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Monday, August 1, 2016

Book Review & Giveaway - Before You by Kathryn Freeman


About Kathryn Freeman

I was born in Wallingford but have spent most of my life living in a village outside Windsor. A former pharmacist, I’m now a medical writer who also loves to write romance. Some days a racing heart is a medical condition, others it’s the reaction to a hunky hero…

I’ve two teenage boys and a husband who asks every Valentine’s Day whether he has to bother buying a card again this year (yes, he does) so the romance in my life is all in my head. Then again, my husband’s unstinting support of my career change goes to prove that love isn't always about hearts and flowers - and heroes can come in many disguises.
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Twitter: @kathrynfreeman1
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Review by Anniek

Melanie, or Mel, has been on her own since she was 18 years old. Due to a tragic accident she became an orphan. Mel worked hard to get her degree and now works for the Delta racing team. As a PR-worker she is responsible for the interviews and the press releases of their drivers Stefano and Aiden. Mel is very close to Frank, who has been employed by Delta for a very long time, and his wife Nancy. Mel sees them as her surrogate parents.
Aiden has been racing since six years, but has yet to win a title. This year he is willing to do everything in his power to win the World Championship. Aiden's father was one of the biggest racers of his time and won five championships. During his interviews Aiden always gets a lot of questions about his father. He answers them in the best possible way or tries to change the subject. Aiden believes that nobody wants to hear the truth about how he really feels. Aiden's father was a selfish person and never took any interest in his son.
Mel has been burned by love in the past. She once dated a Formula One driver, who turned out to be cheating on her and this really broke her heart. Since that time Mel stopped dressing up. She only chooses comfortable clothes and doesn't stand out in a crowd. Mel can't keep her eyes off of Aiden. He is everything she is determined to stay away from. However, when Aiden lets his guard down and shows Mel his real self, will she be able to keep her walls up?
Aiden puts on a good show as the relaxed race driver with a constant flow of new women on his arm. In private he is very different. Aiden didn't have a happy childhood. His father was never around and his mother sent Aiden to boarding school, so she could follow his father everywhere he went. Ever since his father died in a car crash during a race Aiden's mother has been looking for the next rich guy to marry. Aiden never felt loved or cherished. Now his younger brother is in need of the same things Aiden never had. Their mother is on an extended holiday with her new boyfriend, so it is up to Aiden to step in.
Mel is good at her job and she is fiercely loyal towards the people she loves. She is a tough and strong woman. The way she handled loosing her parents shows what a remarkable person she is. At work Mel is surrounded by men, but she fits in perfectly. With her humor and no-nonsense attitude everyone accepts her immediately. Mel is a person who will go all the way when she makes a choice with her heart. I was hoping for her to find the courage to let herself be loved again.
Aiden has the image of being a playboy and he is confused when Mel sees right through his façade. He has been longing for someone to love, someone who will love him for who he is. Even thought it's hard for him to open up about the past Aiden is honest with Mel from the start about what he's feeling for her. The way he takes care of his brother also shows how kind and caring he actually is. Aiden is a fantastic guy who holds up so well under pressure. He truly deserves someone good like Mel.
Before You has a fantastic and original setting, which makes the story refreshing and unique. I loved reading more about the Formula One racing and found out that this sports can also be very interesting for women. Kathryn Freeman made her story exciting and fun to read. There was never a dull moment and the family dynamics made this book extra special. If I could hand out a trophy for Before You I would definitely give it a first place title.

One very lucky reader will win a paperback copy of Search for the Truth.


  1. what i like about the cover is that its full of suspense and it looks exciting

  2. Absolutely thrilled with your review, Anniek. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review Before You. So glad you enjoyed it :-)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Reminds me of the city and looks intriguing

  5. The cover is very artistic, great lighting!

  6. The cover has an air of mystery since we can't see the woman's face.

  7. In like the girls hair and that she's looking away from us, it looks good 😊

  8. It's very chic. Tall slender woman with a backdrop of the skyscrapers.

  9. It would be great to win a paperback copy
    of Search for the Truth by Kathryn Freeman.
    In response to your question of
    Why do you like the cover?
    I like the cover because it makes you wonder who that girl is.
    She is mysterious and sexy.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.