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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Book Review - A Million Times Goodnight by Kristina McBride

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Review by Suze
Hadley needs a car and the only option is to 'borrow' it from her boyfriend. When Ben finds out his car is missing he thinks he has the right to take revenge and posts naked pictures of Hadley online where everyone they know can see them. Hadley has to decide what she will do, she's at a crossroads, will she go after Ben and make him remove the photos or will she take his car on a road trip which will aggravate him even more? Whatever she chooses she will soon realize that Ben isn't who she thought he was.
Both of Hadley's choices include Josh, the boy Hadley used to be madly in love with. He's a social outcast and most people in their town believe he has committed a horrendous crime. Hadley finally has the chance to find out what went wrong between them. The past and present are intertwined and she will make more discoveries in one night than she would have ever imagined. Can she still fix her problems without lifelong consequences or have things gone too far for that?
A Million Times Goodnight is a gripping story. I was hooked from the start and read this book in one sitting. It's a quick read, an adrenaline packed rollercoaster ride that made me hold my breath from the beginning and only let me release it at the end. I loved reading about the effects of both of Hadley's decisions. They're equally captivating and both of the stories are strong. I couldn't wait to find out what would happen next. It's obvious that Hadley's world has split while it isn't being mentioned, it's the natural direction of the story and I liked that very much.
Hadley is a sweet girl and she's seen and been through way too much for a girl her age. She's loved and lost and sometimes my heart ached for her. I wanted to know Josh's story. He's fascinating and I was immediately curious. Krista McBride doesn't disappoint, she uses creative and original explanations that are believable and astonishing at the same time. A Million Times Goodnight has so many unexpected twists and turns that I kept being amazed. The ending is surprising and I could have never come up with the clue of the story. I knew it would be awful and expected it to be good, which is exactly what it was like, but other than that I had no idea.
Kristina McBride words flow easily and she knows how to keep her readers interested. She builds her tension from the beginning until there's way too much pressure. It's inevitable that there will be a big burst. I loved how she lets everything blow up and it kept me on the edge of my seat. I liked the way she's using that incredible suspense to her advantage. She's written a horrible, but also terribly good story. I loved A Million Times Goodnight, it's a fantastic book.


  1. A Million Times Goodnight sounds like a gripping story from start to finish! Hadley sounds like my kind of character that I love to read about; sweet girl who finds herself in the midst of unwanted drama that she must somehow find a way to deal/live with. Ben sounds like a total jacka** whom I know I will have instant dislike to but Josh on the other hand sounds like an intriguing character who I'm sure will be a great possible romantic possibility for Hadley?!? Overall it sounds like a fantastic story!

  2. This book sounds really intriguing. I love gripping stories, with good twists and when the past and present are intertwined in a book is really awesome. Also the characters sound so interesting! And I love the cover, it's beautiful!
    Great review!

  3. I love the sound of it :) It must be one that can't be put down!

  4. This book is "my cup of tea", looking forward to reading it!

  5. This sounds great. I love thrilling stories and this one looks like a great mystery.

  6. I do love a book that grabs me from the outset and racks up the tension the whole way through! By the way, the cover is really lovely.

  7. I am silently SCREAMING over here; silently shouting "Make him remove the photos! SOMEBODY make him remove the photos! That kind of thing spreads like wildfire, and within minutes even people you never even though you never knew will see them!"

    (...No, nothing like this has ever happened to me personally. And I just noticed that my toes/feet are curled and clenched up so tightly!)

    The last paragraph of this review seems particularly spot-on. And it DOES sound like "a roller-coaster ride"!

    Thank you for the review,