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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Book Review - Green Tea Latte To Go by Aven Ellis

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 Review by Anniek

Today's plan to improve myself item:

Try out one of those Green Tea Lattes with coconut milk and raw honey.
Never heard of this drink but it sounds like something I would really love.

Payton lives in Seattle and has two blogs. One is a blog about the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, and the other one is about her own life. Payton wants everything to be perfect and she goes through great lengths to achieve this perfection. Payton also has a concierge job on the side to pay the bills, until she can fully live from her blogs. This means that people can hire her for everyday tasks. She's being contacted by Courtney to work for her. Courtney has a busy household, which includes a pig named Mr. Not Bacon.

Brooks is a vet. He can treat any animal, but he's specialized in exotic animals. He has been hurt in the past by a woman he really loved. She didn't understand the passion for his work and the weird hours Brooks sometimes has to make. Because of this Brooks mainly keeps to himself. He doesn't date and focusses solely on his job. Brooks meets Payton at the coffee shop when their drinks are switched by mistake. Brooks wasn't counting on seeing Payton again after that, but is pleasantly surprised when she comes to his clinic with Mr. Not Bacon.

Payton is hilarious. Her internal dialogue made me laugh out loud so many times. She is very passionate about her blogging and is trying to be a successful businesswoman. Payton doesn't have a lot of backup from her parents and sister. Her sister is as perfect as can be. Her family wants that for Payton as well. I was cheering for Payton when she found the strength to stand up for herself. I love it when people choose to do what makes them happy instead of what is expected of them.

Brooks is very supportive of Payton even though he has been burned by love in the past. He is a man I could fall in love with immediately. He is a vet specialized in exotic animals and he's very enthusiastic about his job. Brooks loves to take care of these animals. He's kind to others and is very considerate. He would definitely be a catch for any woman out there and I was wishing for him and Payton to end up together.

Aven Ellis must have had a blast doing research. I learned so much about pigs, rabbits and other animals. Because of the vivid descriptions I could easily picture the pigs and how cute they are. I loved the creative names Aven Ellis gave to the animals. Naming a pig Mr. Not Bacon is hilarious. Green Tea Latte To Go is a sweet love story which warmed my heart. Aven Ellis has written another brilliant story with memorable characters. I love that I truly feel her words. I laughed, cried and cried from laughing so hard. If you've never read a story by Aven Ellis, Green Tea Latte To Go would be great to start with. I was hooked from the very first lines.


  1. Sounds like a adorable and heartwarming read. Thank you, Anniek, for the review.

  2. I always enjoy books set in Seattle!


  3. This one sounds like a fun read... and I really REALLY like the title!

  4. I love the sound of this. The title is brilliant and so is Mr not bacon. I love it.

  5. I love books about Seattle and vets, adding to the TBR! Great review!

  6. Great review, I absolutely loved this book

  7. Fantastic review, for what looks to be a fantastic read! (My Amazon wish lists are getting *just a touch* out of hand... :p )

    This reminded me of a VERY delicious drink mix from Trader Joe's that I've had in my pantry for quite some time. I'll go fish it out... And, eek! It is match-a past its date of expiry, I'm afraid. (Time to stock up!)
    It's "Trader Joe's Matcha Latte-- with Pure Green and Matcha Teas." (I searched around for a bit, looking for newer versions of this product, and they appear to have a different Nutrition Facts: What I've got has 110cal, 0g fat, and 4g protein per serving.
    I used to drink this stuff all the time! with hot vanilla soymilk and honey.

    --> Anniek and Suze: While I imagine that you have plenty of access to similar (if not higher quality?) products, I'd be glad to send you a little care package of sorts. (I don't have all that
    much to do these days. Similarly, I've been thinking for a while of how I could create a small and open [but not "exclusive"] group of reliable and sweet people who might be interested in sending/receiving little care packages. The contents of said packages could even be free! I've got plenty of stuff laying around, and LOTS of books just sitting in boxes. ...Not sure how best to do this, though-- I'd happily coordinate things, but I don't have a blog. [Hmm... Mini-blog mini-idea?]) ...I'm quite aware that I've veered off-topic! But, I'm glad to have mentioned this, somewhere. If anyone has any ideas and/or interest, please feel free to let me know.

    Thank you, and With Love!

  8. Awesome review! Looks interesting. Will put it on my tbr list :)

  9. This sounds like a great character-driven novel, thanks for the review!

  10. Books with strong animal presence are a favorite of mine.

  11. I love the sound of this delightful humorous story.