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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Book Review - Absolution by Michelle Dennis & Giveaway


Book Review

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Review by Anniek

When Valentine found out that Abbie was pregnant with his baby he couldn't deal with this responsibility. He has been in a bad place ever since. Valentine misses Abbie very much, but he is used to his dark mind. He lived through a traumatic event when he was just a young boy and hasn't been the same since. He feels tremendously guilty about what happened and after many years he still hasn't been able to let this feeling go.

Abbie is devastated when she has to go back home to the safe haven of her family, pregnant and alone. She can't believe it when the guy who broke her heart, Valentine, returns to her to make things right. She never stopped loving Valentine and although she would have raised their baby on her own, she is relieved that Valentine wants to become a family. Abbie is such a sweetheart who is struggling with the hormonal and body changes that come with a pregnancy. When tragedy strikes a dear friend Abbie puts him first and is there for him.

Abbie and Valentine belong together. Valentine sees Abbie as his angel. She is his light and his sun. Valentine is sometimes struck by Abbie's ability to stay positive. Slowly they get their life back on track. Things are really looking up for them and they are ready to be a family together with their baby and Valentine's son Tyler.

Absolution is a story about loss, grief, guilt and love. Valentine is a very complex man and Michelle Dennis managed to capture his essence with all his rights and wrongs incredibly well. Underneath all of his layers Valentine is actually a loving and caring man and he's completely devoted to Abbie. He is working very hard to make things right and wants to deal with his problems, which is something I admired.

Michelle Dennis has written a beautiful heartbreaking story that moved me to tears. There are a lot of characters in Absolution that would be perfect for a story of their own. I really hope Michelle Dennis will continue with her Infinity series. I loved the first two books and can't wait to read more.


Michelle Dennis is also hosting a Facebook Party to celebrate the release of Absolution. There will be plenty of fun prizes and information about Absolution. You can join the party here.

About Michelle Dennis

Michelle Dennis lives in Perth, Western Australia; she has always loved reading and in the past few years this love has expanded into creating her own written words and worlds.

Michelle has a love of medieval and fantasy creatures, and her first book, Wolfbaene, revolves around this theme and brings the world of knights, castles and dragons to children around the world.

Michelle is a devoted wife and mother, and fits her writing schedule in around her busy lifestyle. Michelle shares her home with a very mature Dachshund named Phoebe Rose, and a whole bunch of cats who are under the impression they are the owners of Michelle’s home.

She is currently working on a sequel to Wolfbaene, and when she’s not in the world of dragons and other mythical beings, she can be found listening attentively to the other characters in her head, who are shouting for her attention.

Find out more at



One very lucky winner will receive a signed copy of Absolution by Michelle Dennis.


  1. You can join the party here. The link goes to an error page for Facebook. :(

  2. This sounds like a book with lots of emotion. Great review.