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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Book Review - Soul Makers by J. Guibone

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Review by Suze
Sabrina's best friend Bart is missing and there's a body at his apartment. He left clues for her and she has to decipher them on time to find out where he is and what happened to him. NBI agent Lyla and private investigator Hans are trying to find the killer. Sabrina keeps trespassing and while she helps them with their investigation they don't know if they should trust her. What happened to Bart, what's the identity of the deceased and what kind of murderer are they looking for? Will they be fast enough with their search, so the killer won't have the chance to make any more victims?
Soul Makers is a gripping novella. I loved the way J. Guibone describes her main characters. With her clear and sharp way of writing the reader instantly gets to know them. The story is fast-paced and clue after clue is being found. I was hooked from the start and couldn't wait to find out more about the murder. Sabrina is intriguing and as she's very smart she's a force to be reckoned with. Lyla and Hans are a good team and together they are capable of figuring things out. They aren't afraid to step into dangerous situations and they are both persistent. Hans and Lyla are wonderful together and also have great chemistry.
Soul Makers is a complete story. It isn't long, so it's perfect for when you have an hour to spare and want to read an entire story in that time. It's entertaining and compelling. The crimes are being perfectly described and J. Guibone's vivid writing makes the world she's created come to life really well. I can't wait to read more Golden City stories and am looking forward to the next one.


  1. I really like this kind of crime/thriller: fast-paced & short enough to read in one session rather than having to turn back pages to remember what happened & to whom if you've had to set aside reading and get back to reality for a day or two!


  3. Wow, this sounds so good. I love it that you tought that it was gripping. I love that word.

  4. Sounds like a good thriler :)

  5. I like This seems like a good one.

  6. It sounds awesome and just the right length!

  7. Woahh what an exciting mystery/thriller and one I hope to check out very soon! It sounds incredible with amazing characters and full of mystery and the fact that it's a novella not a full length novel makes it perfect for those days when I don't have much time to read but still want to read a story from beginning to end.