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Monday, July 18, 2016

Book review & Giveaway: A Jersey Bombshell by Georgina Troy

About Georgina Troy

Georgina Troy lives in Jersey, an island fifteen miles off the coast of France. She's a hopeless romantic and enjoys spending time day-dreaming about heroes on one of the nearby beaches with her three rescue dogs. When Georgina realized that no one else was writing books about the beautiful wind-swept beaches and intriguing inhabitants of her island home, she decided she had to provide some.

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Review by Anniek

Daisy once traveled through Vietnam where she met Gabe, a gorgeous man who knew exactly what she needed. When her mother gets ill Daisy has no choice but to go back to her hometown. Daisy promised Gabe that they would stay in touch, but some events that are happening back home are stopping her from doing that. Gabe has told her about this beautiful island Jersey many times and when she can get a job there Daisy doesn't hesitate and moves to Jersey.

Gabe is a marine biologist and is used to traveling around the world. His famous parents are the proud owners of the Encore in Jersey. They have to go away because of their profession, so Gabe returns home to hold the fort together with his grandmother Lydia. Even though it has been two years he has never forgotten that beautiful girl he got to know in Vietnam. He is stunned when he finds out she's working at the Encore.

Gabe and Daisy both can't deny that the attraction towards each other is still there but time hasn't been standing still and some things have changed. Is it possible for them to find their way back to each other once more?

Daisy is a kind and sweet person who is used to being very private about her life. Growing up with her mother she never had any friends. Daisy has faced a lot of tragic and sad things all by herself. When her mother dies she truly is on her own. Daisy has strong believes and I admired her for the fact that she stood by her values. She's a hardworking and loyal employee and she also is a very talented artist. Daisy is a person who is easy to like and love.

Gabe is a gentleman. He's passionate about his work and he is also good for his family and friends. He has a strong sense of responsibility and that has also gotten him into a tough spot. Every woman would wish and hope to find a man just like Gabe. He's very sweet towards his grandmother and that really touched me.

Georgina Troy was born and raised in Jersey. You can feel the love she has for this island in the way she describes the beautiful bays and surroundings I could see myself being there. Jersey sounds like a wonderful place to go to and I completely understand why Daisy came to this island. Because of A Jersey Bombshell I have put Jersey on my list of places I would like to visit.

If you are looking for a sweet romantic read during you own holiday then A Jersey Bombshell is a story you can't miss out on. Georgina Troy will take you to the island and will keep you there until you have finished the beautiful story of Daisy and Gabe.


One winner will win $25 or an equivalent Amazon Gift Card. Open Internationally. Good Luck!


  1. Thank you very much for taking part in the blog tour and for your wonderful review of A Jersey Bombshell!

  2. The cover is nice. I like the font and colors that were chosen.

  3. Very inviting,like saying, come to the beach!

  4. I really like the book cover! It is very fun, exciting, and intriguing! Looking forward to checking this book out!

  5. It looks like a good summer read!

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  7. Love the cover, it really stands out!

  8. I love the cover. It's nice and bright.

  9. This sounds like a sweet story. Thanks for featuring this book.

  10. I absolutely LOVE the cover! It's a great design and the colors are bright and cheerful! :)

  11. The cover is great, really reminds me of summer at the beach; I could definitely see this as a "beach read." :)

  12. Love the cover! So fun and inviting!! :)

  13. Love the cover! So fun and inviting!! :)

  14. The cover is pretty cute! Bright and fun :)

  15. The cover makes me wish that I were at the beach.

  16. I love the cover - very summery.

  17. Thank you so much for this opportunity ๐Ÿ˜Š I think the cover looks cute ๐Ÿ˜Š

  18. I think that the cover is great! With its bright, cheerful colors, it will definitely catch the attention of anyone looking for a fun beach read.

  19. I think the cover art is so great for the book and for letting us know the summer theme.

  20. I really like the layout, simplicity (no unnecessary frills!), and summery colors. I especially love how beautiful and cohesive the books look together as a series.

  21. I like books that are set in beautiful places that the Author can really describe well. I think if I read this, I'd want to go to Jersey too.