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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

#SummerImpulse Book Review - Put It Out There by D.R. Graham

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Review by Suze
Derian loves Britannia Beach and even though she's happy to be back, she misses her dad very much. He passed away and her mother lives in Vancouver, where Derian can't seem to settle. That's why she decided to come back to her hometown and live with her grandfather. She helps him with his inn and is used to getting up early to make people breakfast. Doing chores doesn't feel like work and she likes the daily routine and the customers. However, Derian's grandfather has trouble keeping up and the question is if Derian will be able to keep living at her beloved inn.
Derian is glad to be able to spend time with her friends again. She has also missed spending time with the boy next door, Trevor. She'd love for him to notice her and doesn't want to be like a sister to him. Derian thinks he likes her, but he's holding back. Trevor doesn't tell her everything and those secrets make things difficult between them. There are others who do notice Derian though, so who will she eventually end up with?
Brittania Beach is such a great town to read about and D.R. Graham's vivid descriptions make it come to life really well. I immediately loved the setting. The inn might be a bit old-fashioned, but it sounds like an warm and welcoming place to live. Derian has good memories of her father and misses his presence. Being back at the inn makes her sad sometimes, but it also makes her happy. It's the place where she feels at home and where she wants to live her life, I could totally understand that. I'm a big fan of small town romances, so I was immediately fascinated by Derian's story.
Derian is a strong and sweet girl. She isn't afraid to be honest about her feelings and I loved that about her. She's smart, capable and independent. She doesn't have much experience in love and relationships, but she's determined to get it. Maybe Trevor will want to date her then. She does go out with someone else from time to time, so Trevor has to watch out for competition. They have a special friendship and I loved reading about their childhood. Derian's love life is complicated and I couldn't wait to find out more.
Put It Out There is a wonderful story that ends with a great cliffhanger. I look forward to reading the next book in the series. D.R. Graham has a lovely cozy writing style and I liked reading about Derian and her adventures. I hope she will find her ideal match, her search had certainly made me curious. I highly recommend this amazing first Britannia Beach book, it's such a heartwarming YA story.


  1. Thanks for reading and reviewing, Suze! The next book hits the shelves this month, so you don't have to wait too long for the next part of Derian's story. 💕📚

  2. I'm a teacher and have many students whose fathers have passed away. What a tough thing for a child to go through.

  3. Sounds like a sweet and beautiful story. And Derian looks like such an interesting character. I'm looking forward to read this book
    Loved your review!