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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Book Review - Show Me How by Molly McAdams

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Review by Suze
Charlie's childhood crush shattered her heart and she can't even confront him anymore. She's now freshly out of college and is ready to move into her own place together with her little boy Keith. The last thing she wants is to fall in love. She writes her deepest thoughts in a notebook instead. When Charlie's brother's best friend Deacon is angry with her Charlie has no idea why. As soon as he finds out the truth about her past, his feelings about her change. Only Deacon is the town's bad boy and he's slept with a lot of different women. Will Charlie be safe with him? And who is the person who keeps writing her back in her notebook? They clearly have a connection she wants to explore. Which future should she choose and which one will be the best for her little boy?
Show Me How is a complicated romantic story. Charlie's been hurt in the past. She was too young to understand true love and made a mistake. She doesn't regret her decisions though, because she got something amazing in return, her son Keith. Keith is a sweet kid and the way he speaks is endearing. Charlie loves him with all her heart and she's a kind and caring person. She wants to protect Keith and fortunately Deacon is the same. He's great with Keith and I enjoyed reading their conversations a lot, they're adorable. Deacon has strong emotions and sometimes he acts before he knows the entire story. I liked his impulsiveness and his ability to feel so deeply. He isn't kind at first, but there's a good guy below the bad image he has. I couldn't wait to find out what would happen between Charlie and Deacon. Especially since there's also Charlie's notebook and her growing attachment to the mysterious writer she likes so much. I loved this idea and was curious to see how the story would end. I couldn't turn the pages quickly enough.
Molly McAdams has written an interesting series with many great characters. She writes about a close group of friends and family. Their connections are often complex and that made reading about them moving as well as compelling. I really liked the way Molly McAdams writes about their emotions. She describes them through actions, dialogue and inner thoughts in a meaningful way that either made my heart ache or melt. I loved Show Me How, it's a fascinating small town love story with a lot of charming intrigues.


  1. I am not a very big romance reader and still less a fan of many covers featuring models in this genre. However, this book's cover struck me as really appealing. I think the image of the couple is tasteful and relatable, and I like the textual font and complement of colors. I hear good things about Molly McAdams's work in general. Maybe I could give this book a try. Thanks for your review. Cheers, Kara S

  2. Sounds like a really good romance. I'm interested. Thank you for the review.

  3. The characters do sound multifaceted!


  4. I very rarely read romance, but this book sounds interesting. Thank you for the review.

  5. Fabulous review! And I love the cover. So pretty!!

  6. I've started reading [contemporary] romance novels pretty recently, and I'm already tapering off. This book looks like it could provide a refreshing change of pace, with its complexities and "complicated-ness." :)
    Thank you for introducing me to this one!

  7. This book sounds amazing, it's already on my TBR. I love Molly McAdams books and can't wait to read this one. I'm sure I'll love it. Great review!

  8. I was immediately attracted to the front cover. Looks pretty. Thanks for sharing your review on this book!

  9. Young love is so complicated! This is a new author for me.

  10. Are there other books that go with this one?