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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Guest Post, Book Review & Giveaway - Book of Angels by K.H. Mezek

About K.H. Mezek

Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek is the author and/or illustrator of nineteen children’s books and numerous essays and short stories. 'Reflections from Istanbul,' an excerpt from her childhood memoir, won the 2015 New Millennium Writings Nonfiction Award. She is the co-founder of InsideOUT Writers, a creative writing program for incarcerated youth in Los Angeles, and the founder of the MY WORLD PROJECT, connecting youth in remote areas around the world through art and writing. She is a 2nd degree black belt in Tang Soo Do, a first degree brown belt in Eskrima, and a boxing and kick-boxing trainer. As a child, she and her family escaped out of Egypt right before the 6 Day War, lived in a 17th century castle in Switzerland and smuggled Bibles into communist countries, to name a few of her adventures. As an adult, she continued her adventures, living between London and a village in Yugoslavia. Key of Mystery and Book of Angels, volumes one and two in the NIGHT ANGELS CHRONICLES, are published with Evernight Teen.

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Books in the Series

Guest post
Who Are the Night Angels?
by K.H. Mezek

Marek Tells his Story:

In Book of Angels, readers find out more about who the Night Angels really are…and their terrible histories.

Here Marek tells his story to Sera, after a lesson in sword-fighting. It isn’t a pretty tale, be prepared…. The images it brings to mind are horrific. But the stories need to be told…the truth must be revealed.

Marek’s tale:

Marek drew close to me, so that I saw the fine sheen of sweat on his brow, still fresh from our practice. As usual, his expression was neutral but his eyes were cold and hard, the look I had seen in Peter’s eyes so many times when he remembered his past and the humans who had inhabited it.

“One night I overheard my master’s drunken conversation with his wife. The next morning he was going to send me to the Coptic priests at Abu Gerbe to be castrated.”

I shook my head and took a step back. This was something I had not seen in my Turning. What I had seen was bad enough. I didn’t want to find out more.

But Marek stepped forward, almost daring me to try and escape. I was against the wall and he was in front of me. I didn’t try to get away. What would be the point?

“His plan was to sell me to the Ottomans. It was against the Ottoman’s faith to make eunuchs. But the Christians had no such qualms. Do you know how they would do it?”

I shook my head.

“The priests chained the boy to a table and sliced off his penis and testicles. Then, for the healing process, they stuck bamboo catheters into the genital area, dug a hole in the sand, and buried the child up to his neck. The survival rate was ten percent. Naturally those who survived fetched a large price.”

I was revolted. I had heard of female genital mutilation. But this was something I did not know. And why should I? It wasn’t necessary to know every horrible detail of what had happened down through history!

“So…the Ottomans wouldn’t make eunuchs but they had no problem buying them?” I asked.

Marek still didn’t look angry. Only amused, and always in complete control. I wondered what it took to make Marek truly angry. I never wanted to find out.

“Humans are nothing if not hypocritical. They can justify the most horrific and obscene behavior by telling themselves lies over and over until they believe them.”

I had to admit that this was true. I’d discovered it the hard way, after my dad’s death, when the carefully preserved façade of lies hiding the true nature of Oak Haven was torn away.

“I slit the throat of my master while he slept in a drunken stupor. It was my first killing. I ran away. I was quickly captured by a group of traders and brought to the Sultan’s court anyway. But at least I had escape castration. The Sultan was far crueler than my first master but he was of a superior intelligence. He took a liking to me and made sure I was taught history, art, poetry and philosophy. For that I am grateful.”

Marek now took a step back and I breathed easier, feeling my muscles relax slightly. When would I ever really relax, every again, I wondered?

I was too stunned by his story to say anything. We picked up our swords and walked toward the small door in the courtyard. Marek grinned sideways at me. “I see how kids in your culture pierce and tattoo themselves. Some put rings through their noses–willingly! It’s very funny to me.”

I felt grateful he didn’t expect some response from me about his terrible story. What response could I possibly give? It was all so horrible.
Book review

Review by Suze

Ever since Sera found her father's mysterious key her life has been turbulent. It's the only thing he left her and she's guarding it with her life. The Night Angels managed to save her when nobody else could, but there is a price. Sera is no longer a regular teenage girl with friend and boyfriend problems. Now she has responsibilities, she has to learn how to control her impulses and she's only just started her mission to find out what the key can do.

Sera's nemesis is in control of her brother Salem. Sera finds out they're now on opposite sites of the same battle, but there are also issues they have to work on together. An ancient Queen wants to escape and someone's helping her. She should remain confined, because if she's being freed there will be chaos and destruction. Sera is no longer powerless, but she doesn't know the extent of what she can do. There's so much she has no knowledge of and she needs to acquire it quickly, because there's a lot at stake and she can't afford to lose.

Book of Angels is a gripping book about a girl who has to grow up fast to be able to keep track of everything that is going on around her. Sera is somehow at the center of it. Both friends and allies are after her key. It's a powerful instrument that should never be in the wrong hands. Sera is its keeper and she's taking this task seriously. I loved her protective attitude. She isn't afraid to speak her mind, she's resourceful and she's determined. She's a fantastic tough heroine and I loved how interesting K.H. Mezek makes the situations she finds herself in.

K.H. Mezek's writing flows easily. Her story is based on ancient history and I loved the way she writes about it. I really liked the direction she's chosen for Sera in this second book. The world building is amazing too and I loved that the story is set in different countries. Sera slowly gathers wisdom and I enjoyed witnessing that process. There's still plenty of action in this book, but there are more subtle battles that are being fought as well. I loved that combination. I think this series is fabulous and can't wait to read the next book. 


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  3. I haven't heard of K.H. Mezek or Night Angel Chronicles before - going to have to check it it on Goodreads! - Eveline

  4. I haven't heard of K.H. Mezek or Night Angel Chronicles before - going to have to check it it on Goodreads! - Eveline

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