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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Book Review - The Best Friend Bargain by Robin Bielman

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Review by Suze
Olivia is pregnant , but the father doesn't want to have anything to do with the baby. She returns home and has a plan. She's going to ask her best friend Danny to marry her. The opportunity to suggest an engagement arises almost immediately after she arrives at his home and Danny doesn't mind going along with Olivia's plans. Only they're best friends and not lovers. Danny doesn't want to commit to one person. He has his reasons, but they're difficult to remember whenever he's spending time with Olivia. She doesn't want to lose his friendship, so tries to keep her distance. The attraction is growing though, but giving in might destroy what they have together. What should they do, take the risk to lose everything they hold so dear, with the idea they might gain something even more precious instead, or play it safe and go back to the way they used to be?
The Best Friend Bargain is a wonderful romantic story. I enjoyed reading about Olivia and Danny from the start. There are plenty of sparks between them and they have a very special bond. Olivia is a beautiful woman inside and out. She's strong, resilient and kind. I immediately loved reading about her. Danny is a gentleman who does everything for his best friend. He's generous, giving and adorable. I loved him from the start as well. The warm friendship they have is radiating off the pages and it immediately felt exactly right.
There's something that makes Danny stay away from love and reading about it was heartbreaking. I loved Robin Bielman's sensitive way of writing about the most serious aspect of this story. She's perfectly captured the way many people in similar situations will feel and she describes it with a lot of compassion. I liked both the emotional and the romantic aspects of this book, they combine really well.
Robin Bielman's writing has an easy flow and I read The Best Friend Bargain in one sitting. I had a smile on my face when I was reading a happy scene and was sad when something didn't go right for the main characters. I loved this sweet romantic book and will definitely read more books by Robin Bielman.
The Best Friend Bargain is part of a series, but the story can easily be read as a standalone.


  1. Sounds wonderful! Great review!

  2. Awesome review! Now I want to read it :)

  3. The Best Friend Bargain sounds like a sweet romance. Friendship that builds and sparks into love. I love forward to reading this book. Anew author for me.

  4. The first thing to cross my mind, upon seeing the cover: Tangled up. ...And after reading this review, it sure does seem like a fitting description of this title!
    I'm glad you mention that "Robin Bielman's writing has an easy flow." As someone with a restless ADHD, this is something that I really seek out in a book-- but I've found that it can be incredibly difficult to know beforehand whether a book will have this quality.
    I would love to check out this book. I only wish that I could devour books as quickly as you and Anniek! :)

  5. Oh this book sounds really good. I love sweet and emotional romantic stories, and the characters sound really special. Can't wait to read this!
    Loved your review!

  6. A new book is added to my to read list