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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Whisper to Me by Nick Lake

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Review by Suze
Cassie has hurt someone badly and this person is the boy she loves. To explain herself she writes him a letter. She tells him about what happened the summer they met. She lets him know about the voice, about finally finding a good friend again and the relationship she has with her father. Cassie's mother died in a terrible manner and since then Cassie hasn't received any warmth and kindness. She writes to the recipient about everything she saw, felt and experienced around the time he started his summer job. He needs to know the truth and Cassie is going to tell him exactly what it is.
Whisper to Me has an interesting format. Cassie is the only narrator and she writes to someone whose name she doesn't mention. I found this intriguing and loved the fact that after reading this book I had plenty of questions left. It surprised me in a good way and I liked that the letter doesn't give all the answers, because that's what letters are usually like. Cassie decides what she wants to talk about and that's fascinating. 
Cassie writes about a voice, something scary she needs to get help for. There's a mystery aspect as there have been several disappearances in Cassie's town and the voice appeares after a traumatic experience. Cassie is no detective though and she doesn't have all the answers, so if you are into stories that will give you all the details and every answer you need, then you shouldn't pick up this book. Cassie writes about her feelings and her experiences in a raw and open way and her story is about everything that's going on inside her head and nothing else matters. It's a solid basis for a book in this form and it's one of the things that blew me away.
Whisper to Me is a really long letter and I think that's a great idea. I couldn't stop reading and didn't want Cassie's story to end. Nick Lake writes about her mental health issues in a compassionate and sympathetic way. Cassie deals with a difficult problem and she's incredibly strong, awkward and vulnerable at the same time. She's easy to feel connected to and her sensitive nature makes her endearing. She loves with all her heart, but she's afraid to be herself, while there's nothing else she can be, so she decides to keep quiet about certain things. She struggles, but she never gives up. She writes a beautiful letter instead. It's something about the Whisper to Me that appealed to me very much. There are many emotional layers and while reading about Cassie's problems made me feel sad there were also parts that made me smile. I absolutely loved this unique, creative story, it's fantastic.


  1. I love letter writing, and haven't done it in a long time. I didn't realize this book was based on a girl with a mental illness. It's great for readers to become aware of things like that.

  2. This does sound like an interesting format with a good message.