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Friday, August 5, 2016

Book Review - Girl Hearts Girl by Lucy Sutcliffe

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Review by Suze
Lucy Sutcliffe has a successful YouTube channel together with her girlfriend Kaelyn. Lucy is from the UK and Kaelyn from the United States, so they initially started talking online. Lucy is now a professional video maker and from the beginning she wanted to document their time together. After sharing a few of those videos with the world their fan base started to grow and Lucy has now written a memoir.
Girl Hearts Girl is an interesting book. I learned about Lucy and the Kaelyn and Lucy YouTube channel through this book. For me a good love story is always something to celebrate and I hope one day everyone in the world will feel like that, so people will stop discriminating gay people. There's no us and them, we're all human beings and every single one of us wants to love and be loved in return. Love should bind people not divide them. Lucy and Kaelyn are open and straightforward and it makes them a great example. They also show that people who are struggling with being gay aren't alone and I absolutely love that message.

Lucy writes about being different, about having the feeling that something is not quite right. I think a lot of people understand what she's talking about. She isn't only writing about being gay and what it means to her. She writes about all kinds of universal topics like being alone, feeling like you're not fitting in, bullying, being yourself and learning to love yourself. She has a clear way of phrasing her thoughts and the way she reasons is easy to follow. She writes her story in such a way that it's like she talks directly to every single reader as if they're the only one reading the book and that's quite an achievement.

I enjoyed reading about Lucy and Kaelyn's love story. They're sweet together and they're a great match. It must have been difficult to have a long distance relationship for such a long time. Lucy hasn't had it easy, but her writing never becomes too dark or heavy, while she elaborately describes the bad moments of her life there's also room for positive memories. Girl Hearts Girl is a wonderful love story about two lovely girls. It isn't necessary to know them from their videos before reading the book. Lucy makes sure she's giving her readers a thorough and detailed overview of her life.

Girl Hearts Girl is an amazing book. I read it as a good memoir, but I'm one hundred percent sure it will be a big help for many young girls. I highly recommend this fabulous honest book. Lucy makes her readers aware, she makes them understand and she gives them support. She's a natural story teller and her life story is really interesting. I hope after Girl Hearts Girl she will keep writing, so she can produce many more fascinating books.


  1. When I started reading your review, I had no idea that this is based on real people.

  2. Thank you for sharing this book! I hadn't heard of it but it's definitely going on my TBR pile. I do agree with you and think that this book will be a big help for a lot of girls out there.

  3. This is wonderful. I'm recomending this book to my daughter in a few years.

  4. I've read other reviews about Girl Hearts Girl and they've all focused on the fact that the two girls are lovers. Quite rightly you point out that love, be it hetero, gay, lesbian, bi, trans ... whatever, is something to be celebrated.

  5. premise sounds interesting

  6. Yes, this is a wonderful book! You're right that it isn't necessary to know their videos before reading the book. I didn't and still enjoyed it immensely.