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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Carousel Nights by Amie Denman - Book Review & Giveaway

About Amie Denman
Amie Denman lives in Ohio with her husband, sons, cats, and dog. When she's not reading or writing, she enjoys walking and playing outside. Born with an overdeveloped sense of curiosity, she's been known to chase fire trucks on her bicycle just to see what's going on. Amie believes that everything is fun: especially roller coasters, wedding cake, and falling in love.


Under the Boardwalk
(Starlight Point Stories #1)
by Amie Denman

Adult Contemporary Romance
Mass Market Paperback & ebook, 384 pages
January 1st 2016 by Harlequin Heartwarming

Everyone's counting on him

With the sudden death of his father, Jack Hamilton finds himself running the family amusement park, Starlight Point. His first job? Balance the books, and that means raising the rent for vendors like baker Augusta Murphy.

Gus won't accept the new contract…not without a fight. She rallies the other vendors and sets out to negotiate with Jack. At least, she tries. How do you play hardball with a man who's charming and kind and still grieving? Gus needs to figure it out fast, because the closer she gets to Jack, the more she risks losing everything.

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Carousel Nights
(Starlight Point Stories #2)
by Amie Denman

Adult Contemporary Romance
Mass Market Paperback & ebook, 384 pages
August 1st 2016 by Harlequin Heartwarming

Every first love deserves a second chance

June Hamilton left home to pursue her dream of dancing on Broadway. Seven years later, she has one regret: Mel Preston, her teenage crush and onetime summer love. Now a single dad and the head of maintenance at Starlight Point, her family's amusement park, Mel's easy smile still makes her heart beat in triple time. But June came home with a plan. She would spend the summer revitalizing the park's aging theaters, then make a graceful exit back to the big city. Until Mel and his young son start making a powerful claim on her emotions, and June faces an impossible decision…

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Review by Suze

June is back at Starlight Point, a wonderful amusement park owned by her family. After the death of her father the park needs some extra love and care and June and her siblings are working hard to make it perfect again. June's plan is to bring the theatres back to life. She left her hometown and Mel, the love of her life, behind because of her dream. They weren't together very long, but shared something precious. Then June moved to New York, because wanted to dance on Broadway and she made it. She's ready for something new, a bigger part and a more glorious future, but first she needs some time to recover and spending it at the family park helping out is the perfect way to do that.

Mel is the head of maintenance at Starlight Point. Because of June's plans to make something fantastic of the theatres she works together with Mel a lot. The old magic is still there. Only June's plans won't allow her to stay for a long time, which means she will have to leave Mel behind again. To make matters more complicated Mel has a son and June loves him from the start. They could be a happy family, but will June's dreams stand in their way once more?

Carousel Nights is a truly heartwarming romantic story, Amie Denman delivers exactly what's on the cover of her book. June and Mel are perfect for each other. They're both kindhearted and hardworking, they're determined to make something of their lives and they aren't afraid to make mistakes, I liked that about them. June never gives up and when she wants something she does everything she can to make it happen. She deserves her success, she's worked hard for it and made many sacrifices. Mel hasn't been lucky in love, but he has an adorable son. He's responsible and caring and I instantly loved his warm personality. I liked the connection of the main characters and enjoyed reading about their sparks.

Amie Denman has chosen a fantastic setting for her series. She brings Starlight Point to life with vivid descriptions of the park itself and the plans to make it successful again. I fell in love with the place straight away. Amie Denman's writing flows easily and it was fun to read about the rides and everyone's response to them. It feels like the main characters really belong in the amusement park, which is something I loved about Carousel Nights. I also liked the sweet romance very much and highly recommend this lovely book.

10 lucky winners will receive copies of the first book in the series, Under the Boardwalk (print in the US, eBook outside the US). This giveaway is open internationally 


  1. I have never read a book that takes place in an amusing park. And this is a romance, so I have a feeling this would be something I would enjoy but also got something new from it, you know what I mean?

  2. This sounds like a book I would really love to read!

  3. Thanks for the wonderful review and for sharing my book with readers!

  4. Lovely review!
    Thanks for sharing Suze :)

  5. I love the sound of this series! Perfect for summer. When I was growing up in FL, the county fair was always in March and April, because it was usually far too hot in the summer. Lots of good memories.

  6. Love the review. Sounds like a really good book.

  7. Oh sounds like such a wonderful romance! I love when they had something in the past and run into each other again!