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Monday, August 29, 2016

Book Review - Many A Tear Has To Fall by June Francis

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Review by Suze
It's 1959 and Maggie has always dreamed of being a model, but when she's nineteen years old and working as one she's being ordered to stop. Her career is over before it properly started. When she's also being left by the person she loves the most Maggie is heartbroken. She returns to her family in Liverpool with the plan to start over. On her way there Maggie runs into Tim and his son, who are taking the same train. It's a nice coincidence and she's glad to see a friendly face. They've already met once in London and Maggie didn't think she'd ever see him again. Tim is kind to Maggie and asks her out. Can Maggie trust him or is he another man with too many secrets?
Is going back to her family the right step for Maggie or will she have a difficult time ahead of her? Not everyone might be thrilled with her return and Maggie has to find a way to make a living. She has the chance to visit old friends and to catch up with family life. Maybe being back in Liverpool isn't so bad after all, but seeing something of the world remains alluring. What will the future bring, does it have more heartache in store for Maggie or will she have a real chance at happiness?
Many A Tear Has To Fall is a beautiful story about love, trust and family. I immediately liked Maggie. She's a talented and determined girl. She's strong and resilient as well and even though life can be unfair sometimes she never wallows or whines. I loved reading about her life and enjoyed getting to know her. Maggie is stylish and she can do anything she wants to do. She's young and has already lost a career, which makes her mature for her age. She has to discover what she likes besides modelling to be able to have her own life again and I loved reading about her attempts. She's a sweet sympathetic girl, which really makes the story.
June Francis has a wonderful warm writing style. She writes in a descriptive way that makes it easy to picture the scenes. I love how realistic her stories are. I felt like I was visiting Maggie and her family, having my own spot at their table which enabled me to see and hear everything. I like how June Francis describes both the time and setting, her writing is vivid and accurate and that makes the story very strong. I loved being taken back to the end of the 1950s and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the world from Maggie's point of view.
Many A Tear Has To Fall is a great novel with fantastic main characters. I was immediately fascinated by Tim and his family. There are a lot of fabulous secrets I couldn't wait to read more about. I was hooked from the start and loved every aspect of this story. June Francis manages to combine cozy family life with fascinating intrigues in a fantastic way. I liked that there are plenty of surprising twists and turns and the ending is unexpected and heartwarming. I absolutely loved this book and highly recommend it.


  1. Liverpool, 1959. My parents were newly-weds buying furniture for their very first flat together. It'd be lovely to compare Maggie's experiences of the city with theirs.

  2. Sounds good :)
    Thanks for the great reivew Suze :)

  3. Love the setting and premise!


  4. Sounds great. A story about rebuilding her life and finding new love...