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Monday, August 29, 2016

Book Review - Keeping Her Secret by Sarah Nicolas

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Review by Suze
When Riya goes to summer camp she's expecting a carefree and fun summer. From the moment she finds out she's sharing a cabin with Courtney she knows she will have a difficult time instead. Courtney is rich, popular and beautiful, she's the queen of the camp and Riya is the last person she wants to see. She does what's expected of her and that means there's no place for Riya in her world. Declaring a prank war on her should keep them apart. However, sharing a bunk bed with someone is pretty hard when you want to avoid them at all costs.
Courtney and Riya were best friends when they were younger and they were inseparable. They shared one mind-blowing kiss and then Courtney disappeared from Riya's life. Kissing girls doesn't fit into Courtney's world. Even though kissing boys doesn't feel the same at all, what Courtney and Riya once had can never happen again. The old spark might still be there, but Courtney can never act on it, or can she?
Keeping Her Secret is a sweet romantic story. Both Courtney and Riya are extremely talented. Courtney is a fantastic dancer and Riya is good enough at volleyball to get a scholarship. They're different now, but they used to have a lot in common. Slowly they become more close again and Sarah Nicolas knows how to build that tension. There's plenty of chemistry between the two girls. I loved the way she uses their history to bring them together. Something major has to change before there's room for any passion and I couldn't wait to find out what that moment would be like.
Sarah Nicolas knows how to write a good love story. Her main characters belong with each other and it's obvious there's something very special going on between them. Summer camp is a great place to let things happen. I loved the setting and am a big fan of summer camp stories. There's always something extra cheerful about them. There's a nice relaxed atmosphere and I love how Sarah Nicolas gives her readers the exact same feeling while they're reading her story.
Courtney and Riya are opponents and pranks are their way to communicate. I enjoyed reading about the pranks Sarah Nicolas has come up with, they're a lot of fun and I often had to laugh while I was reading about them. I love that her main characters are girls who are smart and determined enough to pull things off without being caught. Their summer is filled with possibilities and finding true love at camp isn't impossible. I liked the idea that this fact is always there in the background, which makes Keeping Her Secret both wonderful and charming. Courtney and Riya are really cute together and I loved reading their story.


  1. Thank you so much for reading & reviewing! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I literally added this to my tbr list about 5 days ago. I'm glad you liked it, makes me want to read it even more

  3. The use of pranks as a means of bringing our two protagonists together is novel and sounds good fun!

  4. Nice review, thanks for sharing!

  5. Thank you for the review! I know I would like this. Who doesn't like secrets!

  6. Thank you for the review! I know I would like this. Who doesn't like secrets!