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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Reading in the Sun - Interview with Lexi Miles & Giveaway

About Lexi Miles

Hi, I am Lexi Miles. I fell in LOVE with writing—head over heels in love—from the time that I could first hold a pen and I just never stopped falling.

CALIFORNIA is the place that I call home. I have also spent a lot of time in Vegas, Los Angeles, and Reno. I must confess, tropical warm spots and out of the way ranches, however, are my favorite escapes.

CULTIVATION of my writing is attributed to ALOT of reading, all types of genres including my first love of romance, to competitive writing contests while growing up, to studies in written and verbal communication, and to association and mentoring from published authors and editors. Time as an editor and consultant on a few published novels, and the invaluable tool of LIFE in general are also factors in the development of my writing.

PERSONALLY I am a proud pup mom of two Yorkie girls, and every day they make my life brighter. I love spending time with, my best friend and strongest cheerleader, my sister. She is one of the most fun, inspiring, and refreshing people I know. I cherish MY Continuous Everlasting friendships with my friends. If YOU are reading this right now thank you too for your support because it means EVERYTHING to me.

I ONLY WRITE POSITIVE spicy fire-injected stories of red-hot, steamy, erotic encounters and sweet tender romance of love that lasts forever. And I love it!

LOVE to me is such a richly layered, exciting, sweet, and uniquely beautiful experience. I enjoy diving into every aspect of it within my novels from the blistering hot sexiness, the honeyed innocence, the nakedness of discovery, and the precious oneness of friendship. There is just something extraordinary about scribing the words of the freshness and the fun of love. There is a definite magic in being able to write about the deep powerful bond that forms within a couple as well as the support and strength that manifests from that love. When any of the words regarding love are taking shape upon the page there is a rare gift and specialness about writing the good, the hard, the healing, and the brilliance of everything wonderful that LOVE embodies. 

BEING IN LOVE is sexy and beautiful. And I pen that on paper.

Find out more at

1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Sure, I am Lexi Miles and I mainly write a range of sweet to very spicy romance novels. My current novel out is Custom Fit. I also just released, Focused on Love, one of my poetry collections. I have been writing for as long as I can remember—love it more every day. I am a lover of all things romance and nothing is as wonderful as being able to write about it. As far as personally, I live in California and am a pup mom to two silver Yorkies who keep me on my toes. I am a lover of stylish things/makeup tips, crazy about cooking, and have been known to fall into and binge romantic and fun series on Netflix from time to time. 

2. What kind of books do you bring with you when you go on holiday?

Romance or Mystery

3. If you could spend a sunny day anywhere how would your perfect day look like?

It be on the beach, by the pool, relaxing on a field of grass, or just out somewhere quiet enjoying the sunshine and soaking up the sun. It would exclude my cellphone, but devices for music and books would definitely be included. (giggles) 

4. Could you tell us about your hobbies (when you are not writing or reading)?

Sure, I would love to do that. Here are a few that come to mind. I love taking walks with my pups and working out. (I even Instagram my workouts drills sometimes.) I like to meditate, journal, and listen to a variety of music. I enjoy making crafts (like glass jars and decorative marbles) and trying new recipes (often found on Pinterest or things I come up with originally). Cooking, as I just mentioned, and dancing relaxes me, and I love to do those. I recorded music before, but right now I do it just for me. I love to sing and have a blast belting it out or being silly in my car, shower, while I write, and just about any time I get a chance. (“Love is an Open Door”, “Groove is in the Heart”, and anything Kylie Minogue are amongst my favorites.) Some people don’t know this but I love to take time out to bowl. Bowling helps me clear my mind and is where some of my best story ideas are worked out before I put them down on paper. 

5. Where do you find the inspiration for your stories?

The simple answer is from everything that is around me. That ranges from songs, my interests, dreams, and things I’ve been watching. That also extends to intriguing subjects in news clips I’ve come across, unusual or stirring pictures that I see, a subject that I want to explore more, or a feeling that I have. A lot of the time it comes from something that I experienced earlier in the day before I sat down to write. For example, if I am at the grocery store grabbing a few items that could be the very place that my romantic characters meet. (That is actually what inspired Too Much Trouble’s romantic characters first face to face meeting.) 

6. If you could be any leading character from a bestselling book, who would you be and why?

This one is tough because I like a lot of books. If you asked me tomorrow, it could be different. But most days it would be this one. Let’s go with, Mr. Everit, from How Good Can It Get by Alan Cohen. Why do I love that character so much, because he is an incredibly happy person that has an amazing sense of himself, he keeps things simple, cares about others, and is just plain out an all-around good person. That is the kind of person I strive to be, so that would be my choice. 

7. What's your favorite reading spot?

Oh, that’s a good question. I’d have to say that it is a tie between reading in my bed (in the covers or sitting on top) and as silly as this sounds sitting on the floor, legs crossed, leaning on the wall. 

8. What is your favorite holiday destination and what do you like so much about it?

I am a big fan of Disneyland, CA and Las Vegas, NV. And, I love tropical spots. As far as what I like about Disneyland and Las Vegas, I like the people, the weather, and the fun things to do. I also love that I can get a good walk in as well as how aesthetically pleasing everything is to the eye. And of course, I am a big fan of the shopping. As far as the tropical spots, I really love the fact that they are quiet, visually stunning, usually have ice-cold guava to drink, and I can relax.

9. Do you have any advice for authors who would like to write a sunny story?

Sure, I have this technique that I like to do as an author to put me in the headspace of what I am writing to really help me to pull out the details of a moment. I like to “touch write” as I call it. Basically, the idea is to make writing more vivid by “actually” doing something that will help you make it more real as you are writing the story.

For example, when writing a sunny story, to put yourself in the moment write outside in the sunshine. As you write, literally draw from what it feels like for you as you are writing it. So a sentence written inside could start as, it was nice weather outside. By touch writing, with vivid details added from being outside, it then could become there was nothing like the way the sun tingled as it warmed her skin and the breeze danced across her arm. It felt as if she was sitting within the feeling of happiness. 

The idea is to write an actual description of how the sun or anything related to your book moment might literally make you feel when you actually experience it. Write the details of what you see, smell, and even taste to bring out the vibrancy of the moment.

Touch writing is one of my favorite fun techniques and can really help a writer transport the reader into the moment. I hope that helps!

10. What can we expect from you in the future?

Very good question. (giggles) I have a few fire-hot novels coming out over the next couple months. Private Lessons and Mix Matched will be the first novels to kick off that list.

I am in the process of co-authoring a cookbook with romance author Chloe Quinn entitled #FoodParty. We include several yummy recipes that are good for any occasion. What’s unique and wildly fun is that some of the recipes mentioned within our novels are actually in the book. So be on the lookout for that in September.

I do have a few blog tours and events coming. The details can be found on the press page of my website

To keep up with anything else that is coming up drop into my website, follow me on twitter, or signup for my newsletter via my website.

And overall, what to expect from me, Lexi Miles, is to be entertained and to fall in love while reading the novels! (giggles)

Thanks again Anniek and Suze. I had a blast doing the interview!

Hugs,  Lexi


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Amazon USA Amazon UK

One very lucky reader will win an e-book copy of Custom Fit (Romance novel) and Focused On Love (Poetry).

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  1. Thanks Suze and Annie K for hosting such a lovely event! Very happy to be involved in it! Amazingly fun questions, thanks! To the future winner(s) of the books, I hope you enjoy them! hugs Lexi :)

  2. i'm more into sweet romance than spicy one but i definitively plan to try one of your book one day
    i do find crafting very relaxing
    thank you for participating in this event

    1. Hi Miki,

      Thanks for saying hi. I always love to meet other craft and book lovers. *giggles* Just so you know I do write a variety of romance for super sweet to extra spicy. I hope when you do dive into one of the books I write you enjoy it as well as come chat with me about it. *giggles*
      Thanks for such a warm welcome! Feel free to chat anytime. hugs Lexi

  3. Great interview, Lexi! Your writing tip is something I do too and it's truly a fantastic way to get in the moment. I write romance and children's fantasy and am an Australian author - lovely to meet you :)

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for popping me a hello! And thanks so much for your super sweet words! I am delighted that you enjoyed the interview! I definitely had a blast while doing it! As far as the writing tip, I agree it is nice to get in tuned with the moment of the book in that fashion. So glad to meet someone who does that too. *giggles* It is very nice to meet you, a fellow author, as well Michelle. Don't be a stranger. big smiles Lexi

  4. Lexi sounds like a very positive person. I haven't read any of these books because erotic isn't a genre I read, but it's always interesting to find out about new authors.

    1. Hi Dianna,

      It is Lexi. That is so sweet of you to say. I try to be positive as much as possible. Life has so many wonderful surprises in it doesn't it? *giggles* I know that my bio may sound as if I only write ultra-spicy romance, but I do actually write a variety from sweet to spicy. My hope is that anyone that is looking for a good romance can find it in one of the flavors of the romances. And I agree I am with you on that sentiment of finding out about new authors, it is always nice to broaden my knowledge on more authors! With that said, it is so very nice to meet you Dianna and I hope that you have a lovely day! :) Lexi

  5. Thanks to anyone that stopped in to read the interview! Have a beautiful day! So happy to be a part of the event. Again Suze and Annie K, thanks for having me! *giggles*


  6. Hi Lexi, I'm crafty too! I think we'd have some fun if we ever met. Too bad I'm on the east coast. One of the major crafts I do is stained glass. Custom Fit sounds like a great book!

    1. Agreed Cynthia, I think we would have a blast. Staining glass sounds like it is a lot of fun! Will have to check into it. Thanks for you sweet supportive words about Custom Fit! It was lots of fun to write!

      hugs Lexi

  7. Ooooh! I love poetry. Thanks for the chance to win books!

  8. Cheers Hun,I love to read especially Poetry Books -Marie A Jacobs

    1. Hi Marie,

      Cheers to you too! Agreed, poetry is wildly fun to read! Have a beautiful day!

      Smiles to you,

  9. Thanks for writing positive sweet and sexy romances!

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      You are the sweetest, big thank you and I am happy to do it!

      Big Hugs and Smiles,
      Lexi :)

  10. I really enjoyed reading your interview answers. You come across as a very cheerful friendly person. I like the advice about touch writing. Good luck with the new books.

  11. Romance Books is a must for holiday :)
    Thank you for the lovely interview!
    Have a great summer :)

  12. I'm always curious about people's fave reading spots and I must admit ... the floor does some a bit uncomfy to me (then again, maybe I'm just too old to consider anythign without cushions, haha).

  13. Thanks for the giveaway! I like your name and keep doing what you are doing.