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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Reading in the Sun - Interview with Miranda Liasson & Giveaway

About Miranda Liasson

I'm Miranda Liasson, author of lighthearted contemporary romance.

I won the Golden Heart in 2013 for a story that became my first book, This Thing Called Love, which debuted from Montlake Romance in Spring of 2015. Since then, I've written other Mirror Lake books, small town romances heavy on love, family, and the hard choices we all sometimes have to make.

I also write lighthearted contemporary romance for Entangled Indulgence.

I write romance because I love stories about the experience of being human, and love is the universal experience we all share. I also unapologetically love stories that have happy endings and make me laugh. I hope my stories make you laugh a little, too.

P.S. I love to hear from readers!

Thanks so much for checking my books out and hope you enjoy!

Find out more at

You can check me out at, where I blog every Saturday. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter if you'd like to be informed of my new releases. And check out my Facebook author page ( and my twitter feed (@mirandaliasson) where I always post my latest giveaways and news.
Books by Miranda Liasson

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1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’ve been writing stories since I was twelve, but I pursued a career in the sciences and took up writing seriously about nine years ago. It took me seven years to become published!

2. What kind of books do you bring with you when you go on holiday?

Life got a lot simpler for me after the Kindle was invented! I used to tuck books everywhere in my suitcase, unable to decide which ones to read! Now I just pile them all in my Kindle, no muss or fuss. I love romances, women’s fiction, literary fiction, books on writing…I read all kinds of genres.

3. If you could spend a sunny day anywhere how would your perfect day look like?

Sitting on the beach under and umbrella with a book and a cold drink, looking up every once in a while and watching the ocean and all the people having fun.

4. Could you tell us about your hobbies (when you are not writing or reading)?

I love to bike! We have beautiful Metroparks with bike trails here in Ohio and on a sunny Saturday or in the evenings,you’ll often find me there.

5. Where do you find the inspiration for your stories?

I love stories about families and friends, heartwarming but a little bit heartbreaking too. And with humor.

6. If you could be any leading character from a bestselling book, who would you be and why?

I would be Louisa Clark from Me Before You so I could meet Sam Claflin! Oh, wait, that’s mixing the book and the movie, isn’t it, lol!

7. What's your favorite reading spot?

I often sit outside my kitchen porch door and sneak in a couple pages while dinner’s cooking! And I read in bed almost every night before going to sleep.

8. What is your favorite holiday destination and what do you like so much about it?

I love the South Carolina beaches. The sand is perfect, the beaches are wide, and the marshes are beautiful. And it’s hot and sunny! What’s not to love?

9. Do you have any advice for authors who would like to write a sunny story?

 Eh, you know, I love lightheartedness but I feel it needs to be tempered, like life, with more serious matters. I can’t really find the lightheartedness in my books unless my characters also experience some other not-so-good things in life as well.

10. What can we expect from you in the future?

I am working on a series of Greek brothers who were separated as children and find each other again as adults, who also find their lives and loves in the fictional town of Mirror Lake, Connecticut. The first one is out in December, CAN’T STOP LOVING YOU. I just saw the preliminary cover and it is GORGEOUS. I wish I could show you! It’s a very emotional story, but funny too.


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One very lucky reader of With Love for Books will win a signed copy of This Loving Feeling by Miranda Liasson.

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  1. i can't read while doing other things.....i want to be concentrate and immersed in teh story^^ thank you a lot for the interview

    1. Hi Miki--I feel the same way when I read or write. It's hard for me to listen to music, etc. I love dead silence, lol, but unfortunately, life doesn't always give you that, especially with a house full of family, pets, etc. So I guess I'd have to keep the family and pets and just dream of another life with total silence! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thank you, With Love for Books, for having me today! :)

  3. I love the idea of a series on Greek brothers :)

    1. Thanks, Judy! They're all hotties, too, if I may say so myself :)

  4. My ikindle changed my world in reading too 24hr store :) I read so much more too ! I love when you find those treasures of books that you just can't put down . Looking forward to the new series :)
    Lovely interview:)

    1. Yes, one-click has changed my life, lol. Thanks for stopping by, Voi :)

  5. Your perfect sunny day sounds absolutely relaxing and fabulous!

  6. Hi Miranda :)
    Woo hoo,so excited about new series about Greek brothers!
    Thank you for the lovely post and giveaway :)

    P.S:The covers are fantastic! :)

  7. Hi Miranda! Love the sound of the new series. If I win, can I get This Thing Called Love instead? Remember, I read and reviewed Feeling for you already.

    1. Hi Cynthia--thanks for coming by. I will remember that if you're the winner :)

  8. I love the idea of your perfect day :) Your book sounds like a perfect Rock Star Romance and I would love to read it.

  9. Lovely interview and thanks for the chance to win x

  10. I would love to read "This Loving Feeling". Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. 'This Loving Feeling' sounds like a good read. Thanks for giveaway. Love the cover too.

  12. It would be terrific to win
    a signed copy of This Loving Feeling by Miranda Liasson.
    I liked reading your interview.
    I haven't read any of Miranda Liasson's books but
    the ones featured here look interesting.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  13. I'd like to read this book. The synopsis on Amazon sounds like a girl who was given up by a guy who thought he could do better without her, then finds he really does need her in his life. I'll have to read this to find out what she ends up choosing :)

  14. Sneaking in a few pages while dinner's cooking? This usually ends with something getting burned in my home. ;-)

  15. Fantastic opportunity. Thank you so much Miranda and With Love For Books. :)

  16. Oh these all look like such great books! I love romances! I have not read any of Mirandas books before, oh cannot wait to read them!

  17. I have never read any of Mirandas books, thank you for revealing this author to me!