew through the pages. Abbie Roads kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading her story. I loved this incredibly romantic and action-packed first part of the Fatal Dreams series and can't wait to read more.
If you love a good energetic, romantic and mysterious story about main characters with supernatural abilities you should definitely get yourself a copy of Race the Darkness.

Barnes and Noble:

They weren’t going to make it.

Not unless he suddenly sprouted blue tights and a red cape. The hope of escape morphed into despair and resignation and finally reckless pissed-off-ness. No fucking way was he going to die running. He stopped, turned, and faced the truck barreling toward them. The tires ate up the ground at an indecent rate. He clutched Isleen tighter to his chest. For her sake, he wanted it to be a quick death. No more lingering. No more pain.

That thought infuriated him. None of this was right. They shouldn’t be on the verge of death. Again.

The truck kept coming—now twenty-five feet away.

Everything slowed, happening as if through the quicksand of time. A white dandelion floaty meandered on the breeze directly between them and the truck. His heart no longer ran a staccato rhythm. Duh…dum. Pause. Duh…dum. Pause.

His life didn’t flash before his eyes. The future did. Isleen’s future. In an ethereal dream beyond time, her skin was gilded by firelight, her eyes devoid of sadness and fear, her body whole and healthy. She smiled, an expression so full of warmth and tenderness and undiluted joy that it plunked itself down inside his heart and wouldn’t leave.

He ached to create that kind of smile on her face, but their lives were over. It all could’ve gone so differently if he’d only listened to her, believed in her, found her years before now.

The air changed, displaced by the truck only a few feet from them. Heat from the engine blasted his face, smelling of burning oil, gasoline, and a scent reminiscent of popped corn. He locked eyes with the bitch behind the wheel. Her pudgy lips ripped back over her teeth in a snarling scream.

Xander knew anger—his best friends were fury and rage—but the look on the bitch’s face went beyond mere anger all the way to unholy.

The truck imploded.

The sound was supersonic, a resonation that rippled through his skin and muscle to rattle his bones and shake the earth underneath his feet. Metal and glass and fire shot outward, skyward, backward, in a near-perfect arc of destruction. Flaming debris rained around them.

He stood there holding Isleen, watching it happen, not believing the message his eyes sent to his brain.

“What the…?” The last of the truck parts hit the ground. The pieces burned. That’s all that was left—pieces. Nothing touched them, like they resided under an invisible dome of protection.

He glanced down at Isleen for an answer, but she was unconscious, her head lolling so limply on

her neck that it looked as if he was carrying a corpse.