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Monday, October 24, 2016

Haunted Halloween Tour: Regress by S.F. Benson - Book Review & Giveaway

October is the month of fears, and we're going on tour with some of our favorite authors to talk about what their main characters are afraid of. What keeps them up at night? What nightmare has them waking in a cold sweat? Each day, we'll feature a new main character and delve deep into their subconscious to see what they fear. And each day, you'll have a chance to enter to win some awesome prizes! Read on to find out what Tru Shephard from Regress is afraid of...

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Review by Suze

It's 2025, Tru is almost seventeen years old and she's afraid of her inoculation. Every citizen has to get this vaccine, but it's for a disease that's no longer there. It has a nasty side effect, it kills creativity. Tru doesn't want to lose an important part of her personality. When she meets Zared, the boy she used to like, her chances to avoid inoculation have grown considerably. Zared helps Tru, but can she trust him?

Zared wants to expose their corrupt government and he needs something from Tru to make this happen. She helps him, while she isn't sure what's going on exactly. Tru knows people are keeping secrets from her and she's about to find out how big the lies of the people who are supposed to love her really are. She can't fight her enemies by herself and she has to make some difficult choices. Without proper information it's hard to decide who she should follow. What will the consequences of Tru's decisions be?

  Regress is a fast-paced and gripping story set in the near future. The world has changed a lot. Tru is living in New Detroit, where science and technology are being used in mysterious ways. I liked S.F. Benson's world building. The political situation is being influenced by experiments and scientific research. It's interesting to see what such a nation will bring and how it is to grow up that way. I liked S.F. Benson's constant building of tension and I enjoy the way she works with the idea that a lot can change in a short period of time.

There are two narrators, Tru and Zared. I enjoyed reading the same story from different sides. Zared's chapters are shorter and they are very informative, Tru's are action packed and filled with drama and emotion. I loved this combination, it gives the story a good balance. I equally like Tru and Zared. They are both strong and resourceful. Love is what matters most to them and that makes them stand out. They have great chemistry and they look out for one another, which is sweet. They're fascinating main characters.

Regress is book one of The Alliance Chronicles. The ending made me crave more straight away. I loved this story and can't wait to find out what will happen to Tru and Zared.

About S.F. Benson

SF Benson, a Michigan native, resides in Georgia with her husband, a human daughter, and a couple of miniature fur kids (two female short-haired guinea pigs). At one time she wrangled a household which included three Samoyeds, saltwater fish, a hamster, and three guinea pigs.

SF has always wanted to be a writer, but she’s had a variety of positions ‘feeding’ her creative brain—blogger/reviewer, customer service representative, veterinary assistant, marketing assistant, editorial assistant, receptionist, and even cashier for women’s clothing and shoes.

She’s an avid bookworm who appreciates a well-written book regardless of genre. SF prefers to write stories which allow her to answer the question “what if”. She leans towards writing strong, diverse protagonists set in dystopian, science fiction, or paranormal worlds.



Guest post

My name is Tru Shepard, and my worst fear isn’t about monsters. It’s about losing my creativity, a part of my personality.

I’d left the warehouse district an hour ago. My shoes echoed on the deserted rain slicked sidewalk. The quiet night air was cold and smelled of moist dirt. Once again, I’d missed the train and had to walk home. Big mistake on my part. Sure, I had protection but it wouldn’t stop….

The familiar electronic hum approached from behind me. I was out in the open with no place to hide. Without any warning, the air above me filled with drones coming from every direction. I had no choice but to surrender. I knelt on the wet asphalt with my hands up.

The police dragged me into an unfamiliar, abandoned building. The walls and floors gleamed white. I gagged on the smell of fresh chlorine. My eyes stung from the intense, white lights. Fiery pain ripped through my arms. Smoke escaped my lips. So cold. My teeth chattered. My body kept shaking.

I lifted my head. A man in the trademark navy blue suit of the CHA stood in front of me. My insides quivered. A metallic voice announced I was a traitor and a danger to society. But it offered me a choice—immediate administration of the vaccine or death.

It didn’t matter. Either way killed a Creative.

Someone held a syringe filled with a golden liquid.

A flash of dark steel. The cold barrel of a gun pressed against my temple. If I chose me, my family would be heartbroken. If I…too late. Someone else made my choice. I didn’t get a say in the matter. A man pulled the trigger.

That’s my fear—losing my Creativity because of the New Order’s mandatory vaccine.

About Regress


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The United States has fallen. Creativity is banned. A government-mandated vaccine which totally blocks creativity. It’s 2025 and the country is run by a group of scientists and technologists.

Tru Shepard, a soon-to-be seventeen-year-old, wants to avoid the vaccine. Without self-expression, Tru would rather die.

Zared Aoki has his own secrets. He wants Tru’s help exposing the plans of a corrupt, domineering government. In exchange, he’ll help her avoid the vaccine.

Failure is not an option. Tru refuses to live a colorless, dull existence.

10 days.

That’s all the time Tru has.

Lies and secrets make up her world. Is she ready to learn the truth?


Win one of many fantastic prizes. Good luck!

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