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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Voyage to Magical North by Claire Fayers

About Me
by Claire Fayers
I live in South Wales, birthplace of the famous pirate, Henry Morgan. I used to work at Cardiff University, first in health and safety (you will notice that my pirates fight VERY safely) and then in the university science library. Now I write full-time at home with my husband and my two cats, usually stopped every chapter or two to let them in or out of the door. (My cats, not my husband: he can already open doors.)

In my free time, I like skiing, flying kites, and music – I can play the cello a bit and I’m learning the piano. I enjoy gardening and grow a lot of fruit and veg so if I come to visit you don’t be surprised if I bring a jar of jam.
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Review by Suze
Brine was found at sea and she doesn't have any memories of what happened before that. The only possession she had was a piece of starshell, which is being used for spell casting, and that was taken from her. She's living with a magician and works for him as a housemaid. Brine is twelve years old and she's used to being treated badly, but her situation has an advantage too, she can read the books from his library. The magician has one apprentice, a boy Brine's age named Peter. He's arrogant and constantly blames Brine for his faults, but when things get tough they decide to escape together.
Brine and Peter are being taken in by Pirates on a boat called the Onion. The captain of the ship, a fierce woman called Cassie, is legendary. Together with Cassie, her scary prisoner and her loyal crew they begin their journey. It doesn't matter if Brine and Peter want to go there or not, but Cassie will take them to the Magical North, which is a mythical place filled with magic. They encounter all kinds of danger on their way. Will Brine and Peter survive this terrifying voyage?
The Voyage to Magical North is a beautiful story. Brine is a strong girl. She loves to read and she's ingenious, plus she can keep her head cool in a crisis. I immediately enjoyed reading about her. Peter has a lot to learn, he's a bit naïve, but he quickly discovers how to do things and he has a good heart. The crew of the Onion is fantastic. They are pirates, but while they're treacherous, they're not unkind. I loved reading about their adventures and the spectacular myths that are surrounding them. Together with a rogue magician they are the perfect main characters for an adventurous and entertaining story.
Claire Fayers has a brilliant vivid imagination. Her world building is fantastic. I was immediately enchanted by the secret surrounding Brine's heritage, the impressive ship, the use of magic and the mysterious North. I couldn't wait to find out what was really there and was pleasantly surprised by Claire Fayer's colorful descriptions. The ending is great and I hope there will be another story as it left me terribly curious as well. I loved this fantastic, original story and highly recommend it to anyone who likes to read about magic.

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  1. 'The Onion', What a wonderfully wacky name for a boat!

  2. Sounds like a truly magical story filled with great characters, beautiful imagery and a captivating plot! Would love to check this one out. Great review.

  3. Pretty cover and intriguing synopsis - this is one I'm very eager to read! Loving the boat's name :D The Onion is so weird but unique and I look forward to hearing Peter and Brine's story!!

  4. interesting premise

  5. I think both my niece & I will enjoy this.