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Monday, July 4, 2016

Book Review - Bad Case of Lovin' You by Anita Louise

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Review by Anniek

Brooke Adler comes from a large family of nine children. She is used to always having people around. Brooke is a teacher and she loves her job very much. She has a house that is too big for her alone and lives in a nice neighborhood. Brooke would like to have a family of her own one day, which is why she couldn't pass up the opportunity to buy this house.

When Brooke's mother ends up in the hospital the whole family is there to take care of each other. Brooke is in the cafeteria with her sister-in-law, Jane, when Zack walks into the room. He is the most beautiful man Brooke has ever seen. Zack once took care of Jane when she was brought in after a car accident. Brooke is more than happy when Jane introduces them to each other.

Dr. Zackary Carter is working long hours at the hospital. He once was engaged, but after he found his fiancée cheating on him he broke up with her. Ever since that time Zack has never let any woman come close again. He keeps himself busy at work and doesn't make room for anything else. When het meets Brooke he wants to change that. Brooke is gorgeous and Zack falls in love with her immediately.

Brooke has a twin sister Gabriella. Even though they look exactly alike on the outside, they have very different characters. Brooke is somewhat shy and reserved while Gabriella is outgoing, she's usually the life of the party. Boys were always more attracted to Gabriella and this made Brooke cautious with relationships. Will Brooke and Zack be able to get over their scars from the past and will love be enough for them to take another risk?

I love reading about big families. There is always so much going on and it sounds so nice to be part of a big loving family. Brooke is such a sweet and kind person. She is there for people when they need her. When Brooke loves someone she gives her whole heart and soul. Zack comes from a smaller family, but they are just as close. The way he is with his family and especially with his mother warmed my heart.

Anita Louise has a perfect role model to use for her stories, her husband comes from a family of nine. When you read Bad Case of Lovin' You it shows how much inspiration her husband's family has given her. All of the characters are created with so much care and dedication that it feels like they are real people. Anita Louise's books are perfect for readers who are looking for a story about finding true love combined with the dynamics of a big, nosy and loving family.


  1. I love big family stories too but I don't know... this one doesn't grab my attention as much perhaps it's because of the insta-love trope that seems to be used here and I absolutely loathe insta-love stories. The characters and the plot seem great oterwise.

  2. I really like a story about a big family and when is nosy the better ad of course I love romance!!

  3. Sounds good! I want to read it!

  4. This sounds like sweet story.

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  6. The cover and the synopsis sound great! This romance story sounds full of heart and very family orientated which I love. Great review!

  7. Sometimes when I read a book with a big family, I get confused with all of the characters to keep up with.

  8. I have only read one book with big family and I really loved it. Hope it have that same magic :).

  9. Sounds like a fun read! And a twin ohh interesting.

  10. This sounds like a book I would really enjoy! Thanks for the review!

  11. This sounds lovely! I love big families too - as the oldest of 6 I grew up in one and it was fabulous! :D