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Monday, October 10, 2016

Book Review - Wicked Highland Wishes by Julie Johnstone

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Review by Anniek

Bridgette Maclean is living with the MacLeod clan. Her best friend Marion is married to the Laird Iain. Bridgette wants to be seen as an equal to men, but this isn't very common. She is very good with a bow and arrow. Not many men will best her when it comes to accuracy. When the men are heading out to hunt a boar Bridgette wants to show them that she could be a valuable asset. During this hunt she is ambushed by a rivaling clan and it's Lachlan who saves her from getting hurt.

Lachlan MacLeod is used to getting what he wants and he never has any trouble with the ladies. He is also a feared warrior. On his mother's deathbed all of her sons made the vow to look after each other. Lachlan lives for his clan and will do anything in his power to protect what is his. After saving Bridgette they share a kiss. It's this kiss that rocks his world. Lachlan never thought that he would find the love of his life, but Bridgette is everything he's ever wanted. When his younger brother Graham confesses his love for Bridgette Lachlan has no choice but to take his distance.

Bridgette is a very independent and headstrong woman. Sometimes she makes rash decisions that get her in trouble. She has a strong need to prove herself to the men. When Bridgette's best friend Marion was kidnapped Graham almost died protecting Bridgette. Graham is still recovering from these injuries and made it clear to Bridgette that he will be asking her to marry him. Bridgette feels obligated to stay with Graham even though her heart belongs to Lachlan. Bridgette is incredibly strong. She went through something terrifying and horrific and she's still standing. Bridgette is a true heroine with a pure heart.

Lachlan is a born warrior. He trains very much to keep his body strong and healthy. He is a man of honor with strong believes and values who will always put his family first. He is a real hero. He stands for what he believes in and when Bridgette needs him the most he confesses his love for her. Lachlan has everything a man needs. He's Scottish, handsome, strong, kind and honorable. I completely fell in love with him at the beginning of the story and this feeling didn't change.

Wicked Highland Wishes is a story that I felt deep within my heart. It has everything that keeps a story interesting, beautiful men and women, betrayal, battles, jealousy and of course true love. Julie Johnstone kept me on the edge of my seat with all of her unexpected twists and turns. Wicked Highland Wishes shows how strong women can be when they are pushed to their limits. This story isn't a fast-paced read because of the Scottish language that's being used and it takes a few chapters to get used to this, but I love it and it's worth taking the time to get into it. Wicked Highland Wishes is a story with fascinating and powerfull main characters and a stunning setting. I really loved this emotional rollercoaster.


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely review! I'm honored!

  2. Ohhhh, I so love historical romances. Thank you for introducing a new author to me.

  3. I have a weakness for Scotland, so I'm intrigued!


  4. Whoa! Sounds like fascinating Scottish fiction. Thanks for sharing your review. :)

  5. I love Highland Historical Romance :)
    Lovely review Anniek :)

  6. After "Outlander" I'm reading everything I can find set in Scotland or on Highland clans, so thanks for sharing your opinions. I love stories with strong and indipendent female characters!

  7. It's nice when you as a reader can fall in love with the hero.

  8. This sounds like perfect escapism, thanks for the review!

  9. I can't wait to read this book.

  10. This sounds like a good historical fiction book.