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Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Deadline by Jackie Kabler - Book Review & Giveaway

Book review

Review by Suze

Cora Baxter is a television reporter. She loves her job and many of her coworkers are close friends. That also goes for Sam, the producer of the show Cora presents. When Cora is at a murder scene for work she instantly recognizes the victim. The police found DNA and one of Cora's closest friends, Sam, is being arrested. Cora doesn't think Sam is capable of murder and has just got a short period, until Sam's trial, to prove Sam is innocent. She gets help from many people, but the trail is complicated and full of dead ends. Will Cora be able to prove her friend's innocence?

I loved The Dead Dog Day and couldn't wait to read the second Cora Baxter mystery. Jackie Kabler writes about the world of television in a terrific way. I really like the topic and she has great knowledge about her subject, which makes her stories wonderfully informative. This means they have a solid basis, which is always a good beginning. I love that Jackie Kabler writes about something she knows so well and shares her knowledge, while combining it with a creative and dramatic plotline.

Cora loves working as a reporter and she likes both the studio and the location work. She's a fabulous heroine. She appreciates life and knows how to have fun. She can stand up for herself and she's fierce, determined, strong and capable. She works hard to get to the bottom of things. What I love about her is that she stands by the people she loves. It's an admirable quality and seeing this part of her character even more clearly in the second book of the series makes Cora even more sympathetic. She's the perfect main character for mysterious stories, which results in imaginative gripping novels.

Jackie Kabler's writing has an easy flow. She's a good observer and clearly describes the looks, activities and personalities of her main characters. This allows the reader to get a lot of inside information. Cora uncovers plenty of fascinating secrets. There's grief, but there's also joy. Jackie Kabler never let her story become too dark. Her sense of humor brings some lightness and there were a few scenes that made me laugh out loud. The plot is interesting and amazingly strange and Jackie Kabler has a vivid imagination. I enjoyed reading The Deadline very much. I loved this unusual and fun book, it has the exact right setting, there's a thrilling plot and the main characters are intriguing.
About Jackie Kabler

Jackie Kabler worked as a newspaper reporter and then in television news for twenty years, including nearly a decade on GMTV. She later appeared on BBC and ITV News, presented a property show for Sky, hosted sports programmes on Setanta Sports News and worked as a media trainer for the Armed Forces. She is now a presenter on shopping channel QVC and has a three-book deal with Accent Press for her Cora Baxter Mysteries, a series of murder mysteries set in a television newsroom.

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  4. Great giveaway as always


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  7. It sounds like Jackie's brought her wealth of experience into play in her story!