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Friday, August 5, 2016

#SummerImpulse Book Review - A Kiss in the Dark by Lisa Fox

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Review by Suze
Ryan is a web designer and in his free time he can be found in the boxing ring. He's a womanizer and not ideal boyfriend material. Grace is an author who hires the firm Ryan is working for to build her website. Even though she knows with her hectic schedule she isn't supposed to date anyone, Grace likes Ryan more than she should straight away. She can't get involved with someone, because her life is too messed up and she's always trying to meet impossible deadlines. Grace is Ryan's first personal client and he shouldn't fall for her, but it happens anyway. Will they stay away from temptation or are their feelings too strong to ignore?
A Kiss in the Dark is a wonderful romantic story. Grace is an author who would love to write a bestseller. She doesn't want it for selfish reasons and I loved that about her. She's sweet and caring and deserves a bit of happiness in her life. Ryan likes women and he's a player. He isn't relationship material, but when he meets Grace he starts thinking about his behavior. He's gorgeous and charming, but he also has a kind heart. Ryan and Grace have great chemistry and I couldn't wait to find out where that would lead to.
I love the title of the story, A Kiss in the Dark promises something sensual. Lisa Fox manages to find a good balance between the heartwarming personalities of Grace and Ryan and their attraction towards one another, something I enjoyed very much. Grace and Ryan are both ambitious, they fight for what they believe in and even though they don't always have it easy they try to make something of themselves and are prepared to work hard for it, I loved that mentality.
A Kiss in the Dark is set in New York and I love Lisa Fox's vivid descriptions of the city. Ryan and Grace are both smart and successful people who clearly belong in such a vibrant place. They don't know many people in New York, but they can easily manage on their own. I love it when the main characters of a book are strong and perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, then falling in love is something extra, not a necessity, which makes it even more endearing. I really liked this fabulous sweet and sexy story.


  1. A sweet and sexy romance sounds perfect for me right now.

  2. This sounds really good! I love romance stories, especially if they are sweet and sexy. The main characters personalities sound awesome and I love the title of the book too. Can't wait to read it!
    Great review!