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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Book Review - All Is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker

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Review by Suze
Jenny went to a party and had an extremely traumatic experience. She's been given medication to erase her memories of it, so she can go on with her life. Unfortunately that isn't as easy as she was promised it would be. She can't leave what happened behind, but she also isn't able to process the most dreadful night of her life and find closure. Her father can't let the matter go and wants to find out who harmed his daughter at all costs. Jenny isn't able to move forward if she doesn't remember her past, so remembering what's being buried inside her mind would help them both. While Jenny is working to uncover her memories clues about what happened during the night of her attack come to the surface. Jenny is trying to put the pieces of her puzzle together and at the same time something much bigger is being set in motion that has far more consequences than anyone could have ever imagined...
All Is Not Forgotten is terrible and gripping at the same time. Wendy Walker writes with an openness and honesty that sometimes made me feel sick, but which also kept me glued to my seat. Her story is raw and unpredictable. Every chapter delivers new clues and the direction of the story is surprising. The ending is something I could never have imagined and I loved that. She makes choices I didn't expect and keeps this up until the end of the story. The uncertainty that comes with it is magnificent and I was amazed on numerous occasions. 
The narrator of All Is Not Forgotten is meticulous in his descriptions. The story is being told without much emotion, which is something that fascinated me. I wanted to know why and I also wanted to know why the narrator was telling something that at first seems so random, even if it's horrible. I was immediately curious. Jenny's attack is brutal and the book starts with the awfulness of it. It's a strong way to begin and fortunately Wendy Walker keeps up this level of quality, which makes her story exceptional.
All Is Not Forgotten is a unique story. I can't say I liked it, because I really didn't, but I think that's the intention of the author. The story repulsed me at times, the main characters often take incomprehensible decisions and every new fact is a revelation. This book is brilliant, but it's for those who have a strong stomach and an open mind. All Is Not Forgotten isn't a heartwarming story, there's no sunshine, there are no roses and there's no happy ending. What you get instead is a strong and fitting finale, a story you can't compare to anything you've ever read and unforeseeable connections, which will definitely blow you away. I highly recommend this amazing book, it's very special. 


  1. Lately this book is all around :D
    But sounds really good,plus is unique story,must to read! :)

  2. I can appreciate the brilliance and uniqueness of this story, but it doesn't sound like one that I want to read.

  3. This is exactly the sort of book I enjoy: raw, hard-hitting and honest.