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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Connected by Kat Stiles - Book Review, Interview & Giveaway

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Review by Anniek

Emily, or Em, is a High school student. The night before the first day of school she's being hit by a car. While Em is lying on the asphalt, not able to move, the boys who ran her over leave her there. This traumatic event causes her special ability to activate. She wakes up the next morning without scratch on her. Due to pressuring of her best friend, Roz, and Roz's dad Em visits the new school nurse. Em is physically fine, but she feels different. She finds out that she's a healer. She cannot only heal herself but others as well. She can also feel the emotions of people. She can heal both physical wounds and mental problems.

Roz is Em's best friend. She is drop dead gorgeous with her smooth skin, beautiful hair and perfect figure. Roz is also one of the nicest people Em has ever known. She is friendly and always has a kind word for others. Roz isn't allowed to date yet, so she has to let plenty of boys down. She is being asked out every day on the school bus. Roz has been having dreams that are coming true. The dreams are becoming more scary and they're showing Roz how people are being murdered. Suddenly Em and Roz are facing a race against the clock to prevent these killings from happening.

Tommy and his family recently moved and he now is the new kid at school. He is a cute teenage boy who hates injustice. He has no tolerance at all for the bullies that walk the High school halls. Tommy is quick with his comments and this makes it very easy for him to overrule the nasty remarks that are being made. His senses are enhanced, which means he can hear and see from a far distance and he also has an incredibly developed sense of smell. He can recognize people by scent alone. His ability is handy to have since it makes eavesdropping on a possible killer quite a bit easier. Tommy stands up for what he believes in and has fallen in love with Em. He will do anything to keep her and Roz safe.

Connected is an amazing new series. The story has a natural flow that makes it easy to read. All of the main characters are strong in their own way. I liked it a lot that Em first was a bit insecure about herself and later evolved so much. Em got more confident and finds the strength to speak up for herself. Em, Roz and Tommy complete each other on a personal level and also as a group. Kat Stiles made Connected gripping because of the hunt for a psychic serial killer. I've always been fascinated by the possibility of having special abilities, so I love to read stories about this subject. Connected is a fast-paced read with interesting characters, great action and fascinating secrets. The ending is phenomenal and it made me curious to read the next book in this series. I honestly can't wait to get to know more about these powerful teenagers and look forward to reading their next adventure.

About Kat Stiles

I've been writing since grade school, but my primary focus for the past decade or so has been YA Paranormal fiction, because it's just so much fun. My first novel, Connected, is the story of three teens who discover they possess superhuman abilities and must work together to stop a telepathic serial killer. It's placed as a finalist in both the Wishing Shelf Awards and National Indie Excellence Award Contests.

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1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I love reading and of course writing. I was an English major in college but I do IT work for a living. Total movie geek. My favorite genres in both fiction and movies are comedy, horror and romance mixed with other genres. I like YA because it’s usually fun – I tend to shy away from the serious stuff. I’m a very emotional person. I cry every time I watch Inside Out with my kids, when Bing Bong dies. And I can’t read the Velveteen Rabbit aloud - I’ve tried several times.

2. I love the look of your website. Did you create it yourself?

Yes, I did most of the work on it. As I’m in IT, I can do basic HTML and I’m not afraid of the WordPress GUI, but I did outsource some of the customization.

3. In Connected the three main characters have special abilities. If you could choose to have a ability yourself what would you choose and why?

I believe everyone has some sort of super power, just not as pronounced as what you see in fiction or the movies. Plus some powers are less useful than others – like my ability to make my hands sweat simply by thinking about it. J I guess I would probably choose healing if I had to decide, though teleportation would be a close second. As a Reiki healer I’ve had some experience with healing - though it’s certainly not to the extent of what Em can do, it’s been responsible for many of the positive changes in my life.

4. Can you describe Em, Roz and Tommy in six words each?

Em – empathic, kind, insecure, funny, emotional, brave

Roz – warm, friendly, extroverted, pretty, confident, supportive

Tommy – protective, insightful, resourceful, loyal, genuine, unfiltered

5. When you were younger you read lots of biographies of and about famous historical figures. Who is your favorite historical figure?

If I had to pick one, I would choose Marie Curie. She was so brilliant, and the work she did so important. I love reading stories about people who overcome difficult obstacles and achieve something great.

6. I share your taste in horror movies. If you could play a character in a horror movie who would you play and why?

I think Laurie Strode, because I’ve never had the pleasure of stabbing someone in the head with a knitting needle. Oh and the screaming, gotta love the screaming.

7. You have a pretty full household. What does a typical day look like for you?

I start out the day waking up entirely too early to get the 6 year old ready for 1st grade. Of course the 2 year old wakes up in the middle of that, so I feed him breakfast as well. Can’t forget about the animals – let the dogs out, feed the cats, let the dogs back in and feed them. Take my girl to school. I work remotely, so depending on the day I’ll work my main job, which consists of 3 12-hour shifts, or the second job, which is a consulting gig. Take a shower at some point, try to do some housework here and there. Husband picks up my daughter from school, and after I’m done with work I take the kids to the park. Oh and we eat a few times too. All things considered, I can’t complain – I like the small town I live in and although it can be challenging to get everything done, my life is pretty awesome. I remember to have fun most days.

8. I read that writing always came easy for you. Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

The first thing would be to finish writing the book. So many writers have 20 half written books - it’s like they get bored and move on. An outline helps keep up the motivation if you suffer from this. After the book is done, edit, edit, and then edit some more. Read at least two or three books on writing / editing to know what to fix. Look at common word counts and don’t believe that your book is the exception, if you ever want to get it published. Learn to take constructive criticism – it will help make your novel stronger. And be patient. All of it takes an enormous amount of time, if you get published the traditional way. Once you’re published (traditional or self-published), then the real work begins – marketing. Unless one of the top 5 publishers picks you up, this is what you’ll have to learn and master to have any hope of selling your book.

9. If you could be a super hero who would you choose to be and (of course) why?

Rogue is one of my favorite super heroes because she can have any power she wants, really. I’d never be bored with my power. Love to see Rogue as a villain again, but this time a super villain in her own right – her power is so well suited for it.

10. What can we expect from you in the future?

Book 2 of Connected, I’m almost done with it. Also I’m working on an adult version of similar powers in a different storyline. Hoping to collaborate with an illustrator on it, to give it a more comic book feel. Should be fun.


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  1. I cry when Bing Bong dies, too!

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    1. Thank you! Yes, super powers are so cool. I particularly love empathy because as a writer, it allowed me to expose the feelings of the other characters without violating the scope of first person.

  3. Replies
    1. Agreed! I love writing about multiple characters with powers, building a universe. I'm a huge fan of Heroes and hope to see more shows and books along those lines. Book 2 of my series exposes more powers I only hinted at in book 1 with some of the supporting characters.

  4. Thanks Anniek for posting such an awesome review and taking the time to interview me! And good luck to all the giveaway entrants. :)

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  17. Thanks everyone for all the kind comments! I really appreciate the support, as an indie author it's great to see such interaction on a review and giveaway. Good luck everyone! :)