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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Fabulous Freebie Book Review - Crystal Magic by Madeline Freeman

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Review by Anniek

Kristyl always felt like a stranger in the town where she lives. People avoid her and she doesn't have any friends. Because of this she doesn't actually have a social life. Her father walked out on Kristyl and her mother years ago and she hasn't spoken to him since. When her mother suddenly dies Kristyl's aunt takes her in because she has nowhere else to go.

Kristyl's whole world changes instantly. On her first day at school she makes new friends and after school she is helping her aunt at her store. Her aunt works with herbs and crystals and she wants Kristyl to learn all about them too. It turns out that Kristyl is exactly where she needs to be and that she isn't the odd one out anymore. Kristyl discovers that she has magical abilities and that she's actually a very strong witch. Kristyl also isn't the only teenage witch in town. When it turns out that Kristyl's magical skills are needed to change the fate of her aunt Kristyl holds nothing back.

Kristyl used to hide herself from the world because of all the strange things that happened around her. Especially when she gets anxious or angry things have a way of breaking or falling around her. Kristyl is hugely misunderstood by others and that made me sad. Fortunately she doesn't let that change her on the inside. She is a sweet and responsible girl who loves her mother very much. I liked it a lot that when Kristyl moved to a new town she was determined to make a better life for herself. Kristyl is brave, smart and she is willing to learn more about what she can do. I think her character is a very good role model.

I have always been fascinated by stories about witches and what kind of abilities they can have. Crystal Magic is a story that captured me from the beginning. Madeline Freeman has created strong characters who will only become more interesting throughout this series. Crystal Magic is a very good beginning of an amazing series. I really look forward to reading more about Kristyl and her new friends and I can't wait to see where their abilities will take them. If you enjoyed the movie The Craft and the TV-series Charmed this is a series you shouldn't miss.

Amazon USA Amazon UK

Crystal Magic, the first book of the Clearwater Witches series, is now free on Amazon.


  1. I love to read paranormal books and Crystal Magic sounds great!
    Thanks for the wonderful review Anniek :)

  2. interesting sounding heroine

  3. Great review about a book of a world of magic. And it's actually currently free on Amazon US :)

  4. I like the combination of magic and normal human growth.

  5. I don't usually read paranormal books but this sounds interesting. Great review.

  6. Sounds like an interesting read. I've never read a book about witches, but perhaps have watched a movie or two... and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. It could be good!

  7. Great review; I like paranormal books and I don't read too many about witches. :)

  8. I like paranormal books but usually read the ones about ghosts.

  9. I can see a number of things (many beyond personal control, and others clearly... not? ;) ) that I might have in common with Kristyl. I'd like to read more about this character!

    That saaaaid... This is definitely ~not~ the sort of book that I tend read and/or add to my TBR.

    ...And THAT, in conjunction with the too-good-to-pass-up freebie offer, is exactly why I just downloaded this book.

    Thank you!

  10. I don't usually read paranormal but this series sounds interesting.