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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Book Review - The Wrong Prince by C.K. Brooke

About C.K. Brooke

C.K. Brooke is a 2015 Shelf Unbound Notable Indie author with a five-star rating by Readers' Favorite. She holds numerous fantasy and romance publications with 48fourteen, Limitless Publishing, and Elphame Press. Her lifelong passion is books - reading, writing, editing, publishing and blogging about them. When not blissing out in literary land, she enjoys info-tainment podcasts, singing, songwriting and playing the piano. She lives in Washington, Michigan with her husband and young son. There's tons to check out at the new, so come and see what she's up to! Check out her VIP Newsletter (Subscribers get a free eBook!)

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Book review

Review by Anniek

Tybiria has two princes, Dmitri and Geo. Dmitri is the oldest and also the crown prince. Dmitri loves to read and hopes to become a writer one day. Geo is the one who's physically stronger. He is a great knight who excels during battles. During an ongoing war with another kingdom Geo and Dmitri both fire an arrow which kills the crown prince of Llewes. The arrows that were shot both had the initials of Dmitri on it, so he is being held responsible for the death of the young prince.

Luccia has a secret affair with Geo. Even though it is not common for a young lady to be intimate with a man outside of wedlock Luccia can't resist Geo. They love each other very much even though they haven't said it out loud. Luccia's father informs her that he has found a husband for her. Luccia thinks she will never be eligible for marriage to a prince, so she needs to push Geo away the only way she knows how. Luccia is attending a party at the castle when it is announced that Luccia is being promised to marry Dmitri. Luccia and Dmitri have never met before, but Geo thinks they have. At this party Dmitri is being kidnapped by the King of Llewes. Luccia and Geo have no other choice and are leaving to have a chance at rescuing Dmitri before it's too late.

Geo and Dmitri are completely different, but they do love each other. They would do anything for one another and they are also not competitive at all. Geo feels torn because he loves Luccia. He's a young man who had his share of women. He is strong, well built and extremely wealthy. Geo only wants two things, to rescue his brother from a certain death and to marry the woman he loves. He is a great and smart warrior. Even though he is rich he doesn't look down on people and recognizes their true value by noticing who they are inside. Dmitri is so sweet. He is a skilled writer and has never even touched a woman. He fills his endless days writing a novel and hoping for a way out before he runs out of time. I was curious to find out what would happen to the two brothers.

Luccia is a confident young woman. She grew up with her father. Luccia never knew her mother, since she tragically died giving birth to her. Luccia is smart and she is a quick thinker. This sometimes gets her into trouble, but you can't help but love her just the way she is. Luccia knows what's expected of her and she wouldn't do anything to discredit her father. If she is promised to Dmitri Luccia will do exactly as she is told, even though she's given her heart to Geo. I really liked the fact that Luccia isn't a person who complains. She is determined to succeed at every task that's being thrown her way. I like strong female main characters and she definitely falls into that category.

The Wrong Prince is a story full of adventure, which takes the reader on an exciting journey, the mission to rescue Dmitri. I loved how all the pieces keep falling into place, chapter after chapter. The added extra elements are making this story intriguing. The whole time I was keeping my fingers crossed for the right outcome, because I always want true love to overcome everything else. C.K. Brooke kept me guessing until the end. The plot is amazing and I didn't see it coming. The Wrong Prince is a great romantic story with a fantasy twist that feels completely natural. I loved this wonderful book.
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  1. I have been in the mood to read something different. This sounds like a book I would really enjoy. Great review!

  2. Dmitri sounds like he would be the more desirable husband. Geo sounds like fun but, not as commitment ready, in my opinion. But I'll have to read the book to find out Lucci ends up with.

  3. A dire misunderstanding... Sounds SO good. Thanks for the review.

  4. This book sounds like something I'd really enjoy reading! Thank you for your honest review, much appreciated!

  5. Sounds intriguing, with two princes leading a country -- yet they're not competitive with each other? Thanks for sharing your opinions on the book.