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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Fabulous Freebie Book Review - Before Tomorrow by Pintip Dunn

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Review by Suze
When Logan receives his future memory he's surprised by the impact of the short fragment he's just seen. He will achieve his biggest dream, becoming a gold-star swimmer, but that isn't the part that makes him happy. It's watching the girl in his vision that matters the most. It's Callie, who's always been in his heart. Unfortunately Logan hasn't spoken to her in years. He never stopped noticing her though and maybe his future is showing him it's time to start talking to her again. She was his best friend and if she'll be in his future he needs to mend the rift he's caused.
Callie is in trouble. Logan has just found her again, but now he might lose her once more. Callie's future memory is dangerous and she's being punished for something that hasn't happened yet. Are future memories reliable and do they show their recipients the truth or is there more going on? Logan has to make a decision, will he focus on his swimming career or will he choose saving the girl he's always loved?
Before Tomorrow is a novella that shows a very important part of Forget Tomorrow through the eyes of Logan, while in Forget Tomorrow Pintip Dunn focuses on Callie. It was insightful and surprising to read the same scene from a different point of view. I instantly liked this novella. Pintip Dunn has chosen one of the most special scenes of her series to write about and it's fabulous that she's giving this precious moment to her readers once more, but in a completely different way.
Pintip Dunn's writing flows easily. She writes about an interesting world. I love the idea of future memories and her vision on time is fascinating. Her stories are creative, fast-paced and action-packed. I admire the adrenaline rushes intertwined with deep and unconditional love, it's a combination that works incredibly well. I highly recommend the Forget Tomorrow series and definitely enjoyed reading fantastic addition.

Before Tomorrow is a story that should be read as an addition to the two full-length Forget Tomorrow books. It's best to start with Callie's story before reading Before Tomorrow and Remember Yesterday.  

Logan never thought of himself as a stalker, but that’s precisely what he did the next day. Stalked Callie with his eyes throughout the Poetry Core. Hid behind a digital kiosk and spied on her as she dispensed her lunch from a Meal Assembler. And, after school let out, he followed her and her sister, Jessa, to a nearby park.

He sat on a wrought-iron bench and watched them. As always, she made him feel like he’d just swum a hundred-meter race. Her hair was long and wavy, dark with bits of gold that beckoned him like the lights at the end of the pool. Her skin was brown and smooth, her cheeks round and flushed. But it was her eyes that got him—that had always gotten him. Not so much their warm color or lovely shape, but their expression. She had this way of looking at him as if she really saw him. As if he really mattered.

She and Jessa stood under a tree, the colorful leaves falling around them. They tilted their faces to the sky, and Callie laughed. He could hardly hear the sound, but he didn’t need to. He’d heard it enough times at school. And no matter how many people were in the room, no matter how loud they were, he could always pick out Callie’s laugh.

A few words drifted by on the breeze. Color names. Red, orange, brown. Jessa must be calling out the color of the leaves before they fell. Interesting. He never knew the younger sister was psychic, but somehow, it didn’t surprise him.

Callie clasped her hands together. Even from a distance, he could tell she was trying not to fidget. She was probably nervous about getting her memory tomorrow. That’s why they’d always sat near each other in class—because their birthdays were two days apart. It was a blessing when they were friends—and pure torture when they weren’t. The phrase “do something” seemed to march around her like an endlessly repeating scroll of text. Do something. Do something. Do something.

But for the first time in five years, when he looked at her, he didn’t hear the words. He didn’t see Mikey being dragged away, his hands wrenched behind him in a pair of electro-cuffs. Instead, he saw her as she was in his memory. Sitting on the first row of the bleachers, meeting his eyes across the crowd. Mouthing those words, “My red leaf.”

Talk to her, he ordered himself, but his leaden feet refused to move. So much time had passed. She had every right to shoot him down. Any regular girl would.

But Callie wasn’t a regular girl. She was the girl who fell over in her chair because she was trying to see the sun. The girl in his memory who looked at him with acceptance. The girl who saw through the twisted depths of him—and liked him anyway.

And then, she and her sister turned and marched toward the bullet train station, their swinging arms synchronized.

Aw, fike. He lurched to his feet and trotted after them. “Calla, wait up,” he called, using her full name. It had been years since he’d said it, but the syllables sprung to his lips as naturally as if he’s said them every day. Every hour. And maybe, somewhere deep in his soul, he did. Because in that place, Callie never stopped being his friend


  1. Thanks for sharing this great review Suze :)

  2. I didn't realize that this was the alternate perspective to another book. So glad you shared that!

  3. I took a peek at the Amazon to read some of the reviews and not one of them is bad. I'm interested.

  4. My 13 year old LOVES this series.

  5. doesn't sound like my kind of book

  6. The plot is very similar to "Denton Little's Still Not Dead" by Lace Rubin, but in that case the people get to know their death date, in this case their future...I'm not into trilogies right now, but I'll remember about this series for when I'll be in the mood!

  7. It sounds like an intriguing series!


  8. I like that there is a book told from the perspective of each of the characters.

  9. I do like the dragonfly on the cover!

  10. I think i'll like that book,Thank's :)

  11. This book sounds great. Will have to check it out. Thanks for the awesome review.

  12. Thanks for the introduction to this book. The future memories are unique.

  13. Thanks for the introduction to this book. The future memories are unique.

  14. Thank you for the recommendation of this fast paced novella.