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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

At Fairfield Orchard by Emma Cane - Book Review & Giveaway

About Emma Cane

Emma Cane grew up reading and soon discovered that she liked to write passionate stories of teenagers in space. Her love of “passionate stories” has never gone away, although today she concentrates on the heartwarming characters of Valentine Valley and Fairfield Orchard.

Now that her three children are grown, Emma loves spending time crocheting and singing (although not necessarily at the same time), and hiking and snowshoeing alongside her husband Jim and their rambunctious dog Uma.

Emma also writes USA Today bestselling historical romances under the name Gayle Callen.

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads
Book review
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Review by Suze
Fairfield Orchard is Amy's home. She had to miss it for a long time and she's happy to be back. She's running the family business together with her twin brother Tyler. They have a difficult task, they need Fairfield Orchard to become profitable again and they're making a start with their plans for the future of the family business. Amy has a lot to learn and there isn't much time to do it. There's no room in her life for distractions, but when a professor wants to do research at Fairfield Orchard Amy agrees.
Jonathan wants to research the history of Fairfield Orchard because of the connection with Thomas Jefferson. He's done a lot of work already and having the chance to explore the history of the place would be exactly what he needs to make his book successful. Jonathan is a calm and handsome man and Amy can't deny there's something between them. She isn't ready for love, she's been damaged emotionally in her last relationship and she's still dealing with the consequences. Only, sometimes when you least expect it love comes knocking at your door. Will Amy and Jonathan have a chance?
At Fairfield Orchard is a wonderful romantic book with warmhearted main characters. Amy is a gentle person. She also has a good head on her shoulders and she's great at what she does. She's strong, but she has a vulnerable side as well, something she doesn't want many people to see. She's been hurt by someone she loved. She had her heart broken and she isn't ready to let anyone in yet. When she meets Jonathan she likes him immediately. He's kind and caring and he's incredibly smart. The chemistry between them is fantastic. There are sparks everywhere and Emma Cane has written about two people who have a very special connection. She kept me curious and I couldn't wait to see what would happen between Amy and Jonathan. Their relationship is progressing naturally, which in their case is problematic. Because of the past their path isn't easy and Emma Cane managed to surprise me many times in this area, which made the story really fascinating.
Fairfield Orchard is a beautiful magical place. Emma Cane has chosen a stunning setting for her story and her vivid descriptions make the orchard and its surroundings come to life extremely well. I fell in love with it immediately. I could almost taste the cider and would have loved to have a picnic in the orchard. I liked the history aspect and Jonathan's research is interesting. I was curious to see what he would uncover. I like it when main characters are intelligent and when they have a story to tell. At Fairfield Orchard has it all, there's beauty, unconditional love, and friendship and there are strong family bonds, unexpected twists and turns and plenty of endearing situations. I loved this amazing book, At Fairfield Orchard is a story that put a big smile on my face.

One very lucky winner will receive a $25 gift card from the retailer of their choice. Good luck!

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  1. Lovely review! Thank you for hosting AT FAIR FIELD ORCHARD today!

    Crystal, Tasty Book Tours

  2. This sounds like a sweet and positive story.

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