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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Book Review - For Good by Karelia Stetz-Waters

For Good
An Out in Portland Novel

By: Karelia Stetz-Waters

Releasing July 5, 2016
Forever Yours


For Kristen Brock, Tristess County, Oregon, is just a stepping stone. She doesn't fit in to the small town community, but that doesn't bother her; she's not here to make friends. A few years as district attorney will look good on her resume, and then she'll be able to get any job she wants in a big city law firm. But then she meets Marydale Rae, who inspires feelings Kristen never imagined . . .

Marydale didn't intend to hide her past from Kristen, but the prospect of a friend who doesn't know she spent time in prison is too tempting to pass up. Add in the kiss they shared, and Marydale never wants Kristen to know the truth. But in a town like Tristess, secrets are impossible to keep. Being together puts both Kristen's job and Marydale's parole in jeopardy. But is a chance at forever worth the risk?

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Author Info

My wife recently dubbed my writing “so-ro,” short for romance with a social conscience. I guess that’s what I do. Whether I’m exploring the problems of gentrification or the evils of human trafficking, every book I write has a lesbian romance at its heart and a social issue in mind. They’re the kind of books that read like fun, lazy-Saturday page-turners and yet leave your unexpectedly enlightened. That’s two for the price of one and way more fun that keeping up with the news.

When I’m not writing, I’m being inspired by my amazing community college students and hanging out with my lovely wife and my charming spuglette (that’s a technical term for spaniel-pug mix). I’m a fan of snakes, corn mazes, popular science books on neurology, and any roadside attraction that purports to have the world’s largest ball of twine.

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Book review

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Review by Suze
Kristen is new in Tristess. She's found a job in the small town and works as a district attorney, but she'll never really belong. When she's at the local diner the waitress, Marydale, offers Kristen a room. Marydale has a history, something Kristen knows nothing about. She won't be able to keep her secret for long though, but before she has the chance to share it with Kristen they have a special night. It's the only one they get.
Marydale is a convict and she can't manage to stay out of prison. She lives in a town where most people are against her and she doesn't have a chance to stand up for herself. When Kristen finds out about Marydale's past she runs away, because it can cost her her entire career, something she's worked for very hard. Marydale is on her own once more, but maybe fate will finally help her some day. Will she and Kristen have a future together eventually or will Marydale spend the rest of her life behind bars?
For Good is a beautiful emotional story. Marydale is openly gay and the people in Tristess don't accept this. My heart ached for her and everything she had to go through. She didn't deserve what she got, but there was nobody to help her or defend her, nobody fought for her. She's a sweet and loving person and I liked her from the start. Kristen is a reserved lawyer and Marydale is good for her. She makes her less tense and I kept hoping she would see sense and go for what she's always wanted. Following her heart will be difficult, but it will also bring her something she badly needs, love. Work isn't all there is in life, love is much more important and I really liked how Karelia Stetz-Waters writes about this in an amazing sensitive way.
For Good is a story filled with sadness, longing, hope and joy. I often had tears in my eyes because of the injustice of Marydale's situation. She and Kristen belong with one another and their connection is special. I love stories about true love and this is definitely a good one. Karelia Stetz-Waters writing flows easily and I enjoyed reading her vivid descriptions, they made the story come to life extremely well. I could almost feel everything the main characters were feeling. For Good is a gripping, moving story with many complex layers. I loved this book and think the story is fantastic. It's compelling from beginning to end and it has a wonderful touching finale.



  1. Thank you for your wonderful review!

  2. Thanks for sharing For Good with the world! You rock!

  3. Amazing review for what I'm guessing is an amazing novel. I haven't come across many adult FF romances and I'm not sure why really but nonetheless I'm sure this one will be a new favourite of mine! Very touching story it appears to be and I can tell I'll shed a few tears along the way whilst reading.

  4. This doesn't sound like my typical read, but i'm very intrigued....

  5. This doesn't sound like my typical read, but i'm very intrigued....

  6. Sounds like a unique story, but not my cup of tea.

  7. Thanks for your candid review. Although this doesn't sound like the type of story I would like, I'm glad to hear about a new author in the picture.

  8. Great review! Sounds like a very good read!